I Tried Making A Zero Waste Valentine’s Day Gift Basket For My Mentor

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  1. Because of Auri I bought a set of 3 silicone straws and 2 sets of 3 glass straws with a reusable plastic case, mesh carrying bag and it came in 100% recyclable cardboard made from recycled paper and cardboard items. I bought a reusable Starbucks cup for $3 and I use it daily at home and on the go and have also purchased various glass and reusable plastic cups with lids and straws that I use all the time. Thank you for everything you do for our planet, Auri! And for teaching us how to be better for the planet!

  2. this is such a wholesome video <3 Ari is one of the first influencers to impact my low waste/eco-conscious journey it's great to see all the impact she has among her friends and colleagues c:

    also can we acknowledge how good Ari's hair looks in this video?

  3. Auri is the most lawful good eco=friendly person I've ever seen

    She's not aggressive, she doesn't shame anyone for not being zero waste, she's just informative and passionate. You're amazing for what you're doing, Auri, and so are you Aiko! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Auri’s approach to helping other’s go zero waste is so much more effective than people who try to force their opinions on others! I love the way she talks about it being a journey and not minding about small amounts of waste because the way she goes about that makes others actually want to try going zero waste:)

  5. Run the knife under hot water, it’ll help it slide through beeswax better. I thought she was going to cut her finger off trying to do it that way.

  6. AH! This is so stinkin cute and much needed cause she really doesn’t get enough cred for all the wonderful work she’s done! She’s def an inspiration to me as someone who aspires to be zero waste. Thank you Auri for all your hard work and encouragements! Happy Valentines Day!! 👏🏼👏🏼♥️♥️ #mvp

  7. yo i work at lush and the turtle(blue) bandanna is made frm plastic bottles that customers bring after they finish the products and fishie bandanna is made frm organic cottton to support women in india. they’re great! i’m glad u choose knot wrap. check official channels of lush they’ve got tutorials to use know wrap in multiple ways

  8. Well that was freaking cute! Thanks for giving the world some zero waste gift ideas! Please do more videos like this. 😊

  9. Auri is such a gift and a gem! This basket was such a fun idea and I feel so empowered to make my own candles now! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea! And an e-valentine like that is the best thing ever!! ❤️❤️

  10. I love this so much!! Great alternatives for holiday presents/gifts, will definitely be using some of these ideas thank you !!!!

  11. YES. I love when people get me plants in soil— not cut flowers. If whoever you’re with can take care of plants, definitely make that swap. Fresh flowers are a waste. They can be dried out and saved, but you can only have so many dried flowers (unless you have a specific use for them in mind, they’re wasteful)

  12. Auri is the reason why, three years ago, I discovered what zero waste is. I didn't understand this right away, but it changed my life for the better. I am so thankful for the sustainability contents that you produce at Goodful, especially knowing that your effort comes from a country that is a world leader in consumerism and waste culture. Keep up! ❤👏🏻

  13. When you use beeswax for making candela you should be careful because not every wick works with beeswax you have to look that it is a round wick and that the single strands look up otherwise it doesn't work

  14. Not all chemicals who are made are bad for humans. Some are made in a lab because it is cheaper then extract it from the plants. I once made banana oil at the lab which is a compound also naturally found in banana's. Especially with chemicals used as perfume it can be risky in products because they don't state on the product which chemicals they are using.

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