Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast Season 2 Episode 1 Yoona (SNSD) [SUB INDO] [ENG SUB]

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Subtitles by OnDemandKorea There’s no sound. What are you doing? Why are you rotating your arm? Are you doing morning exercise? Just getting into the rhythm. Sang-soon. It’s snowing! It’s snowing! (“Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast 2”) (“Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast 2″/Hyo-ri’s drawing) (Hyo-ri and Sang-soon’s home in Jeju Island) (As always, he starts the day with tea.) People will say that nothing has changed. Right? That’s right. Nothing has changed. We did kind of empty out the house though, didn’t we? – Not so much here.
– You can’t tell though. – Are they filming right now?
– The cameras should be rolling, right? (Looks around) Seems like there are more cameras this time. It’s so awkward right now since I haven’t been on shows for a while. – We didn’t go on any shows after the last season, right?
– Right. (The two of them are awkward because they haven’t been on TV for a while.) Right… (…There’s nothing more to say now…) (Stiffen) (Awkward) It’s awkward! (They’re about to go mad from the awkwardness…) Don’t make me laugh! My wrinkles will show. Smile widely. (Mimi hasn’t changed even though it’s winter.) – Did we gain weight?
– I did. Do I look like I gained weight? I’m 55 kilograms right now. 55.6 kilograms. – You don’t look like you gained weight.
– Really? I was 52 kilograms last time. – I gained 3.6 kilograms.
– You did? I’m not nervous because of the cameras… but if the customers come piling in… – You just need to work and take care of them.
– The work part is hard. You can be the nation’s husband again. I don’t want to be. You don’t have to stick to it. I don’t. Then why do you keep searching for your name on Instagram? How does it feel when you type in your own name? Does it excite you? At night, you search for your name under the bright light. – How does it feel?
– For you, it’s like a habit. I’m just receiving such attention right now, so I’m doing it because I’m fascinated. (At age 45, he’s curious about many things…) Why did we agree to a second season? Oh, we talked about such things! – We said we really wanted to feed people well this time.
– Oh, right. – Eat well. Sleep well.
– Just those two are our goals. – Let’s not give them vegetables only.
– Right. Let’s cook them meat for breakfast. (Black pork belly) With hot soup. Whole chicken soup. – Whole chicken soup.
– Anyways, let’s make good, healthy food for them. Let’s not do things like, “Breakfast is at this time, so wake up early. We have morning yoga, so come then.” – Let them sleep a lot.
– Let them sleep warmly. It’s kind of like a sanatorium. Don’t we have to change this to “Hyo-ri’s Sanatorium?” We have friends who come over looking really unhealthy… and then after just eating and sleeping for two to three days… their faces are so healthy, so it’s nice to see. Our goal is to make the customers have healthy faces when they go back. They should gain some weight. (Chapter 1: Eating Well) Pour a little more. (In order to make their customers eat well…) (the kitchen is busy starting from today.) – It’s good.
– Wow. It’s really good. It’s delicious! (Chapter 2: Sleep Well) This blanket will be really warm. (They even prepared firewood so the customers won’t be cold.) (Wherever you sleep, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable.) Sleep all you want. Sleep a lot. Sleep comfortably. Everyone it is now 8 a.m. It’s time to wake up. (You told us to sleep a lot.) (Wake up calls could be kind of special.) (Anyways, they said they’ll make sure their customers sleep well…) Our ambitious work. I think people will be surprised by the tub. (The new pride of Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast: winter open-air tub) And people who want to play until late into the night can do so at the yurt. – They can eat more.
– They can play and drink. I think the bed and breakfast will be more fun in the winter. – It will be.
– Right? – Because people become closer in the winter.
– Right. We can’t get any closer or we’ll get into a collision. What’s wrong with me? (And that is how the winter of “Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast” has come.) (We introduce to you…) (the newly furnished Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast.) (Winter Service 1: Brick Wall Fireplace) (With the owner’s warm hands…) (warmth appears in the fireplace.) (A warm place where the winter stories…) (will be created has been made.) (Past the living room and kitchen…) (If you open the door to the backyard…) (Winter Service 2: Open-Air Tub) (The frozen bodies and hearts in the cold winter…) (will be melted.) You would’ve regretted if you hadn’t come, huh? (Gosh, this is nice.) (Should we go to the front yard now?) (Winter Service 3: Yurt) (This place where you can feel the coziness from the warm stove…) (At night, it becomes…) (It is not a dome nightclub.) (Instead of an outdoor bonfire…) (it will become a spot where the customers sit around.) (Roasted sweet potatoes are provided for free.) (The preparations for winter business is done.) (Even in the fickle Jeju weather…) (Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast will give you the best service.) (And another change at Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast…) – Oh, it’s you, Yoon-ah!
– Hello! (Full of will) (Full of passion) (There’s a new employee.) I brought the it item of housewives. – A mincer.
– Oh, a garlic mincer? (She makes any dish with everything she has.) – Do you know how to drive?
– Yes. (Driver Im will safely drive you.) You drive very well. It’s great! (Best Driver) Minjoo. Euddeum. – Are you writing this down?
