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– What I am doing and what
I do on a professional basis everyday, is I take
the meme culture world, the meme world, prequel
memes, “Star Wars” memes. I mean some of the
best memes out there are “Star Wars” memes,
and you apply that to politics and
you are able to get an intersectional point
where you can get a young kid or some young person who
might know “Star Wars,” but doesn’t quite
understand what’s going on with impeachment and
you can frame it, the world for them,
based on “Star Wars” and actually bring them in
to the political process, which is very important. (dramatic music) – I’m Dave Rubin and according
to the Wikipedia editors this is the Rubin Report. As always guys, make sure
that you’re subscribed to our channel by clicking
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notification bell. And more importantly,
joining me today is the Chief Creative Officer
for Turning Point USA and meme maker
extraordinaire, Benny Johnson. – (laughing) Fantastic. – This feels very overdue, man. How has this taken
so long to happen? – You’re a busy guy. – You’re a busy guy. – You’re a busy guy,
going around the world. Jordan Peterson, it’s
like cut his I.Q. in half you got me. – (laughing) You’re half
of Peterson’s brain. – I’m a very room
temperature I.Q. – Room temperature I.Q. – I’m a very room
temperature I.Q. I’m very comfortable. (laughing) – Well, I have wanted
you on for awhile. I’m glad we’re
finally doing this and before, normally
when I start an interview I kind of ask people
their background, a little framing
of the interview, but I thought first
what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna
throw to this video that you just put
up on Instagram. This is you going
to, this outside of the impeachment hearings?
– Yes. – Outside of the
impeachment hearings, you’re asking questions
about politics and Trump and impeachment
all through the lens of a little movie called
“Star Wars”, here we go. – Hey everyone,
Benny Johnson here at the United States
Capitol (bell dinging) where the impeachment trial
of President Trump is ongoing. The capitol has tens
of leftist protestors gathered at it calling
for the impeachment of President Trump. Specifically, we’re asking
them if “Star Wars” references about President Trump are worthy of having him be impeached? – I am the Senate. – We’re going to see if these
leftist protestors believe that the President
should be impeached, for instance, of killing
a fictional general, General Grievous. – Hello there. – General Kenobi. – I can’t wait to hear
what they have to say. Let’s go find out. (upbeat music) Many people felt a
disturbance in the force when General
Grievous was killed. What do you think about the
killing of General Grievous and was it right or wrong? – Okay, nobody’s saying
that he was a good person. (light sabers buzzing) But, there are a lot of
bad people in in the world. And we have laws,
everything what we do with our military should
be according to law. – I love democracy. – With new X-wing technology
though there’s no, there’s no telling
what we can accomplish. I mean you can get
anyone anywhere. – Yes, yes, absolutely. – (Obi-Wan Kenobe voiceover)
Use the force, Luke. (“Star Wars” theme music) – Do you think that it was right or not right to kill
General Grievous? – Well, it’s clearly
an assassination. – Oh, I don’t think so. – People are saying that a
thermal detonator was used for the assassination, and these
are very dangerous weapons. Do you have anything
to say on that? You seem to care
a lot about this. – Technically I can’t say, I’m not sure about that yet. – Because he’s holding
a thermal detonator. – This is just like
the kind of music that was being sang
in Mos Eisley Cantina. It’s beautiful. (“Star Wars” Mos
Eisley Cantina song) And General Grievous was
killed by the administration, by Trump, they were
saying that was illegal. Do you, do you believe
in those kind of killings or do you not? – We have a rule of law. If that rule of law says,
if I think you’re a bad guy than I should be able
to kill you, right? That’s not our rule of law. – I killed them. I killed them all. – Our rule of law is if
I think you’re a bad guy I’m supposed to
take you to trial and prove that
you are a bad guy. That is our rule of law in
the United States of America. – You can’t. He must stand trial. – Apparently, he was killed
with thermal detonator. That’s just like, a lot of
concerning to a lot of people. – Well, and the rule of
law, either we have it and we need to live by
it, both the citizens and our government, or we don’t and we don’t give a crap
one way or the other. – My Lord, is that legal? – I will make it legal. – Alright, so that’s
just a small portion of this video that
you put out there and I think now my
audience understands why I wanted to throw that before
we do anything else here. Now that one gentleman at the
end did make a good point. Should we not have taken
General Grievous in and put him on trial? I mean, he was the leader
of the Separatists Army. He had just taken
over from Count Dooku, who’s a horrible human being. It’s a good point. – Yeah, I mean it’s true. Who knows, I mean, if it was
the Obama administration, definitely would have
taken him out with a drone, would have never
seen it happening. It could have even been
an American citizen would have been, boom,
General Grievous gone. – When you do these videos,
’cause I know most people who watch them are
going, oh come on, he must have had to go
to 1000 different people to get the five. – First five, first five people. I kept asking about
general Grievous, and you can see in the
video, I keep pushing them. Like people felt a
disturbance in the Force, it’s very much a dark side
to have this technology with a thermal detonator
and X-Wing technology to kill this general. No one, nothing. I even say later in
the video that Trump should just execute an order
66 and dissolve the Senate and then he can just get rid
of this impeachment fiasco. – What does this tell
you about these people? Before we get to the
“Star Wars” element of it and why “Star Wars”
memes really do work. What does this tell you
about a lot of the activists that are out there and
people that are purporting to know everything
about politics? I’m going to talk about these
five people specifically, but these people that are
just out there protesting all the time. And then whenever you
see them challenged, Crowder’s really good at this, they just suddenly know nothing. – So, the purpose of
a video like this is never actually to
make fun of anyone. What I’m trying to do is show
that there’s a bankruptcy when it comes to
the understanding of why we are impeaching
this president. Why are these people actually
out there protesting? Every person in the
video was protesting for Trump’s impeachment. Yet, even when asked if
they should impeach Trump for killing General Grievous,
which was my question. Should we impeach
Trump for killing a fictional “Star Wars” villain? They said, yeah. And so, what I am
doing, and what I do on a professional basis
everyday, is I take the meme culture
world, the meme world, prequel memes, “Star
Wars” memes, I mean some of the best memes out
there are “Star Wars” memes, and you apply that to politics. And you are able to get
an intersectional point where you can get a young
kid or some young person, who might know “Star Wars”,
but doesn’t quite understand what’s going on with impeachment and you can frame the world
for them based on “Star Wars” and actually them into
the political process, which is very important. – So, what is it
about “Star Wars”? Because I meme the
hell out of “Star Wars” probably only second
to you, right? And there’s something
particularly about the prequels that the memes just, you
know, how does democracy die? With thunderous applause. And I am the Senate,
and all of those lines, they seem so powerful right now. And what do you think it is
about “Star Wars” specifically that leads to this? Where, other movies,
you can meme some things from other movies, but not
like the endless amount from “Star Wars”
that just feels right for the moment all the time. – “Star Wars” was if you
rewind the clock back to George Lucas, he
based the Empire on Nazis and he based the Rebellion
on fighting Nazis. And so, for people
like us, particularly, you are able to find
these moral threads that you pull out of the
basic “Star Wars” story. The evil of
oppressive overarching
brutalist government, how it tries to squash
hope, how hope must rise in order to fight
that greatest evil, which is an oppressive
overarching massive, usually by emergency
powers, government that can take over
all of our lives. And that is the truth
that this was based on. And I think it hits
at a human truth. Truth that goes all the
way back to our founding and much of the
renaissance good that comes from the idea that man is
man and man wants freedom and man has liberties that
should not be corrupted and oppressed by a government. – Well, it’s funny because
even though you’re doing it in a funny way there, we
could talk about the idea that should the Jedi
have captured Grievous, he was the leader of the
Separatist Army, right, so he was an insurgent, but
should they have been allowed to just kill him as Obi-Wan did or should they have captured
him and taken him for trial? That actually is an
interesting philosophical point that we debate all the time
because that’s to your point. That when we killed Soleimani
everyone was saying, well, you can’t
just kill the guy. You have to bring him in for
a trial and the rest of it. I mean, that really all does
add up to why memes work. – Yes, correct. Memes are a piece
of non-corporate,
non-establishment media imagery that reflects
a moment in culture. And reflects something that
we’re all going through and explains it in a very
simple and shareable way. – I’m pretty sure we could
do the “Star Wars” thing the entire way, so let’s just
do a little bit more though in case there’s anyone
out there watching this that doesn’t have
the appreciation of the “Star Wars” meme
meeting point that we do. You mentioned something
really interesting to me right before we started
about how the way the “Star Wars”
movies have progressed or regressed, I
suppose, depending on which way you look at
it, is really reflective of internet culture in general. Can you talk about
that ’cause I think it’s really super interesting? – We as consumers of the
product have more value than we have ever
had in the history of the creation of a thing. So, you have democratized
the consumer base for things like “Star
Wars” and “Star Wars” the fandom menace has
actually saved “Star Wars” from itself.
