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Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of Very very excited, I’ve never been over to the east coast of England before, but this morning I got to check out Great Yarmouth, and now I’m in Norwich, England. I’m at KO’s Sports Diner. I’m taking on the Big KO Challenge! Now this is freakin’ massive! Only one person has been able to defeat it and a it was actually a lady who plays rugby in the area and she did it in 2 hours and 15 minutes, but I’m taking on the KO Challenge. Now, It’s basically a combination of a burger and breakfast! I’ll take this lid off. It’s basically got a 1 pound burger patty on the bottom. Then it’s covered with 10 hash browns, 10 sausage, 10 bacon, 10 onion rings, a handful of cheese, and then a 3-egg omelette! So, it’s an unlimited, or one sitting is the time limit, so I’ve got plenty of time, but I definitely want to get it down fast and definitely beat that 2 hours and 15 minute record! Many many people have tried. It’s 20 quid if I fail, but if I win, which I definitely hope to do, I will get the meal free and I’ll be the 2nd person on their Wall of Fame! So let’s get challenge #31, win #31 of the trip!! Alright, now I’ve never done a breakfast with a burger before, but the burger is on bottom, so I’m probably going to end up doing that last because all this heat is just sealing everything in, so let’s get it started! I’ve got utensils over here and plenty of napkins to get all this cheese and stuff, but let’s get it started! 1, 2, 3, Boom!! Let’s start with the meats! Just over 5 minutes in, and it’s going down really freakin’ good! I don’t know what cheese is exactly on here, but the eggs and cheese is really helping all these toppings go down. A little over 8 minutes in. We’ve still got some egg left, but I really need to get rid of these hash browns so we’ll do these next, and then we’ve got a pound of burger along with a little bit of egg and then all this freakin’ bread, so hash browns next! (Owner) Well done! 28 minutes! That is unbelievable! 28:08!! The old record was 2 hours and 15 minutes, so it is safe to say we definitely beat that! It’s KO Sports Diner because one of the owners here is a professional boxer and towards the end there he was talking about me hitting the wall and betting against me, so good thing he does the boxing and I stick to the eating! Thank you to KO’s Sport’s Diner, awesome awesome challenge! As I said, I loved all that breakfast stuff on top of the burger! Really helped everything go down with that egg and cheese, but 28:08!! I got the 20 quid meal free. I’ll be up on their Wall of Fame, along with the previous winner. And best of all, win #31 in Norwich, a new city I’ve never been to, so Thank you to KO Sports Diner for the awesome challenge and thank you you guys for watching!


  1. 20 quid? that's 27 euro! I pay half of that at kfc for less then a quarter of the food! you sure get your value with this burger thingy

  2. now if he was told that you MUST eat it like a burger and not eat each thing separately, I'm pretty sure it would have taken a hell of a lot longer to get it done. but great win

  3. I've watched several of your videos and my boyfriend and I were wondering something.Have you ever not made the limit and finish a challenge? If you have did you go back and try that challenge again or just move on?

  4. that actually looks like a really nice break fast, given enough time, I could probably finish that in one sitting.

  5. I love seeing the shock and excitement of those watching him complete a challenge.. especially when it is done so much quicker than the previous champion:) Great job!

  6. please for the love of god change the music!!!!!! I love your videos but the music man it does my head in!!!!

  7. i kno u prob already answered this question, but how do u train your body to consume large quantities of food like tht

  8. Hi Randy. When you do your speed chomps, do you ever accidentally bite your finger? I would imagine your jaws are steel trap like. Ouch!

  9. Look at the Child in the Left Side of that Video . . . The Man "Daddy my be" is an *ss hole ! Skin Head Boy . . loves child´s ! Ich denke. schaut euch ganzes Video an. . .

  10. people talking smack about Randy, need to have a seat and take the challenge. There's an old saying, "You can't do anything wrong if you're not doing anything…" Better yet, go suit up and hit the grid iron with Randy and some of his football buddies. You  would be out cold on the first hit and these guys do it for 60 minutes just about non stop.

  11. Never seen him take on a challenge with no time limit…lol
    Not much of a challenge if your an eater! Kudos for setting a time to beat!!

  12. do the winstar casino in thackerville oklahoma, its at nyc burger inside the casino. its the big nasty challange, worth taking a look at and i'd join you.

  13. Randy when you go to another country that doesn't use dollars can you please say or put up on the videos about what the cost would be in dollars?

  14. Dudes like a worrier or some shit. His name will be talked about and remembered in atleast 1000 places by the time he's done!

  15. you are the cleanest eater ever.. i used to hate watching food challenges because of their technique, but i love how clean you are!

  16. I feel like a lot of people could eat that much in 2 hours. It'd be just like thanksgiving, eating a big ass first meal, relax for an hour, then eat a big ass 2nd meal.

  17. Not gonna name it because im a good guy but did a Chinese food challenge in New Jersey before I started watching the man Randy, and guy gave me rotten pork fried rice on side, was terrible couldn't believe it. Great job Randy.

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