– I am. Yoon-ah memorized my name. I’m touched. (In the daytime, she’s a sweeper.) (In the nighttime, she’s a woodcutter & pro gamer.) (“Bed and Breakfast Playbook”) I can’t do anything without Yoon-ah! You’re the best. (Yoon-ah, the new family of the bed and breakfast, will start working.) – What day is it today?
– Saturday. The employee is coming on Monday, right? I hope whoever comes can cut the wood and drive. It’d be nice if they can drive. (Very expectant) (The candidate who will fulfill their expectation has come.) – Hello.
– Hello. (Someplace in Seoul, interview for employee) I’m Im Yoon-ah… I like just turning on the TV and watching cooking shows. Mille-feuille nabe is very easy to make. Mixed noodles. Braised spicy chicken. Oyakodon. Braised sea bream. Red pepper paste stew. – French toast, basically?
– Basically? I can speak Chinese and Japanese a little. I should be able to communicate with them. I can drive… as long as you give me a good navigator. I feel like I’m doing what I want to do. Study… – You passed.
– Thank you. – May I keep this?
– Yes, you’ll take it with you. You can review what happened in season one. – We heard you like cooking, so we prepared some recipes.
– Thank you! It’s a menu suitable for winter. I wish a diverse range of people can home. Elders as well… It’d be nice if couples or same-gender friends come together. I want to meet diverse people. I’ll be 83 this year. (Diverse age) I’m Chris, and I’m 22 years old. (Diverse nationalities) I’m working with airplanes. (Diverse jobs) (Diverse clubs) I came to make special memories with my friends. Our friend wasn’t able to make it. (A total of 210,000 people applied.) What do you think Jeju’s winter will be like? Wouldn’t it be quieter? – I think it’d be comfortable.
– It has winter sensitivity. Do I describe it as heavy atmosphere? Cold? (What is Jeju’s winter that many people are looking forward to like?) (Halla Mountain with blooming snow flowers) (Undulatory and swaying waves) (The migratory birds return to Jeju.) (Do you only imagine the quiet Jeju winter?) (There is another side of Jeju’s winter.) (Jeju’s sea has become a shade bluer.) (Winter mountains dressed in white) (The beauty of the things you can do in Jeju’s winter) (The sunset is beautiful as always…) (Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast has invited everyone to Jeju once again.) (However, the reality is…) (this is Jeju’s winter sea…) (Even though it seems like the clouds are clearing…) (rain starts pouring again.) (Jeju’s face changes several times a day.) (Thick raindrops fall in Sogil Road, too.) (D-1 of the opening of the bed and breakfast/Hyo-ri and Sang-soon’s house) (Sang-soon wakes up at the sound of the rain.) It’s raining a lot. (He takes care of the animals’ breakfast as he always does.) (Stand in line.) (When the animals are finished eating…) (he chooses the morning’s BGM.) (Wiping the floor with a wet rag) (Hyo-ri slowly gets up.) The fog is really thick, Sang-soon. (Jeju’s morning fog) (Bad weather where there are rainy winds and fog) (The reason why they’re so concerned about the weather today…) Will the airplane be able to fly? Will the airplane with the employee we’ve been waiting for be able to fly? (Meanwhile, the employee is…) (sending her first message to her bosses.) (Sent!) Something came. – It’s from the employee of the bed and breakfast.
– Really? Let’s see. I’ll read it. “I am the employee who will be working with you this time. I just got on the plane, and I will arrive in Jeju in about an hour.” What do I say? “Hello…” I sent it. – I can’t believe this.
– What? “Who can you be?” “We’re waiting for you and we’re curious about who you are. Who are you?” Who are you? (Excited) The staff is coming! Who will it be? (…I’m hungry.) – Sang-soon.
– Yeah? – I’m suddenly really curious.
– Really? Shouldn’t we cook something delicious since it’s the first time the staff is coming? – Something delicious?
– Yeah. – I should make rolled omelet.
– Yes, you should. (Today’s first meal will be a special one for the employee.) (Rolled omelet and fried potatoes) (I peeled the skin of potatoes for this particular moment.) (Speedy hands) I smell something delicious. The employee isn’t here yet, right? – Watch the phone.
– Okay. Are you that curious? – Huh?
– Are you that curious? Of course. The staff’s role is very big in our lives. – In our lives?
– Yeah. – Why?
– We’re meeting someone in our lives, so isn’t that a big deal? We already lived half our lives, so won’t we have less and less people to meet? That’s why we must treat each person with value. How about it? We may meet more and more people. We live here by ourselves and cut each other’s hair, so who would we meet? (The Day of a Lonely Island Married Couple/Sub-Topic: Last Night’s Story) (On a lonely island, Hyo-ri and Sang-soon became each other’s support.) How will you live without me? What? How will you be able to live without me? You’ll be so bored. I cut your hair, cook food for you, and make you laugh. That’s good. – Done.
– Done? Cute, huh? Really cute, huh? Honey, this is how we save money to go to the hair salon. (But honey, why are there tears falling from my eyes…?) Will we not be able to live without each other? I feel like we’re on an isolated island. With no friends. (A friend (?) is going to the lonely island couple.) (Employee Im Yoon-ah is heading to the taxi.) Taxi. What time will the staff be arriving? – Around 1, I think?