– The fandom menace, got it. – The fandom menace
is a real thing and we can, the feedback
mechanisms are now available in a decentralized
universe where the studios have to listen to the consumers. And where we are able to,
online, demand something or ask for something
or consume at a rate where it’s a feedback loop. Instead of them just
making a “Star Wars” and hoping we like it,
they make a “Star Wars” and then we tell them
if we like it, right? You can hear what happened
after the “Last Jedi” and the studio heard it and
then desperately J.J. comes in to try to like fix it. And there are four to
five different moments in “The Rise of Skywalker”
where they papered over what Rey did and that’s
because of the response online. And so, this mechanism can
actually make you more powerful than the studios
producing these things and the general, I love
democracy, the democracy of the fandom is actually
a wonderful thing. Palpatine would be very proud. – (laughing) Palpatine
would be thrilled at internet trolls, basically. It’s really interesting though. I mean, that concept is
actually kind of cool because you know studios
come out with certain things that often are not good. And I think the best
version of this in terms of internet culture is the
all female “Ghostbusters.” It had nothing to do
with it all being women, but it was a patently
terrible movie and then the
audience goes crazy. And then you get the
next layer of this, which I wanna talk to you about, which is suddenly the
media that runs protection for bad movies, right? And then starts
attacking the audiences. And that’s what happened
in “Ghostbusters”. We saw that happen
in “Last Jedi” too, where they say it’s all
angry white male trolls who hate “Last Jedi”
or hate “Ghostbusters” and it’s racist Trump supporters
who hates these things. And it’s the media then
attacking the fan base at, I don’t know, is at the
behest of the studio or is it just because
the whole machine just kind of works like that or what? – I think it has
everything to do with what’s going on
in society right now. I cover politics, but
the election in 2016 was precisely this bubble. The same thing that happens
with a “Star Wars” movie or “Ghostbusters”
happened in 2016. Where you have a group of
people that are so insulated in their own virtue
signaling and wokedivism and slackdivism and
they must insert that into everything in their
lives and it blinds them to understanding what an
actual normal consumer wants. And so, then you have
the rise of something, a real anger, that the
things that we cherish are being destroyed and one
of the last few good things out there was “Star
Wars” and from both sides you have this kind
of yelp, this anger, from the base when we
watched “The Last Jedi” and realize that it is
now just a serving dish for someone’s political world
view and you must eat it. And it’s like, damn it no,
I mean the orcs are not just at the gate,
they’ve come in and they’ve
desecrated the temple. One of the last few things
that we actually all could come together on was that we
all kind of loved “Star Wars” and then that destroyed and
you’re gonna get backlash. This happened in 2016,
you got the election of President Trump and
this is happening now when it comes to
our entire culture, whether that be “Star
Wars” or “Ghostbusters” or national politics. – What do you think
about the idea that because big studios now run
so much of our entertainment that that also has
fed all of this. Like, the “Star
Wars” posters look exactly like the Marvel posters. You know what I mean? It’s always the same thing,
the big guy in the middle. It’s Iron Man in the
middle or Rey in the middle and then everybody
else smaller after. And they look exactly the same, like the branding is the same. The messages start
becoming the same. That we don’t have
new stories anymore. I said to you right
before we started, I hate to say that in
a way ’cause it’s like I want these stories to continue and “Mandalorian”
was totally fine. And like I want
more out of this, but it’s also like we
need something different. Like the world has moved
on from George Lucas having to look at World War II to then create these
characters, you know. – Yeah, and that is something
that I think people are very much hungering for
on a national level. And you’re watching
now people running for, speaking of new
stories, I mean, look at the number of people who
have never been in politics that are now running and winning and becoming very very famous. I don’t like AOC, all right,
I don’t like AOC in the squad. I think they’re going
to wreck the country if you give them
power, but listen, they have become heroes now
because there’s a new story, there’s a new
narrative out there. And of course, the
opposite of that would be multiple people who have
never had any experience on the conservative side of
the aisle running for office and following a Trumpian
model of I am the outsider. That idea that there’s
a new story out there really gravitates, it
really brings people in. And again, you have a
president who’s pretty much our version of that elected
outside of the media bubble, outside of the group
think that occurs. Inside of the
corridor between D.C. and New York and the
group think said, like every Marvel
poster looked alike, every poll looked exactly
the same in 2016, every poll. Hilary Clinton, remember
the Huffington Post, 98% chance that Hilary
will win, right? Take it to the bank. You’ve seen the same
compilations I have. And so, it’s like every
poster looks the same and people start rejecting
it and wanting a new story. And now you have, arguably,
I mean very easily, the most powerful
man in the world, the President of the United
States has been elected because people were so desperate
and hungry for a new story and rejecting the same
stuff that’s been forced on us for decades. – Alright, before we go too
far into the Trump thing and I wanna talk impeachment
and how this is all related to media and all that. Now let’s go to where I
usually start the interviews, which is how the hell did you
get into this whole thing? Like what brought Benny
Johnson to sit here right now and talk to me
about “Star Wars”? – I was raised in Iowa
and Iowa’s a magical place where you can really
see candidates up close. One of things that we
force every candidate who wants to be president to
do is eat pork chop on a stick. You wanna dehumanize someone,
I mean you really wanna break them down to their
core elements, right? Force someone like
Hilary Clinton to eat a pork chop on a stick
in a 120 degree humid day in the middle of
Iowa State Fair. – Remember that picture
of Michelle Bachmann eatin’ the corn dog and
you had Romney trying it. Like Romney was one
of the worst ones. – No one looks good
eating a corn dog. No one looks good eating a
sweaty pork chop on a stick. – Did you grow up
going to those fairs and going to the straw
polls and the rest of it? – Yes, yes. So, you got to see
the real human being behind the politician. You got to see little quirks,
little things of them. As a young guy in politics I
was just in student government at my college and
at my high school. You would get taken out to a
Subway by a Mitt Romney, right? He would take you out to Subway. You get to watch the man
eat his Subway sandwich. You get to see the human
side of the politician and it was something
that was always lacking because they always came
off as such a stiff veneer when you see them on stage. And so, I began to
really gravitate towards telling
stories differently
for the political class and inside the political bubble and that began a
career in making viral content about politics. I’ve done this now
for over a decade and I’ve always wanted to
bring and mesh the worlds that a lot of young
people understand, which is the cultural world,
