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Hey Guys DJ BBQ, I’m here to show you how to
safely freeze that cooked meat so here I’ve got some leftover ham, turkey, and beef first
up you’ve gotta make sure your meat is chilled in the fridge it stops them from harvesting
bacteria I like to store my meat separately using parchment paper or greaseproof paper
you can store all your meat as one but I like to put them into individual slices so I can
use them as I need them parchment paper works better in the freezer and plus you can use
a permanent marker to write on the packets so you know what it is, that’s my turkey once
your meat’s frozen you can pull it out of the freezer let it defrost, you can eat it
chilled or you can reheat it and if you are gonna reheat your meat make sure you take
it to above 80 degrees Celsius and a very important fact, you can only reheat cooked
meat once alright guys there you have it for more rad tips hints and techniques click on
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  1. why only reheat once? If I heat it to a higher temperature than only 80°C, say 150°C or even more, then surely any bacteria would be killed again, right?

  2. how to freeze meat. put it in the freezer. basically it doesnt matter. the only useful part is making it easier by seperating it before freezing.

  3. i've been having reheated meat for my whole life…and all my family do so as well…
    and 🙂 we all are alive still …
    Tbh, i was completely shocked when my friend told me meat can only be reheated once…i did google it, but still don't understand why 🙁

  4. DJ BBQ, you've made my day. Actually I didn't know that parchment paper was useful for freezing meat. I have always used cling film. And your tip will make me change my way of freezing meat. Thanks a lot! Xxxx

  5. Only reheating meat once is BS. You can do it twice. It's fine as long as you heat it well. I have done that plenty of times before.

  6. What exactly does it happens if you reheat it once again? I mean wouldn't the bacteria die if it's reheated properly? what chemical reaction happens or does not happens if its reheated again?

  7. Why would you freeze meat that is cooked? Make a sandwich, a salad or something like that the next day. Total waste of energy and paper.

  8. What if I cook meat and freeze it and then I leave it room temp to defrost like 5 hours then I eat it. Can it cause parasites and what not

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