– It’s almost time then. (Let’s hurry!) Is this a bit salty? It is. (Adding a lot since it’s for the employee) (Instead of just rolled omelet, she upgraded it to rolled omelet with salted pollack roe.) (All she has to do is fry it so it’s nice and yellow.) – Sang-soon.
– Yeah? When am I supposed to roll it? That’s the most important part of rolled omelet. – Right now!
– Right now? Is this too thick? Will it get rolled up like this? Give it to me. That’s it. Should I have done this from the beginning? That’s it. Oh, how did I make it round? That’s amazing. (Egg… bread?) It turned out well. It’s like sponge cake. (Hyo-ri’s rolled omelet with salted pollack roe is complete!) It doesn’t seem like rolled omelet, but it’s cool. It’s fancy. (“Anyways, my cooking is cool.” – Lee Hyo-ri) – There are many things to use.
– Blankets? – I think I need to bring them inside.
– Really? I’ll help you. The staff probably got off the plane. Should I call? Sure. Tell the staff to hurry up. Ask when the staff will be here. Text. Why when I can just call? I think I can figure who it is by the voice. The staff probably won’t answer. (Meanwhile, the employee is in frozen mode.) – The staff isn’t answering.
– Why not? (She didn’t even know because she’s very nervous.) In 300 meters, you will be in the neighborhood of your destination. (Finally, she arrives at the bed and breakfast.) (Exploding with nervousness) Bye. Wow. What do I do? (5 seconds before she rings the doorbell.) Come out. Mimi, come out. Mimi, come out! – Who’s in there?
– Mimi. Mimi, come out. – He’s still not coming out?
– Come out. (She rang the doorbell!) Mimi, come out! – The staff is here!
– The staff is here. I can’t see. Who is it? I can’t see. Who is it? Hello! Oh, it’s you, Yoon-ah! Oh, my! I’ll open the gate for you! – Okay.
– Who is it? Girls’ Generation’s Yoon-ah. – Hold on.
– This is unexpected! (New employee Yoon-ah is here!) Wow, so cool! (Seoksam is the first one to greet the employee.) Cute! It’s raining! Hi, Hyo-ri! It’s been a while! It’s been a really long time! I had no idea you were coming! – Oh, it’s fine.
– No, I’ll carry it for you. Have you been well? You got prettier. – Hyo-ri!
– How old are you now? – I’m 29.
– Lie! Seriously? – How old were you when we met during “Family Outing?” – 20? 21? Right? Oh, my. – He’s running.
– Hello! You must have curled your hair! Awesome! Thank you! Goodness. – You ended up coming here.
– Aren’t you busy? – Yes, I’m not busy.
– You’re free? You must have suffered trying to keep this a secret. I had no idea it would be kept a secret. You really didn’t know? – I totally didn’t know.
– Guana, let’s go inside. Let’s go in since it’s raining. Wow! Soonshim is so cute! – You saw this on TV, so it’s not unfamiliar, right?
– Right. Wow, hi! Yoon-ah, you didn’t eat yet, right? – Yes.
– I made breakfast for you. Come here. – Hi. Which one is Guana?
– That’s him. – This is Guana.
– This is Seoksam. This is Midal. He’s new. Mocha and Soonshim. This one is a bit of a troublemaker. Mocha is really… – This is Mimi.
– I think Mimi is so adorable! “Who are you?” His eyes became round! I came to work this time… – Really?
– Yes. I was wondering who it was, and it was you! It’s really… Hi! You’re so cute! Can I touch him? Yes, our animals love people. They come asking to be pet, so pet them. Hi. You’re blushing, Sang-soon. – I’m happy…
– And awkward, too. Right. – It’s unfortunate I’m the one who came.
– Why? – Sang-soon kept saying a guy should come.
– Really? – Because you need someone to use strength.
– In the winter, firewood needs to be cut. – Strength is much needed.
– I’ll try cutting them… Oh, come on. How could I let you do that? I’ll just have to do that. – You’re feeding me as soon as I come?
– I feel relaxed that it’s you. – Really?
– I thought someone I don’t know would come. – I know.
– What do you mean? You don’t know her. – I know. Of course I do.
– You’ve met Yoon-ah before? I’ve never met her but how could I not know Girls’ Generation? What’s her last name? Wae? I’m Im Yoon-ah. – What’s your last name?
– Im. Really? (I’ll remember) There aren’t many side dishes. Did you take out the dried seaweed? (It’s nice to meet you.) When I met Yoon-ah on “Family Outing,” she was 21 or 22, but now she’s 29. Really? She’s 29? – I thought I was around 20.
– Right? – It was when I was doing “Gee.”
– You were a baby. I was young, too. Do you remember how the guys teased me for being old back then? – Right!
– But 10 years passed by after that. – When I met you back then, you were my age now.
– Right! – It was before “U Go Girl.”
– Right. Back then, Sang-soon teased me and called it “6 X 5=30.” That’s right. (She sets the utensils on her own.) – This is really…
– The same as on TV, right? It’s fascinating. Thank you. Let’s share one. – Do you want to sit here?
– I’ll sit here. – Should I sit over there?