and mesh that in with politics so that people understand the
political world around them because, quite frankly, that’s
the most important thing you can understand
as an American. – So, as an Iowa guy, is
it shocking or strange or backwards or is it the
way it’s suppose to be that in just a few weeks
that this straw poll, which seems so
antiquated and ridiculous in so many ways, is
the thing that is going to set the next eight
months in motion, really? We’re just in the lead
up, we’re in preseason right now still, even
though it all feels crazy, but the straw poll
starts this whole thing and someone could get
momentum out of nowhere. And if Biden does really bad he’s no longer the front runner. Does that seem crazy to you as
someone that grew up in Iowa? – It’s like the
various gladiator feats
of strength, okay, to get there, federalism. I mean, it’s one of the last
cherished things of federalism is that every
State is different. And the way that this
was suppose to work is every State was suppose to be
their own actual governance and the States wouldn’t
of even come together and signed the Constitution
if we didn’t write, as a libertarian you know
this, very firm grounds of federalism that
each State was unique. – Which we’re washing
away very quickly. – Very quickly, horrifyingly,
horrifyingly so. Iowa you’re gonna have to
go eat pork chop on a stick and appeal to Iowans
to get the Iowan vote. New Hampshire you’re
gonna have to go and, what do they do in New
Hampshire, tap a maple tree. Get like the special ski
slope maple tree like vote. New Hampshire, I’m
not from there, I don’t know much
about anything. – I’m not condemning
Iowa in any way as much as like the process. Like it’s always the
same order every year. Like it almost seems like
we have to mix up the order because than it all just
becomes so entrenched that the fakery is too obvious
or something like that. – I don’t much about why
the process is what it is. I know that every State votes. – I don’t think anyone
knows at this point. – But, it is special
that you have to go and you have to earn the
vote of a specific group of people living in a specific
State and appeal to them and I love that process. I think it’s great. – You wanna make a crazy
prediction out of Iowa? – Bernie. – I was gonna ask you some
predictions at the end. So really?
– Yeah, Bernie. – So, are you feeling
this thing right now? ‘Cause there does seem
to be a certain momentum for Bernie right now. That the mainstream media has
really tried to take him out. Now, again, I know you and
I are not fans of his ideas let’s say, but the
mainstream has just been going after the guy
relentlessly and Warren tried some stuff and women
aren’t gonna be elected and the rest of it. But, do you feel like
he’s just got this thing whether the DNC wants
it to happen or not? – Yeah, and Joe Rogan,
one of your colleagues, one of the people
who are so special in this decentralized
media industry kind of said it
the best, which is the guys just been a
communist his whole life and he’s just told everyone
about his communism forever and that sort of authenticity
is really valuable now. Authenticity is the
currency of the internet. People know if you’re being fake and people know if
you’re putting on a show. And when someone like
Bernie who’s just an old crusty communist,
who has just been an old crusty communist
his entire life. Honeymoon in the Soviet
Union, let’s not forget, when he comes in to an age
that’s internet centric then his authenticity
really shines through and people really
gravitate to that. It’s the same thing that brought a lot of people over to Trump. And it’s this thing that
is really, I think, driving the boom right now for Bernie
that is putting him now up ahead double digits
in New Hampshire, up ahead almost
double digits in Iowa. I think that like
I am the same guy that I’ve always
been is something that is more attractive
now than ever before. – That’s the funny thing
about the Rogan endorsement. It’s like just saying that
someone hasn’t changed isn’t in and of itself
so great, but I get you. There’s a consistency
there, I suppose, that people like,
but you may have all the wrong ideas within that. – Yes, but authenticity, I mean, people will gravitate
to something authentic more than ever today and it’s
because we’ve been trained to do this based on what
we like on social media. The authenticity that we
see into people’s lives and we know have access
into everyone’s life. People can figure out
what Dave Rubin likes. People can follow
you on social media and see the things. – See what I hate. – Yeah, and see what you
love and what you hate and they can tell if
you’re an authentic person. And we are now demanding that
inside of our politicians and like it or not that’s
part of the reason why people just adore the
President of the United States right now, is because there’s
nothing but lying with him. You’re gonna hear his
unvarnished opinions regardless of whether
you love them or not you’re going to see
directly inside of his brain and what’s going on and
you’re gonna that find out through his social media
and through Twitter. And that’s what endears
so many Americans to that. We’ve been trained to want that. – Alright, so how the
hell does Trump understand all this stuff? I’ve asked a
million guests this. Everyone has their own theory. But, how does Trump
get the meme wars, the edge lords, the
trolls, the Russians, the whole damn thing,
how does Trump get it? I think you have a
little insight maybe into what he’s thinking or
you’ve been around him enough in the Turning Point world. – Trump has always been
a creature of the media. He’s always very much
understood media. And every era that he’s lived in from the ’70s,
’80s, ’90s to today he’s understood media and how
people consume information. Where is the audience? And he’s always
understood audience. Now, you have to ask yourself, if you’re talking about
the modern media landscape, what is a media company? A media company is
where the audience is. And Trump has very
elegantly navigated to the place where
the audience is every single iteration
of his career. And it’s been very
very special to watch how the guy, at 70 years
old, has just mastered the meme wars and just mastered
the art of social media. And a new generation of
kids, that’s where they are. That’s where they’re
getting their information. – Do you think the
world was just waiting for someone like him? Like, it didn’t
actually have to be him, but that because of everything
you’re talking about and the way that
things have changed and watch mainstream
media crumble and the internet
rise and all that, that is was gonna be
somebody to do this reckoning and he just happened
to be the guy? Or do you think that
really is unique about him? The lens that he views the world because of the way
he survived media over decades and all that? – Yeah, I think we’re
living in the golden age of memes and politics and
Trump has brought that about. And the world was waiting
for someone to create the diad in the force
that was the president. – I’m gonna see how many
more “Star Wars” references you can force in
here, we’ll see. – (laughing) Force in here, love what you just
did there, Dave. The world was waiting for the
internet president, right? The president who fully
understood the internet and brought it with
him to the White House. And Barack Obama bringing
in YouTube celebrities, that’s one thing, but
Barack Obama was not the internet
president, not at all. The internet president
is Donald Trump who hosts the social media
summit at the White House. I had the honor of
being invited to it and you walk in to the
foyer of the White House, I mean, famous, it’s
been all Hollywood movies from the time of Lincoln,
and there are huge memes printed out on boards
