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  1. cooking times vary in air fryer, not turning the chicken was a mistake, half way through you should of put bottom chicken on rack half way through and rack chicken on bottom, always temp chicken should be between 165 170 no higher and you would of had beautiful juicy chicken

  2. She is gorgeous but please for effs sake. Put your hair up when cooking… I have long hair and I KNOW it gets into the food if it isn't contained. Lol.

  3. The energy cost just to head up the oven vs a table top fryer with a small footprint should be all that's said. Which is why I love my breville art toaster oven

  4. It would have been so much better if she would have learned more about the directions prior to the video being filmed so she didn't seem so clueless….

  5. When u cook the food in the air fryer they taste the same as the one lu make in the oven.

    When u cooked the chicken tender u should have flipped it halfway through so that u get even crispness and u can add a bit of olive oil in the air fryer it'll make it taste better than the normal way .

  6. Imagine making this huge clickbait ordeal about Alix "leaving" only for her to continue to pop back up in vids but as "a part time" lmaooo

    Damn they really wanted to play with y'all for the views lol

  7. how do you feed 4 people with hot fries AND hot chicken tenders at the same time with this machine?
    this thing is way too lame to even cook for a single household
    a single would need two of these huge airfryers in the kitchen for some fries and chicken a few times a month??
    this machine is trash

  8. Did you know that Frozen fries are actually Fried in Oil..kind of defeat the purpose..your best bet is cooking/cutting Real potatoes

  9. Hi!:) Reviews for different blenders, Viamix, Ninja blender with heat-IQ 1400 watt. Best quality, last, price & efficiency etc lol!

  10. She said the chicken was crispy despite not using oil.
    Did I imagine her spraying it with frigging pam???

  11. Alix in this episode with the fries was like an Instagram Teen trying to cook for the first time and then she transitioned to a mid 30s mother personality with the Chicken Tenders 😂

  12. this is what you look like when you are 35 years old and aspire to be a tiktoker. cringe central. her life is falling apart just like them busted nails.

  13. My mother bought one of these kiradori I think they're called, air-fryers. She has no gallbladder and is supposed to cut down/out fried foods. So she uses it quite a bit. The one thing she talks about, is the difference between cooking a frozen fry/wedge vs. fresh cut fry/wedge.

    You have to soak the cut fry/wedge, and you must coat them in a tiny bit of oil, or they don't crisp up in the air fryer. They get kinda soft/limp around the edges of the cut, and just don't have that bite to them like a frozen pre-fried fry/wedge you would buy from McCains for example. But it does work, even though it's a little bit of oil, it is far less than deep frying the fries.

    When I have food cooked in it though, you can tell it's done in the air fryer. It usually gets this weird … smell/flavor, having been i guess roasted in it's own air for X amount of minutes. I dunno. It definitely tastes different when you cook things for a longer period of time as opposed to say Oven or Deep Frying it.

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