– No, we like sitting next to each other. (The rumored love birds of Sogil Road) Thank you for the food. I can’t believe I’m eating as soon as I come. – We waited to eat with you. This is our first meal, too.
– Thank you. We have many things to do. We have many things to do after we eat, so we were waiting for you. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. – So that’s why you’re feeding me first.
– So you can quickly work after eating. What are you doing lately? Are you filming a drama? It’s all done? – I’m just resting nowadays.
– You’re not working? Then you have nothing for ten days? You don’t have to go back to Seoul? Oh, that’s great. (I can work full-time.) – I’ll be the busiest one.
– That’s right. You’ll be the busiest one here. – He has to go to Seoul for a day.
– He does? Yeah. I have to stay alone then. I’ll tell you if I’m tired, but please just use me first. – Do you know how to drive?
– Yes. – When did you start driving?
– I got my license about five years ago. So I do keep driving around in my car. – That’s good.
– Yes. – Do you need to eat more? You’re okay? You ate a lot.
– Yes. We have a lot to do. We have to pick tangerines. We’re going to use them to make welcome drinks for the customers. – We just need one container, right?
– Right. – We have to go grocery shopping.
– Buy blankets. Back there… I’ll show you later. We have a hot spring. It’s not a hot spring. It’s a tub with hot water. – Then you have to fill it with water?
– No, the water comes out automatically. – Not the hot spring water?
– You have to be in charge of the water there. – Okay.
– It takes about two hours to fill it with water. So you have to check the water temperature from time to time. (Open-air tub that will make romance come true.) – What else did we have to do? Blankets?
– We have to write it down. – I’ll clean this up.
– Don’t do it today. Then I’ll explore today and learn tomorrow. Should I at least do the dishes? – Let’s do all the dishes tonight.
– All of them? – Yes.
– Then I’ll wash all the dishes at once. Our employee is here, so we should show her around the house. – The bathroom is here.
– The one with no door? – That’s right.
– There’s a door here. Just close it like this. The laundry is done here. (It’s okay if it’s unfamiliar at first!) (You’ll get used to drying the towels later on.) (Without knowingly, you’ll become an expert!) Soonyi, excuse me. (This will soon become your favorite spot.) – Wow. What’s that?
– The litter box. There are many different kinds of sand. – Please drop the honorifics.
– Okay. And here… I keep wanting to vacuum the place. You’re working hard with your beauty, and now you’re working hard with the cleaner? (Im Yoon-ah also works hard with cuteness.) (We’ll show you the 2nd story next.) The second floor… – Wow. It’s cozy. Since it’s raining, it’s even cozier.
– Right? Yoon-ah likes it, too. (The 2nd floor is the best place to see the snow.) – No one will be able to see you even if you’re naked.
– Exactly. (She sets up the blankets for the customers at night.) (The new Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast with (the new employee Yoon-ah will be coming soon!) First off, let’s drink this. Let’s write down what we have to do. Pick tangerines. – Are you good at cooking?
– I do like to cook. I learned cooking when I was taking a break from work once. What kind of food? Like Korean food? Rather than Korean food, things like curry. I made Mille-feuille nabe, too. – Really?
– Things like braised sea bream. – Not anyone can cook braised sea bream.
– I know. – Do you know how to make porridge?
– Yes. – Just the ingredients that go inside are different.
– Exactly! – It’s all the same.
– It’d be nice to make breakfast. I thought about what to make for that, and there’s this waffle machine. And there’s this waffle machine. I bought it. – You brought it?
– Yes, I did. – You just need to eat it with syrup.
– And ice cream. Right. – Let’s try that tomorrow morning.
– Sure. – Did you see the yurt we made outside?
– The round tent? – The Mongolian tent.
– I did! There’s a stove there. We can roast potatoes in there. We’re going to make mulled wine there. By boiling wine. We prepared a lot this time. – Our hidden cards this time are the open-air tub and yurt.
– Yurt. People can sleep here and play there. I was curious about that. In the summer, people could play in the yard, but it’s cold in the winter, so I wondered what people could do. Let’s hurry up and go pick tangerines right now. – Does it start tomorrow?
– Customers will start coming tomorrow. You can use whatever you want in our house. – Seriously?
– Eat whatever you want. And when you go, take Guana. You always tell people to take him. You even told Ji-eun, too. Why just him? – Because he’s the biggest.
– Guana. Hi, Guana. Guana is liking the employee again. (Shy) Guana, let’s get along. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. (They sit in their own spots.) – Yoon-ah, ride in the front.
– The front? Yeah, it’s close by. You’re super white. I know. I brought the warmest thing, but white is all they had. For your walk today, we’re going to the tangerine field. – There are horses.
– Oh, my. There are horses in the front yard. – I think it’d be nice to live here.
– Right? It’d be nice as long as you don’t have a lot of work. (The tangerine field of someone they know that is 10 minutes away from their home.) (Tangerine trees that you can see anywhere in Jeju.) – Do you think there are any here?
– In there. The ground is watery. There are many here. – Here? Oh, we can pick these.
– There are many here. How you pick them is… Hold it here, and cut it as close to the stem as you can. If the stem isn’t cut off, then cut it off again. You can just toss the ones the birds ate on the ground. – These are good tangerines. They’re small, too.