hanging in the grand foyer of the White House, Dave. Like this is the world
I’ve been begging for my entire career. You walk around, you
look, there’s a meme and there’s a “Game
of Thrones” meme. And they’re all there
like hanging inside of the most sacred
house in America, right? The most cherished and
valuable piece of real estate in the country is
the White House. One of the most
recognizable places on planet earth is the White
House and here are memes hanging inside of the grand
foyer of the White House. This is actually the
internet president. I think it’s really fundamental
that Trump gets audience. He understands where
an audience is. And right now, today, there
has been a dynamic shift in where people actually are. And where people
are are platforms and where they wanna get their
information are platforms and from influencers. And Trump, is a base
influencer out there. – So, the last time we
actually saw each other in person was at the Turning
Point Student Action Summit about a week before Christmas, a couple days before Christmas,
I spoke that morning. You were sort of the MC
of the whole thing, right? You’re shooting
T-shirts into the crowd and you were getting
everybody going, but you didn’t warm up the
crowd for me that morning. I don’t know what you were
doing that Saturday morning. I wasn’t gonna bring this up,
I don’t know what happened. I did okay, that’s
not even the point. I did just fine, the point is, that I spoke in the morning
and then Trump spoke later in the afternoon and
then when he spoke it was the first time that
I ever heard him speak live. And it did help crystallize
one thing for me, which is how the media takes
an hour and a half speech that he gives and how
they really extrapolate whatever they want out of it. ‘Cause there’s a moment
that I’m sure you remember where Trump gets up
there and he goes, I know more about
windmills than anybody. I’ve been studying
windmills my whole life. And then he goes on this
riff about windmills. Now, obviously, he
doesn’t know more about windmills than everybody, obviously he’s not
studying windmills, but he makes some
interesting points about how they build windmills
and all of this other stuff, but then I saw it happen. So he does this speech
and he’s sort of basically like a comic
and he’s working the room and he kind of goes off
script and then comes back. But then it was the next part,
and this is where I really, it all kind of
crystallized for me, was then later that afternoon
what do I see, of course? Vox, Media Matter,
the rest of it with all of their headlines,
Donald Trump claims he knows more about
windmills than anybody. Donald Trump claims he’s studied
windmills his whole life. And it’s like, did he say that? He did. Is that in context? No. Do you understand sarcasm? No. And it’s like when you
really see it that way it did shift the
whole thing for me. To actually be there and
then see the headlines. – Yes. There is such a thing
as sarcasm, humor
still in the world. It’s not literate,
it’s not literal. – Also not literate.
– Both actually. But, a good meme is
something that takes, that is funny, it uses
humor, it uses pop culture to connote a greater truth
about the world around us. And Donald Trump
speaks in memes. That’s what a lot of people
I don’t think understand, is that this era was
actually made for him. When Donald Trump looks Hilary
Clinton in the eye and goes, ’cause you’d be in jail. That’s like an impact font meme. That was a meme, right? Like that was one of
the most memorable, maybe perhaps the most memorable if you play it on a big
screen to an audience, which I do regularly, the
most memorable moment in 2016. And that was Trump just
speaking in a meme. Short sentences, understandable
dialogue, joke, sarcasm, but hitting a deeper truth. And that’s the way
the president speaks, and the hyper-literal,
perpetually wanting
to be offended corporate media that exists
today they don’t get him, but at that peril. Because Trump is speaking
the way the internet speaks and the way that consumers
speak and the way that the audiences
of the future speak. And the audiences
of the future want to get their
information from memes. I give this speech
around the country. Tens of thousands of
students around the country I speak to every single year
and it’s a huge privilege of mine to do that, but I
ask them with regularity where would you prefer
to get your information? Raise your hand if you want
to get your information from a meme. If you’d prefer it in that form? And thousands of hands
go, I’m telling you Dave, thousands of hands go
up from the students. I take a cell phone
out of my pocket, I do this thought
test all the time. I take a cell phone
out of my pocket, put it on the table and I
say this cell phone is yours. It’s free, you can get it
free of charge, one rule, coded in to the actual
iPhone, brand new, is that you can only
download one app to get your news and
information from. What app do you download? I ask kids this, it doesn’t
matter if it’s 50 kids in a small room or
500 kids or 5000 kids, it’s always the same. – I’m guessing the
answer is Twitter, right? But, tell me it’s TikTok
and I’m gonna jump, we don’t have windows in here. – It’s a mix. A lot of Instagrams,
I would say probably eight out of 10 is an Instagram. – That’s interesting. – Now again, these
are school aged kids. Eight out of 10 is an Instagram. You always have your
outliers who’ll say Reddit. Very rarely, but Facebook. You get YouTube, a lot of
YouTubes and some Twitters. It kind of depends on
the diet of the student. Here’s something that never,
ever is said, MSNBC, CNN. – Well, CNN, when I give
a speech to college kids sometimes I say something
about CNN, not to be funny. I’m like, well, you
know CNN is one channel and they laugh when I say CNN
as if that’s the punchline ’cause it’s so absurd to them. – I don’t think it’s
even partisan, Dave. I think, they don’t
say Fox News either. They want to get their
information from, and I’m just gonna be
complimentary here, you, from a decentralized
non-corporate influencer who is going to bring
them the information that they trust you. They trust guys like me,
they trust influencers. They want, we are the
new nightly news anchors. Memes are our new
news program, right? And the new broadcast
networks are these platforms that they can follow
us on and see more of a dimensionality of us
and the world around them. And that’s how they prefer
to get their information. – Isn’t it amazing, so
obviously I agree with you in the broad sense there. It’s like all the mainstream
media then had to do was sort of
incorporate some of us instead of trying to
destroy all of us, which is what they chose
to do instead, right? They decided to say
we’re all bigots and racists and
all the rest of it. And try to crush our
jobs and crush our reach on top of big tech
and everything else, but all they had to was
bring on a couple guys. ABC all they probably
had to do, or forget ABC, CNN six years ago
your phone coulda rang and they coulda been
like can you be the guy that takes us into
the new thing, Benny? And then they maybe they
wouldn’t be in this situation. And yet, that tells you
about the archaic nature of the machine. – There’s an industry story
about Blockbuster’s valuation and Netflix’s valuation and
you’ve seen the same chart that I’ve seen. Blockbuster could
have buried Netflix for a decade of
Netflix’s existence, but instead they
chose to laugh at them and they said we’re Blockbuster
this will never happen. – You’re gonna mail those
things to these people? – Right, no one every
wants a DVD in the mail, this is not a problem. And now, we are looking at
2020 and Netflix is winning Golden Globes and they win
Oscar this year, right? – And isn’t there
one Blockbuster? – There’s one left in Alaska. – It’s in Alaska?
