I Try To Eat Healthy Food For A Week!

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hello my food lovers a subscriber told
me to do a healthy food challenge so I
think why not I don’t know what is a
healthy diet but I know what is an
unhealthy diet I know that I’m not gonna
eat chocolate peanut butter pizza burger
donut, lollies, ice cream, chips, coke ,bubble tea and let’s see if I can do it for one
week so this is what I have for lunch
lasagna, banana I hate carrots so much
and mushroom as well but I tried to eat
many vegetable but I just cannot handle
those two. So the thing is tonight I’m
gonna have a barbecue and I’m quite
nervous if there’s anything unhealthy
this is supposed to be healthy I don’t
know but the lady offered me some coke
some soft drink but I denied it I took
somebody instead and for veggies I have
some salad and creamy salad pasta it was
pretty nice actually I thought it’s
gonna be terrible challenge for me yes I
hate cherry tomato
err like I like the small tomato but I
don’t like cherry tomato so this is what
I have for lunch for day two and it
looks really sad a challenge for me was
that it was so bad and I tried a cup of
lemon ginger tea and it was not
look at those delicious pieces of
chocolate but
I cannot eat it now so usually when I’m
watching a movie I would have chips
chocolate snacks pizza but now I have to
eat a mandarine so after the first two
days it was really tough for me and for
dinner I had pizza. So pizza is not a
healthy food but my homestay order some
pizza because she was busy so I cheated.
I mean like if I don’t eat pizza
I eat vegetable I’m gonna be starving. I
know right so I’m sorry I cheated so for
day three for lunch have a boil egg some
salad and cold pasta and some pineapple
I gotta be saying like I ate
healthy the first two days so at dinner
yesterday I felt very heavy after having
two pieces of pizza and for dinner I
have chicken and rice it was butter
chicken and the rice was so delicious
but I forgot my phone to film it so **** it!
so okay oh so delicious
I’m sorry for changing the room because
my homestay came back and it’s gonna be
so embarrassing if he saw me doing this
and for day four for afternoon tea I
have some grapes and manderin again but honestly saying it was pretty
refreshing and it was really cool but
don’t feel like tired or exhausting I
feel very light and energetic and I feel
very healthy as well and for dinner I
had butter chicken again because my
house there was lazy to cook so she
bought some extra butter chicken to feed
me two days oh it’s really delicious but
but it’s butter chicken
unhealthy I don’t think so because I
have some vegetable with it and I’ve got
to tell you something I cannot do this
for a whole week just eating food is
happiness so I have to eat what I like
so I’m sorry I quit
and then I even cheated but that’s not I
love food so much and not having my
favourite food
I feel like I felt I’m not myself
anymore so I fell I fell hard man this
is good oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

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