– Really? Like this? Cut it up to here? We make her pick tangerines as soon as she arrives. Are the small or big ones better? Do I just pick the nicely-looking ones? Yeah. We’re going to grind them up anyways. – We need to eat them plainly, too.
– I want to pick the big ones. Do it then. We’ll be done soon. Every year, we pick tangerines and send boxes of them to our family members. But after three years, we stopped. It’s so bothersome. At first, it was fascinating. And I don’t think people believe that we pick these ourselves. Because they don’t know how we pick them. – Yoon-ah, try a small one.
– Should I? Freshly picked tangerines are delicious. – A few days ago, it snowed quite a lot.
– Here? It snowed a lot. So it was very pretty. Hyo-ri, have some. – Is it good?
– Oh, my teeth. My teeth grew super cold. It’s like I ate ice. – It’s good.
– It is. – Is it?
– It has to have some sour taste to it. You’d love it if you like sour things. – Is it good?
– Yes! It’s more sour than the ones you buy at the mart, right? It really is sour, but it is good. – It’s just sour at first.
– Right. Then it gets sweet. It’s more delicious if it’s sour. Look at this, Yoon-ah! Isn’t it too much? I think it will be very heavy. This is awesome. It’s awesome! It must’ve been really heavy! Look at that! Pick that one! Pick that one, and you’ll be done. What group has the most members? Is it you guys? – Super Junior has more members.
– This is Super Junior. How many members are in there? – Done.
– We’re done. That was quick. I don’t think people will believe that we picked this ourselves. I’ll get the dogs. Mocha, come here! That was quick. This was really quick. When we pick them with our friends, we pick 100 kilograms per person in a few hours. – How many kilograms is this? – 20 kilograms. So five times as much as this. (They go home first to reorganize.) (Slightly) (Mocha puts her paw on Yoon-ah.) Why does she put her paw on me? – She wants you to touch her?
– Oh, touch her? – She always does that in the car.
– She feels comforted when she’s touched.[OnDemandKorea Ver] jTBC E01 Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast 2
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-She’s adorable. (They return home.) – We need to quickly change and go back out, huh?
– Yeah. – Is the water leaking?
– Huh? There’s water on the floor. – Nice, huh?- Wow! People can play in here at night with the stove on. – It’s like a pension.
– I know. Hold on. Hyo-ri, we need to clean their paws. Mocha, come here so I can wipe your paws. Can you wipe Guana’s paws, Yoon-ah? – Guana?
– Yeah. Guana. Paw. Paw. He’s awkward. “Who are you to wipe my paws?” Here. Wow. This is amazing. He gives me his paws willingly. Yeah, he’s done this a lot. Does it feel weird? It feels weird that a pretty girl is wiping your feet? His expression is funny. He keeps smacking his lips. Make yourself comfortable. My clothes are dirty already. I’m gonna get changed. (Are you going to follow me?) Hana? (Nope.) Guana? (Returns a dirty cup.) (Hmm…) (This is where Lim Yoon-ah works.) (After checking her work place…) Guana, come here. (Acts cute for Guana.) (Blank.) Come here! (She just washed her feet.) (Desperate to call her over.) (But Guana didn’t open up yet.) Let’s go. Do you wanna get on the back? It’ll be more comfortable. Is that alright? Sitting next to him will be awkward. You should sit next to him so he doesn’t… Get lonely. You’ll make him nervous if you sit here. He gets nervous around women from Seoul. And it’s you… Women from Seoul? Dates? (Episode 2. Grocery Shopping.) Beef, fish filet, lettuce… Eggs. (She wrote down what they needed.) Cabbage… Where are the sweet potatoes? (Special snack for the Ger.) Fresh sweet potatoes. A lot? (Look delicious.) I’ll take it. (Mr. Lee found something.) Let’s buy the whole box. (Perfect for cold winter.) (Nutella to improve insulation.) Sleep well and eat well… That’s the best. So our guests should gain weight? I was gonna buy a scale. For skincare. Help me gain weight. Really? We’re really good at that. Can you go to the bakery? What should I get? Whole wheat bread. And whatever you want. Sweet potatoes on sale! Enters the bakery alone. Whole wheat… Are these the only ones? Let’s go see how she’s doing. Is this the only whole wheat bread? Yes. Is this a toast? Good job. (Scary.) Her face is tiny… It’s a ninth of her whole body. (Let’s go!) (Satisfied with their employee.) She’s long. She’s so pretty. She would stand out so much on a street. I don’t, right? To me, you do. I’m back. (Episode 4. Winter Blankets.) That looks similar to the ones we had in the summer. What’s the difference? Is it just thicker? (Option 1. Cotton blankets from summer.) It’s not warm. (Unfit.) (She’s very careful.) Something like this. Whatever’s the warmest one! This looks warm. (Option 2. Microfiber.) (A requirement for her guests’) (good night sleep.) (Then looks for a rug for the Ger.) Ger is circular… But it has a heater in the center so we can’t buy any circular rug. Cushions? Do you have cushions? That might be better. (Her credibility went up by 1.) This is nice! They’ll be