– Yes. – Is that right?
– Yes. And there’s this
inflection point where your industry
gets overtaken and people no longer
need gas lanterns, they have light bulbs. – Are you worried
about that though? Does any level of
that worry you? – So, something that’s
been interesting about the de-masking
of corporate media, specifically on places like CNN, is that you’re able to
see in the era of Trump who they always were. You’re able to see like a
viral clip that’s going around right now is this
clip of Don Lemon. – We’re gonna play the clip. So why don’t we play
this clip first. This clip is from
about a week ago. I mentioned this when I had
Michael Malice on last week. We did a little
dissection, but I think it would be great to get
your dissection of this too. So, this is Don
Lemon’s CNN program. – And obviously it’s false. And look, he also
knows deep in his heart that Donald Trump couldn’t
find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter
U and a picture of an actual physical
crane next to it. He knows that this is, you
know, and administration defined by ignorance of the world. And so, that’s partly him
playing to their base. (Don Lemon laughing loudly) And playing to their
audience, you know, the credulous Boomer rube
demo that backs Donald Trump that wants to think Donald
Trump’s the smart one and you all elitists are dumb. (all laughing) – You elitists with your
geography and your maps and your spelling. – And your math
and your reading. (all laughing) – Yeah, your reading, ya know. Your geography, knowing other
countries, sipping a latte. – All those lines on the map. (all laughing loudly) – Only them elitists
know where Ukraine is. Sorry, I apologize. – Oh my gosh. – But you know what? It was Rick’s
fault, I blame Rick. But in all honesty. – Blame NPR, why not? – Sorry, hold on, wait, wait,
you guys give me a second. Hold on, hold on,
hold on. (laughing) That was good, sorry. Rick, that was a good
one, I needed that. – It’s so deeply fake,
the laughter is fake. Nobody’s laughing that
hard at that joke. The banter is fake, the
whole damn thing, fake news. Someone said fake news somewhere
at one point, fake news. – So, why should you be,
that rightfully makes a lot of people
angry, that clip, but why you should be
encouraged by that clip actually is that it happened a week
before it really went viral. So few people were
watching Don Lemon’s show that no one even noticed. They were just screaming
into the abyss. They were screaming into
the woods that the tree fell and no one heard it. And I know for a fact,
I know for a fact ’cause I can pull the Nielsen
ratings, that good videos that we make at Turning
Point get more viewers than CNN’s entire
nightly lineup. This show, Dave Rubin’s show,
gets more viewers per video than many headline
news shows on CNN. A good video with you
and Shapiro and Peterson will get more viewers than
CNN’s ratings the whole week. – For a month probably.
– Yes, correct. – In some cases. – So, what is this
inflection point? It’s really special,
it shows the one thing that is so important
in media is audience. Where is your audience? Who has it? And where is the audience going? And the fact that
that can happen and no one even knows
that it’s happening because so few people are
watching this news show. Let’s remember, it’ll make
you sick to your stomach, that’s a news show,
that’s listed as a, that’s in the CNN news
lineup, Don Lemon’s show. I know you don’t say it Don
Lemon, but it makes him angry, so it’s funny to say. That’s how depressing it
is, and if you’re looking, young people are
not watching that. The clip would have
gone viral instantly if people had actually
been watching the show. – But, what do you make of
the cognitive dissonance of these people, the same
people who said the deplorables, thus thrusting Trump to
victory, are now doing that. Making fun of people’s
accents, making fun of people’s education,
all of those things. When it’s like, let’s
pretend for a moment that they’re less educated and that’s why they’re
voting for Trump. Aren’t you suppose
to be a good lefty who would want to help
educate these people? I mean, the smugness
of it is, I think, I get the media side of
it, but it’s the detachment from what they purport
to believe, politically or philosophically that
I find more disturbing. – So that’s going back
to authenticity being the currency of the internet. People want to know where their
information is coming from. I am a conservative,
you are a libertarian, people understand that who
are tuning into this show and that’s okay. The de-masking is
showing clips like that where they are now unvarnished
presenting themselves as the leftist propagandists
that they actually are and that veneer of objectivity
has been utterly destroyed. The carpet has been rent,
the curtain has been ripped, there’s no such thing
as objectivity anymore and that’s okay as
long as you’re prepared for the new thing
coming, which is this. Which is understanding that
Dave Rubin is a libertarian and he’s gonna come at it from
libertarian point of view. That’s okay. – Yeah, and you’re also gonna
watch us work through it in real time, which
is one of the things. It’s why I do the events that
I always do at Turning Point where I go up there and I
always make a point of saying, guys, I’m gonna say a few things that I know most of
you disagree with. And not only do I
get invited back, but if anything I
think that’s why I’m getting invited
in the first place. – Yes, and you’re one of
the most popular speakers. And maybe 40% of your
speech is not necessarily the exact thing that
the audience believes. That’s okay, they love you. – Half of my speech last
time was about “Star Wars” ’cause it had just come out. The funny thing is, I didn’t
want to lead to much remember? So, I wasn’t talking too
much about “Star Wars” and then we do Q and A and
I always say to the kids, students, whatever, I always say if you disagree with
me come up first and yet, all the questions
were about “Star Wars.” And I was like,
wait a minute guys, let me get this straight,
I give a political speech, the President of the United
States is speaking here in an hour and you’re
asking me about “Star Wars.” And everyone was
like going crazy. – It’s why you gotta
ask questions about
General Grievous. That’s why you have
to use “Star Wars”, us the billions that
have been put in to tell even the
“Star Wars” story to tell a story about politics, about the things that are
going on in the world today. And the people that
really understand that are the people that understand
where audience is going. And this is where
audience is going. They can laugh and
they can be Nero and strum the harp
while Rome burns, which is what I get when
I watch a clip like that. When I watch a clip like that
I think about Rome burning and about Nero playing his harp. And that’s just them
laughing and cackling, being the last little elitists
on their little pedal stools as their ratings are crumbling, as their advertising dollars
are going through the floor and as people are tuning
out in record numbers and as they’re being
be-clowned, quite literally, on a daily basis,
that is Rome burning. – Do you ever think when one
of these clips is going viral and again, I think you made
a really interesting point, that this existed
before it went viral, which shows you that no one
is really watching this stuff. But, do you ever think, ah,
maybe we should just let it be and I shouldn’t jump
in on it on every clip ’cause sometimes I feel that. ‘Cause, you know you see these
things happening on Twitter and you see everyone
kind of doing their thing and making it bigger. And then’s there’s this
other part of me that’s like, you know what, if we all just
started ignoring all of this that we could really
be maybe better focused on whatever it is
that we individually
are trying to build, rather than taking
that thing down. Do you think about that ever? – Well, you brought it
up, that you’re attacked. They call you a racist
or a Nazi for being on something other than a
corporate media platform, right? Instead of inviting us in and
having to do the hard thing, which is diversity of
opinion and actually lean in to diversity of opinion, they
do the thing that losers do. I’m not saying that in
the sense like losers, I’m saying that in the
sense of these are tactics of people that are losing. They’re losing their base and they’re losing
their cultural war and when you see them cackling
about Trump supporters and mocking accents
and Southern accents and things like that, mocking
people’s careers and jobs, that’s the tactic of a loser. That’s not the
tactic of a winner. That’s the tactic
of a losing side that’s attempting to
score cheap points on someone who has
already defeated them. – Right, like who
are you bringing over when you’re doing that? Does anyone watch
that and go, oh, these guys they really get it? Like I guess, yeah, there’s
the sliver of the base that’s in on the joke
or something like that, but do you get anyone,
anyone that they would want to bring over to them? – I am thrilled when liberals
slide right in to my DM and talk about how much
they hate me and my content. And this happens, of
course, you know this, this happens on a
minute by minute basis, but if my content
is reaching them. The “Star Wars” video pisses
off a ton of people, right? You tricked them into
thinking General Grievous, he was killed in Iran. – You also piss off the of
ruining Grievous’ good name. – Of course, like everyone knows that a thermal
detonator wasn’t used to kill General Grievous, right? Like, what are you thinking? If I can just bring you
in the conversation. If I can just bring you
into the conversation and we can start that dialogue,
that’s huge success for me. – So, as a conservative, and a
relatively young conservative are you kind of shocked.
– Relatively? – Relatively, I don’t know,
you wanna say how old you are? – I’m 33.
– I’ll leave that up to you. 33, but for a conservative,
you know what I mean? You know, if you listen
to MSNBC conservatives are suppose to be
stodgy old white men. So, as a relatively young
conservative though, are you shocked how sort of wide the conservative tent
is becoming right now? – Yeah. Well, I mean look
at conservative
heroes, viral heroes. Let’s start off, you have
Ben Shapiro, he comes from a very specific and very
unique minority world view with Orthodox Judaism. You have Candace Owens
coming from a very specific, very, like world view that is
almost a dynamic unto itself. You’re not able to mix
people like Andy Ngo who’s doing the best
reporting on Antifa. Scott Presler, the young
roster of conservative heroes is so diverse it really is,
gives you hope for the future. I work with Charlie
Kirk every single day. I know he’s been on this show. And it’s amazing to
think, my god, he’s 26. – So something interesting
happened a couple months ago. There started to
be this like rise of what I would say
are genuinely sort
of far-right people that were going after Charlie,
going after Turning Point, showed up to my events,
probably showed up to things that you were doing. And one of the things that
I was super impressed by was the level of fight that
I saw people on the right fighting these people. What I see on the left,
and my audience knows how I feel about this
already obviously, that the left there’s
nothing too far left. Ilhan Omar’s not left enough
and Sarsour’s not too far left. You’re never too left or bananas to be associated
with on that side. But, the right does set limits. And I think that was
pretty damn impressive, I say by you guys, because
it was a real attack on Turning Point. And you guys fought back
and I would say won, in whatever the hell. – Shapiro was there to help. I mean, Ben gave, I think,
a very Churchillian speech to really like
break it all down. Charlie did this
multiple places. – This was a sudden group
of like, I would say, like real race
focused Nationalists,
something like that. – I think that’s what separates
us from the left though, is having the courage to say,
you’re not part of our party. We disown you and these
views we do not want inside of our tent. – By the way, did you see
that, I’m sure you saw it, that Stelter clip on
CNN where they show these like race realists
protesting Donald Trump Jr., with Charlie on stage with him, they’re attacking Trump
Jr., Trump Jr. is fighting against the racists, the
guys that are screaming about all this stuff,
and then CNN says, Trump Jr. is fighting
against the conservatives. It was something like
the real conservatives or something like that, to
imply that real conservatives are racists and somehow Trump
Jr. was sort of the good guy or like, it’s all so confusing. – It’s too confusing, but it’s
very basic in its element, which is that if
you are a racist or if you are an anti-Semite
you have no quarter in my movement. Those are things that I
don’t play footsie with. And we will disown you and
if those are the things, if that’s your world view
that’s not going to be part of the movement that
we are creating. It’s as simple as that. CNN can try and conflate
that and people can try and conflate that all they want, but it’s just really clear
when you lay out the words that are being said
and what is being said. It’s really stark,
but it takes bravery to do a thing like
that and it also takes a little bit of moral courage
and it’d be really exciting to watch that type of a
disownment of anti-Semitism and of the views that
play footsie with or just openly embrace
terrorist regimes and anti-Semitic tropes
that happen on the left, to have it on both sides. Isn’t this one of the few
things we should agree on, Dave? – Well, that’s why the thing
that happened with Rogan was so crazy. It’s like you got lefties
screaming that Bernie has to disown Joe Rogan,
but he doesn’t have to disown Linda Sarsour. He doesn’t have to
disown Ilhan Omar. – Or Rashida Tlaib who’s out
on the campaign trail with him. Out on the campaign trail
with him on a regular basis, someone who says the Holocaust
gives her a calming feeling. This is just shocking
that Rogan is the guy who needs to be deep-sixed. – Yeah, we gotta take
Rogan out outta this crew. – But, we’re all going
to embrace Michael Moore, literally communist Michael
Moore, communist AOC, and open anti-Semite Rashida
Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. – Let’s shift a little bit
to this impeachment thing. Have you heard about this? Have you heard that
something’s going down? – Ya know what’s funny
is that I live in D.C.. I’ve lived in D.C.