easy to stack as well. How much is it? It’s $45! Really? We need at least 10 of these! That’s so expensive. This one’s $6. (The employee found cheap cushions.) That’s better. Let’s get these. Just the same kind. Let’s just buy them in sets. (On the way home.) Those sparkles are pretty. It looks like a bridge in Paris… That’s so pretty. I know. (The house changes with the weather.) Lights are so important. They must’ve been waiting for us. Our house is so warm and nice… Should I do the dishes? Dishes? (First dish washing at work.) Why does she buy so many extracts… (Complaining.) Why do we have so many? You’re in trouble! Is he talking about extracts again? Yes. I’m going to eat them all. Excuse me. Move Mimi. Sorry! Sorry! It’s alright. You can break it. When it’s raining and you’re feeling down, we need music to change that around… So we can get back to work. (Today’s dinner: Steak and vongole pasta.) (Slice garlic and peperocino.) (Add pasta to boiling water.) (Then boil for 7 to 9 minutes.) (Steak is up next.) (Prepared just for the employee.) (Yoon-ah finished the dishes.) Something smells great! Let me see your hand. Are you reading my palm? No. Your hand is so long and thin. My bones are like that. I know. Is that duct tape on your hair? I couldn’t find a hair pin… Whatever you do looks… Cool? My bangs are bothering me. Let’s see… Since you’re a tree… You sound like a fortune teller. But the thing is, I don’t know it too well. See if this is right. Trees are warm and balanced. They’re good in literature well organized. (Curious.) No? Not really… Let’s see if these symptoms for when you’re sick are correct. Obsessed with cleaning and always smell food first before eating. Wipes the floor with hands first before sitting down. Hates wind, sweet and spicy food. Was that correct? A little… Hyo-ri. (The dinner is almost ready.) Give us a minute. (The employee…) (Ponders.) (Should she help Sang-soon…) (Or stay with Hyo-ri?) (Her lips…) (Are dried out.) Hyo-ri, I need help! Hyo-ri, I need help! Very polite. Always a bright person. (But she can’t focus right now.) (Nervous.) (Restless.) (Confused.) Loves to move around. (Her body reacts first.) (I feel like I have to go…) (And stay here at the same time.) (Sang-soon’s busy.) (Nervous Mimi.) (What do I do…) Hurry! (Whatever.) Always sees through the finish. What do you want me to do? Set the plates… Plates? That was embarrassing… I couldn’t reach in my own house. (She’s Hyo-ri’s Daddy Long Legs.) That’s an advantage for Yoon-ah being tall. It looks delicious! (Sang-soon’s vongole pasta is complete.) (First dinner together.) For tomorrow. (For our bed and breakfast.) It’s not good. Huh? Pasta? What happened? You’re really good at this. Is it too salty? Yes. I think it’s good. Really? He’s normally really good. Yoon-ah, do you want some rice? Yes. Have this with rice. (I want food too.) Wait. (I’m nauseated.) (Hurry) Did you feed him? Of course. (But he eats 7 times a day.) Why is that pig meowing? (Chubby.) Should we listen to SNSD? See if you can find something that’ll go with the current mood. This is your type of music! It’s kind of like Jamiroquai. Turn it up. I like this song. It’s really good. I know. (I like it too…) I haven’t heard so refreshing in ages. We always listen to gloomy songs. That’s a must! Exactly, that was a perfect timing. Then finally burst. Yup. Most songs are like that. (Hey!) That was it. I can’t believe I’m listening to this in Hyo-ri’s house… (While the couple was enjoying the song, ) (the rain falls even harder.) (The dinner concludes with rain.) Let’s send Yoon-ah home and clean up the rest. I can go already? Of course. Go take a rest. (Sang-soon sees Yoon-ah off.) I can go alone… It’s okay. I take care of my employees. In this weather, flights could get canceled. I know… I hope our customers can get here. Can you come by 8 tomorrow? Yes. (The employee’s residency.) (Looking around in an unfamiliar place.) (Then starts to unpack.) (Wears a headband for washing her face.) I choose you. Nice! (Goes into a shower with the music…) (What’s after shower?) (Studying the breakfast menu.) (Folds the pages of dishes) (that she’ll make.) (After studying for a while…) (Tired…) (Goes to bed for tomorrow.) (She was very nervous) (about her first day here.) (And this concludes her day.) it’s cold. Let’s get the fireplace going. (Got the fireplace going) (to warm up their house.) Doesn’t it feel good when clothes are dry but the weather isn’t? I know. Yoon-ah’s… She’s really genial. She was always really friendly and cheerful. Did you think she felt a bit awkward though? Of course it’s awkward… I’m her senpai… And she hasn’t met you before. She looks like she’s trying hard… It’ll get better… With time. (What will happen in the future?) Hyo-ri. Are we going to bed? Yes. (The couple goes to bed as well.) Hyo-ri. It’s 4:30… Are you skipping yoga? Is it still raining? Then I’ll go with you. Really? (So they set off together.) (Darkness still covers the city.) (Arrived at the yoga studio.) (Sang-soon follows her up there.) (Takes off his shoes and his coat.) (Then enters the studio…) (Then enters the studio.) Sit anywhere you’d like. Try to keep your back straight while meditating. (Today was the meditation day.) Then raise your hip slowly. Good! Stretch your right elbow as far as you can. Breathe in slowly… Try to raise your left ribs. Raise your shoulders and stretch your elbows. One more! Raise your chest. We’re stretching the line on the front of your neck. Hold position for 1 minute… (Meditating yoga is finished.) (Feeling fresh.) Are you full of energy now? Yes, its’ ridiculous. It’s snowing a lot. It’ll get crazy today. We might get stranded. It’s not melting. This isn’t good. How was it today? (Me…?) Wasn’t what I said really erotic? That wasn’t what I meant. But it was erotic. It has been a long time… I think it was over too quickly. Shut up! I didn’t do yoga in a while… (The sun starts to rise.) (Severe Weather Alert.) (High wind alert.) (Those around the beaches, please move) (to safe areas.) Wind… Where does it come from… (Severe wind alert.) (The weather goes from cloudy) (to heavy snow.) (Jeju’s weather is very dynamic.) (Snow is falling) (at the bed and breakfast as well.) (It has started to accumulate.) (Back after yoga.) I have a sore throat. Really? I hope you don’t catch a cold. The window was slightly open last night. (Uses some lip balm on his dry lips.) I want some too. (Morning kiss with lip balm.) You just took all of mine. (Keeps his lips moisturized.) I liked snow when I was young. But now, I just get worried. We have guests coming… (Meanwhile, Yoon-ah…) (Woken up by the alarm.) (I need to go wash up quickly.) (8:00. Time to go to work.) (7:45. Current time.) (Can’t be late on her first day.) (Quickly.) (In a lot of hurry.) (Let’s go.) (Sprints.) (Arrived a minute after.) (She’s carrying something.) (Arrived at 7:58am.) Hi. Is that Yoon-ah? Hi! Is it cold outside? Did you sleep well? I slept very well. You can put your things over there. Okay. (A locker room for the employee.) (She had a very busy morning.) (Guana stays next to Yoon-ah.) (Hi Yoon-ah.) You scared me. Hello. (Goes to the kitchen with her luggage.) This looks heavy. It wasn’t. It is heavy. We’re having waffles. Nice. Like in Belgium? (Making waffles to turn Sogil to Belgium.) (Add an egg to pancake powders.) (Add a cup of milk.) (Then mix well to make the dough.) Wear an apron. Don’t ruin your clothes. (Puts on an employee’s apron.) Look. Park Seo-jun. A lot of girls fell for this… This is cute. This feels weird. What? (Romance?) Thanks. (This will be Yoon-ah’s apron from now on.) (This is what she was carrying with her.) (She brought her own waffle machine.) (Add the dough to the pre-heated machine.) (Slowly and carefully…!) Finished! Then that’ll come out as a waffle? Yes. That’s so cool. (Already rising.) (After a short wait…) Is it working? Yup. It smells good. It over flowed a bit. Too much dough? But this is better. This doesn’t look homemade! (Looks beautiful.) We should get one. You can have it! I’ll leave it her. A donation? (Place a chopstick underneath) (so it doesn’t get soggy.) I haven’t had waffle in Jeju until now. Really? (Adds bananas and nuts) (on Yoon-ah’s waffle.) (And with Hyo-ri’s love for honey…) (Handmade waffle is complete.) Yoon-ah’s waffle! You can sell this. I know. I love this waffles smell when it’s snowing outside. (Sang-soon’s making coffee.) (3 cups full of warmth.) Hyo-ri. Be careful. Can I eat it like this? This is beautiful. It’s delicious. Really? I’m glad. It’s good. Try the one with butter. Just take a bite of that. It’s really good. Do you like it? I was surprised. I didn’t know it’d be this good. I didn’t expect this when she said she’ll make waffles. Me neither. She seems well prepared. I know. No… It’s snowing beautifully today. It’s sporadic. When it snows… Our guests might stay in. They might have to. We need to buy a lot of food. We get stuck here if it snows a lot. It’s that hill. We can’t get up there. (The reason for being stranded.) Should I vacuum? Let’s vacuum the whole house. I’ll do it. (Yoon-ah’s in charge of vacuum.) (Not missing a single spot.) Mocha, come here! Go over there. Go over there. Mocha, go! (No.) (Mocha’s still very shy.) (Hyo-ri opens the 2nd floor window.) (The employee’s on the 2nd floor too.) You’re very good! How did you change that? You can just press that button. (Hyo-ri likes her employee’s skills.) Sang-soon. Yoon-ah’s really good at cleaning. She can even change the cleaner head. She’s our ideal employee. Pay attention to the phone! Okay. (The sun came up while they were cleaning.) (It’s soaking the living room as well.) The sun’s up! Let’s dry the laundry outside. (Perfect weather to dry the laundry.) We have to make our sign! We need to do it before guests come here. Sang-soon! (That’s him.) We need to make a sign. I bought that broom for our employee. We need to do what? I bought this for you. (A present from Hyo-ri.) Please take care of these leaves! Okay. (Yoon-ah got a broom.) The one we had last time is all erased. We wrote it in chalk. This is heavy when it’s wet. Yoon-ah, that’s cute. Let’s use oil paints so it doesn’t get erased. (As an owner…) (She writes the