for ten years. I made my bones in Washington
and I like being close to my subject matter, right? It’s very important to
understand how these people tick behind the scenes,
so I have a very pulse on D.C. and Washington
and how it works. I pride myself on this,
I set myself to it. You wouldn’t know impeachment’s
going on in Washington. You can sense when
something big is happening. Kavanaugh for instance,
this is an example. The entire city being
enraptured by a thing that’s happening
that affects us all. You can’t go to a coffee shop
and you can’t take the Metro without seeing Kavanaugh’s
face, without hearing about, without having someone come
up and talk to you about it. People yelling in the streets. People screaming on both
sides, ripping signs. That’s a thing that takes
over the entire city. Impeachment is like the
government took a Xanax. Like everyone’s out cold. – It feels like “The
Producers” sort of. Like it’s a show that
nobody’s going to. That’s not exactly what
“The Producers” was, but it’s like a show
that they wanted to fail that then became a success. – Is this gonna be a
“Springtime for Miller” joke? You try to work the
“Springtime for Miller” in. – But, that’s not quite
the right analogy there. But, I can tell you
why you’re right because when I was
on tour with Peterson it was the middle of
the Kavanaugh thing and we were doing a
Q and A in Ireland and people were asking us
about the Kavanaugh thing. And I thought how
bananas is this. I’m in Dublin and people can
ask Jordan anything they want and they’re asking
him his thoughts on the Supreme Court Justice, the potential Supreme Court
Justice of the United States. Like, that has no bearing
on their lives whatsoever. There’s a million
other things that this guy could talk about that
would directly affect them. But, it’s like I don’t
think anyone over there is talking about it because
nobody’s talking. My neighbor, I kid you
not, I was walking the dog the other day, the
neighbor came up to me and he knows what
I am and what I do. And he was like, so, how
about that impeachment thing? And the way he laughed was like, I don’t even know what his
political feelings are, but he laughed as if
like it’s just like you would say it to somebody. It doesn’t mean anything,
but it’s like saying what’s the weather like,
you know what I mean? It was just like that’s it. – It’s catastrophic. If you look at the polling. If you look at democrat
voters, they don’t care. And if you wanna put a
bow on this whole thing, what is the establishment
corporate media been covering non-stop 24/7 wall-to-wall
since October? Impeachment. They have been making the
case and doing there best, many of them
propagandists for the DNC, making their best case for
impeachment of President Trump. And a guy like me who
has a show where I go out into the streets and
talk with people. I went out into the streets
in Florida, a swing State, a very political
State, and asked people if they had been convinced
or if they even knew why the president was
being impeached. And the responses that I got
in two straight hours of asking probably four or five
dozen people was no. I mean, quite frankly, no. They don’t, they
haven’t been convinced. They don’t really understand
why it’s happening and all of the full
force and weight of full establishment media
and everything they’ve built and their entire
kingdoms come together to cover one thing
and no one cares. And it’s not getting through
and it’s not making sense. But, you know what does fly,
like a meme on my Instagram about how stupid impeachment
is and General Grievous. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Are you worried,
putting aside the reasons that you enjoy the meme
wars and everything else? I mean, are you worried
that even if Trump wins that the stage has been set here that they’ll just try another
impeachment after this and they’ll just try another. That, sort of that
the ship has sailed, they’ve said this is
the route we’re going. Their saying now, the new
thing is he’s not gonna, he won’t leave the presidency
and that’s another reason we have to impeach
him, he won’t leave. I mean they’re the ones that
won’t accept the last election. Like, there’s so many backwards, they usually tell you
more about themselves when they’re claiming what
Trump will or won’t do. But, are you worried
about that just for the health of the Republic? I’m worried about
that, actually. That, let’s say, Trump wins
again, which I suspect he will, that if that happens
that we then just get another four years of this. And we’ll ultimately
of had six years of just endless nonsense. And then how do you
ever get out of that. – How do you get out of it? – As I said, I had Michael
Malice on last week, he loves it. He says we should be
in that all the time ’cause he likes
the energy of that. But you, as an energy guy,
like through the internet, does that worry you? – There’s no energy
there, that’s what’s crazy about being in Washington,
being on the ground, is that there really
is no energy there. Something happened
this last week. Two big things, impeachment
and March for Life. March for Life had hundreds
of thousands of people at it. They cities a nightmare,
the cities catastrophic at the March for Life,
whether Trump speaks or not. Trump spoke, catastrophic,
cant’ get anywhere. I mean, it’s easier to find
a life boat on the Titanic than to try to find an open Uber or to try and get anywhere
in the messed up grid because there’s so many
people in the city. There were multiple impeachment
protests, I covered them. It was legitimately tens
of people showing up. I can tell you honestly, I’m
trying to make fun of ’em, I can tell you honestly less
than 100 people showed up to each of these
pro-impeachment rallies. It is not something
that, it’s not something that there really is any
energy at on that level, on the grassroots level
and polling shows this. Polling shows that
democrat voters are like just get it over with,
just get it over with. Let’s move on,
this isn’t helpful. – Do you think the Democrat
party survives this thing? I actually think this might
be the end of Democratic party as we know it. And it’s gonna split into
something else after this. – Well, I mean, with
your past you would perhaps know better than me. – (laughing) I have usually
been right on what’s going on with these people. I suspect that they
cannot survive this thing. This will unearth
all of the stuff. It will cause the more radical
socialists to go there way and the blue dogs
are all gone anyway, but if you’re a decent liberal this has nothing to
do with you anymore. – So, decent liberal,
such a great point that you just brought up. Decent liberal, Pete
Buttigieg, viral clip this week about him dunking on
the pro-life democrat. A lot of democrats
are Catholic, right? You’re pro-life if
you’re Catholic. – So, this was at a town
hall and she basically said, is there room for me in the
party as a pro-life Democrat. – And he said get out. And he’s nice about it. Pete Buttigieg, nice
guy, he said get out of our party, leave. This is not the tactics
of a winning movement. So, take a step back and look
at tactics of people who win. They can allow diversity. They can allow
diversity of thought. They can be open to
the world as it is and they wish to attract more. They wish to bring in
more, like let’s create and let’s get unique and let’s
come up with new stories. The tactic of a loser is
people who have to sensor or control speech. People who are
horrified of new ideas. People that are dogmatic in
their belief system politically and who try to expel the
people who offend them. And what parties do those
two world views represent? And then that’s very easy when
you crystallize it that way which side is the losing side. The losing side right
now is wokedivism, activist-left, who have
taken over the host, which is the democratic party
to try to push the world view and it is really
isolating and you have a presidential candidate
who, odds on right now, the betting world
says Bernie Sanders. Whew, try and run an actual
communist in America. – Do you think Trump
wants that though? It almost seems like
that’s where we have to get to this thing, like to
really kill this thing. And I did this post
on New Years Day that went pretty viral about
how this will be the end year of the woke stuff. It never gets fully
killed, but I think this will be the year
that it fundamentally gets crushed enough to change
or cause the split in the DNC, but it
seems to me that if you get the
Trump Sanders thing then everyone can just
put all their cards out on the table at
that point, right. It’s basically capitalism
versus socialism, what do you want people? And the entire
world, by the way, will be voting for
Trump because nobody, no sane person in any
other country wants America to become socialist. – No, no. – Yeah, that’s hard
to explain to people free in America for some reason. – This is why there’s open
warfare right now on Bernie, open warfare. Democrat establishment
are full of people who are investors,
who are very wealthy, who have made money off
the capitalist system and they do not
want to lose it all. They do not want to
give it all away. – I have I told you my
crazy Bloomberg theory? – No, let’s hear it. – My crazy Bloomberg theory
is that Bloomberg is running as an insurance policy to
ensure that Trump wins. I know that sounds
nuts, but the idea being that if Bernie gets
it Bloomberg runs so that he can get
maybe five percent of the decent democrats,
the old-school liberals, thus making sure
that Bernie loses. Because for as much as
Bloomberg hates Trump he at least likes capitalism. – Yes. – I know that sounds nuts. – And he likes to
trade with China. And he likes that
trade lane being open. And yeah, Bernie does not. I’ll tell ya, if Bloomberg
does not get the nomination and if he does not become
president he can still, there’s still a
position open for him that he will be
beloved and cherished throughout the land for and
that I think he’s perfect for, which is playing baby
Yoda in the next season of the “Mandalorian.” He’s the perfect size, he’d
fit in the costume, alright, and he has like the sensibility. I think he has the
sensibility to play baby Yoda season two, “Mandalorian.” If you’re out there,
okay, if you’re listening. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – That might be a possibility. – He’d be great, perfect size. – He’s a small guy. Yeah, I know nobody likes
being in the prediction game, but you think Trumps just
gonna run away with this thing like gangbusters kinda. – I’m an optimist, right,
but I’m also a realist. And you live in
D.C. long enough, you get real beaten down
as a conservative in D.C. for the last couple
cycles and then you look at the actual data that is
being produced right now from swing States, from
the general electorate, and the same things that
have always been true are true still today
in the sense that people won’t vote against
a thing that helps them. The American economy is
doing better than it’s done perhaps in the history
of this country. There is a lot of
data to support that. And that certain groups that
typically have a rough go are doing better than
they have ever done in the history of this country and that people will not vote
against their own interests. And right now,
economically, things are just going gangbusters and
so it just doesn’t matter if Trump kills General Grievous
with a thermal detonator. People are going to not vote against their own self-interest. – Is there anything in
the conservative movement that you’re not happy
with at the moment? Are the conservatives
missing anything? Are they coming up short?