sign again.) (Have a wonderful time here…!) Is that smoke coming out from Ger? It’s warm. That quickly? Yup. Good. (The fire expert can heat anywhere.) (Once he sets the fire…) (Grilled sweet potatoes are born.) That looks wonderful! Is that all? Big ones are still in there. (How does it taste like?) Yoon-ah, try some. How is it? It’s like a chestnut. That sounds delicious. (Sweet potatoes can now be served.) Are you watching the phone? Yup. No calls from the guests yet. (Surprised.) (What happened?) (Sang-soon heard a bad news.) Severe snow warning in Jeju. Severe snow warning in Jeju… (Snow covered Jeju) (may look beautiful in white.) (But it also brings severe weather) (with it.) 17 flights have been canceled in Jeju Airport. (Real news.) (Depending on the weather, ) (it holds back or leaves travelers) (stranded sometimes.) Would airplanes will fly? I don’t know… (It’ll be fine…) (What will happen to the first guests) (who have to come through this weather?) (Arrived safely.) (Brave guests who weathered the storm.) (What’s their biggest problem right now?) I’m so hungry… I’m hungry. Hi! Hello. I’m gonna look at the menu for the noodles tomorrow. Read the menu out loud! Noodles, sashimi, sashimi and rice. Extra noodles and rice. Let’s order everything and share. No, you guys will take everything. But you never finish. Stop acting like you can. Do you think we can lift Matiz? Of course. I heard someone pushed Damas over. We can lift Matiz? (Talking about lifting cars.) We can. (Who are they…?) (After renting a car, ) (time to call the bed and breakfast.) Be nice. Say hello. (1. Call when you arrive in Jeju.) (Crowded.) Guests? (Our first guests are here!) Hello? (Everyone’s nervous.) Hello. (They’re more nervous.) We just got here. Hello? Where are you? Where are you? We came to rent a car. (Doesn’t know what to do.) How many? 5 people. 5? I’ll send you the address… So you can find your way here. Thank you. Of course. (After the first phone call…) That was Sang-soon! (It was the voice from heaven!) I should’ve called… Let’s go. I have to go in first. (Time to go to the bed and breakfast.) Scoot over. Is the car gonna be alright? I knew this would happen. I can’t sit straight. (2. Head to the address given.) (Thankfully, the sun came up.) I’m… So happy! I like how everyone has to work out except us. And the food we can eat here! We couldn’t eat anything because we had to lose weight. I haven’t had a drink on a plane to Jeju before. Same. Lee Hyo-ri! (Excited by Hyo-ri’s song.) Stop moving around! (They’re our first guests for the winter.) I need to go get ready. (Time to get ready for the guests.) Your mom gave me this. You look like a grandma. A grandma? Your mom made this for me… She did the patterns by herself! She’s really good. Wear what your mom made for you too. We’ll look like grandpa and grandma. (A classic style…) (Became an old couple.) (Fashion sense has disappeared.) I’ll wear it tomorrow. I don’t want to wear it alone! It’s embarrassing! Embarrassing? What? (Oops…) I mean… (Sang-soon betrayed his mom.) (But Hyo-ri still likes the vest.) You look cute. (Where are the guests…) Let’s go slowly. Look at the flowers! (They’re close.) That must be it. That’s so pretty. (After getting the fireplace going…) (All ready for their first guests!) Why do you have a picture of me and Ji-eun as your phone’s background? It’s time to let her go. Ji-eun… Let her go. (Quickly changes his mind.) You’re so much darker than her. Wait. (Worried about his looks.) You need to come closer to the camera. We’re gonna fall over! (They arrived at the bell.) Ring the door bell. Let’s go. (Until the guests arrive…) You can only see our faces! (The door bell finally rings.) (First guests have finally arrived.) Who is it? Hello… Are you here? Yes. Come inside, I’ll open the door. Okay. Is that gate going to open? (The gate opens.) Don’t hurt the house. Not the car? It’s huge! Go slowly. I wish I lived here. (Guests come in very nervously.) Where are the dogs? I know. Maybe they’re inside because it’s cold. We’re here! (Screaming girls.) (Screaming for Sogil’s handsome guy.) (Heading to Sogil’s handsome guy.) How many dogs are there? There are so many! Hi! Hello. Turn right over there. (Very sweet.) If you go slowly, they’ll move. He has a great voice! (Heart’s pounding.) He’s not ugly at all! Thank you! (Warning: He looks better in real life.) I can’t open my eyes… Thank you! (The bed and breakfast opens again.) Hello. Is that heavy? (No problem.) (Who are they?) What do you guys do? We do Judo together. Judo? How are we going to feed all of them? (Hyo-ri’s mission to feed them well) (has started.) (Yoon-ah’s cooking for us!) You scared me! That looks delicious. Eat some. It’s delicious. (While they’re obsessed with chicken, ) (Sang-soon’s mission for a good sleep) (finally starts.) (Turn on the fireplace!) (Time to nap.) You guys are adorable. I know! They look pale! (Success!) (Happy.) It’s finally here. (Nervous.) (Restless.) Are they camping? That’s a lot of luggage. (Who are they?) Subtitles by OnDemandKorea


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