– Yeah. – Where would that be? Or what would that be? – There’s still a
entrenched establishment in the city that likes
communicating in the old way. They still like doing
things the old way and very much like
media’s going through their own inception point
and changing drastically, there is an establishment
conservative in D.C. that, if you read the
headlines, Trump is always at odds with, that like
doing things their own way. That way was controlled
decline and I hate that with the very soul of my being. – So, when you say
controlled decline that was basically
Jeb, McCain, Romney, like you kinda play by their
rules, but you lose everything. – We’ve lost, the world
view comes from this, we’ve lost the culture war. We’ve lost the
political landscape war. We’ve lost the colleges, we’ve
lost the education system. We need to just control the
decline of our world view and stop the boulder from
rolling down the hill on us, a little bit. If we can slow it down
it’s a huge win, right? But, it’s coming
for us either way. That’s all bullshit. That’s not true. And culture is something that
can be shifted on a paradigm and can move quickly. And if you play it right and
if you speak the language that the new audiences
of the world are speaking then you can be the person
who creates the culture. And who really does
paradigm shifts. Look at what Kanye’s doing right
now inside of his industry. Dr.Dre is gonna produce a
Christian album with Kanye. We could do a whole show on
all the dimensions there, but, my god, that’s
a paradigm shift. And that happened with Trump
where for the first time in my lifetime, and I was born
in the last years of Reagan, first time in my
lifetime it wasn’t about controlled decline
for conservatism. It wasn’t about giving up
and just stopping the boulder from crushing us. It was about, no, we will move
the boulder back up the hill. And we can put this
boulder back up on the hill and put our enemies, or
put the opposing side on their hindquarters
and roll it down on them and make them fight
us for territory. And so, I know it’s a
meme, Dave, I get it, but it literally is
winning and losing. I like winners, they’re losers. It really is winning and
losing if you come at it from a standpoint where
you haven’t lost entirely I love that. And guess what? That’s what young
people are attracted to. Young people are attracted
to people who win. They’re attracted to winners. They’re attracted to optimism. They’re attracted to your
show for these exact reasons. And, may he rest in
peace, Kobe Bryant, I mean the guy was a winner
in so many aspects of his life and he exuded the optimism
and he loved America. I found this old viral
clip of him talking about being.
– I shared it, it’s amazing. – On team U.S.A.
and it’s amazing. He was even asked, this
was a couple years ago, he was asked, is
that cool to say America’s the best
country in the world? He’s like, it’s cool for me. People are attracted
to that, right? And there’s thousands
of people down at the Staples Center right now because that attracted people. And for the first
time in my life conservatism kind of has that, like that winning sensibility
with all of our new heroes and with this new “Avengers”
cast of conservatives and they way that we are
conquering the internet. We are destroying the
left on the internet. We are winning the meme wars,
it’s not the clone wars, like we are winning
the meme wars. – The left can’t meme. – They cannot meme. Like we are winning,
for the first time, It’s very very exciting. And so, the people who
like controlled losing, I don’t like that about
modern conservatives. Sorry for the long answer, but I really feel
passionate about this. – Dude, that’s how
you end an interview. No apology necessary. For those of you who
are not on Twitter, you might wanna
follow @BennyJohnson
just for the memes, but you put him up on Instagram and all those other places
where the kids are today. – Yeah, yeah. – It was fun, we’ll
have to do this, maybe we’ll have to write a
new “Star Wars” story together. – Oh my god. – Is that where this all heads? – Yes, yes, I want to. – With Bloomberg as baby Yoda. – With Bloomberg (laughing) with Bloomberg as baby Yoda. – Has anyone done that? I mean, has anyone made that where you put Bloomberg’s
head on baby Yoda and done a little video? I mean, here, I’m
handing you something. – Okay, I have to go, I have
to go do that right now. – You have to get
the hell out of here. – That’s gonna be the
next thing I post. That’s gonna be the next meme. – Alright, we’re done.
– Bloomberg as baby Yoda. – If you’re looking
for more honest and thoughtful
conversations about politics instead of nonstop yelling,
check out our politics playlist. And if you wanna
watch full interviews on a variety of topics watch
our full episode playlist all right over here. And to get notified
of all future videos be sure to subscribe and
click the notification bell.


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    in america i could never have become a doctor with a mostly state funded university education, which cost my about 10.000 over all which was already hard to collect for a poor familiy.
    and since i am a doctor i have actually seen different healthcare system, and the one of the us is a mess. even from an economic stand poitn you put 100.000 dollars in people on education for 12 years of highschool just to have them get sick or invalid or anything what hinders them to unleash their work potentila for the next 40 year? how dumb is that.
    and while many different factors lead to the high crimerate, private prison and how prisoners are treated is a disgrace, several european countries have lower re-offender rates

    so bernie and the part of the dems, for education, prison and healthcare is just suggestion what is a standard in over 40 other developed countries. these labeling is really annoying. ecspecially from people who dont know the difference between communism and social politics

    i am totally on board that the sjw left is insane. but or liberatian economy and social security system, is mostly unfair to most born without wealth

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