How to Microwave a Hard Boiled Egg

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Hi there folks, this UFO Bob and I got one
question for ya:
do aliens know how to cook hard boiled eggs?
Makin’ hard boiled eggs is easy.
Ya start by placin’ your egg or eggs into a microwave
safe bowl,
Next fill the bowl with water until the egg
is completely submerged, then add some salt.
This keeps the eggs from going Ka-boom in
the microwave, like it happened to me.
Anyway, place the the bowl in the microwave and
cook for 5-6 minutes – depending on the power
of your microwave.
When done remove the bowl – be careful it’s
gonna be hot!
Then place the egg into another bowl of cool water
and let it sit for a minute or two.
when cooled, peel and eat.
There ya have it. So simple an alien can do
Well, until next time, this is UFO Bob – out!


  1. It worked! I did two eggs in 4 cups of water with about 6 dashes of salt. It worked wonderfully! Thanks for the how-to video.

  2. I don't even remember where I picked it up as a teen boiling eggs in the pot over 30 years ago to have warm eggs in my hands to catch the school bus in the cold. I've had maybe a couple of eggs that cracked in the water in all that time. You know, SALT is a fascinating thing.

  3. I made sure to follow all of the steps correctly. Salt, covered eggs, and 5-6 minutes and when I cracked my eggs, I made 2, it's as still completely liquid

  4. yeahhhhhh I forgot the salt… now I need a new microwave and had to wash semi raw eggs out of my hair…. i am really dumb!!!

  5. Thanks UFO Bob, I tried this today and it worked perfectly. 800Watts microwave, 2 eggs, a tablespoon full of salt, cooked for 10:00mins and another extra 5:00mins afterwards. Placed in cold water afterwards,eggs came out perfect!!!

  6. How do you know if your eggs are completely submerged if they keep trying to float in the water? And is there a certain amount of salt you need to add? Or just some?

  7. I tried this with a 2500 watt microwave and it exploded really good. lmao sounded like a 9mm. I about jumped out of my skin.

  8. Does anyone know how best to reheat a hardboiled egg? I am trying to find a way to do it, without the yolks exploding 🙁 .

  9. Thanks ufo bob! This video was really helpful. Mostly cause my parents don't trust me with using the stove 😛

  10. Earthling, I was wondering if you knew what the appropriate time for a 1500 watt microwave would be (for 1 egg)

    If you replied, that'd help.

  11. it can be dangerous if not messy if you don't know the wattage of your microwave. there is another youtube video by an east indian woman which is much better and detailed. the cooking time is based on 4 large eggs. however, there are onscreen notes if you have different watt microwave. in my case, about one tablespoon of salt added into a bowl of water ensuring the eggs are fully immersed and covered with plastic (loose) lid in a panasonic inverter 1200 watt microwave took 9 minutes. Do NOT use presets!!!

  12. I almost got abducted and the aliens took my Hardboiled eggs instead but thank you UFO BoB 👽👾🤖💆🕵🕴✌🗿

  13. THANK YOU I was literally shitting myself cause it's 12 in the night and everyone's sleeping and I see comments about it exploding and making a loud scary noise haha

  14. thank you UFO Bob I Googled how long to cook a hard boiled egg in microwave and literally got thousands of 15 minutes videos so again thank you for you're one minute 30 seconds straight to the point video people like you make the world a better place all I wanted was to hurry with my salad so I didn't miss my TV show and I didn't have time to do it on the stove this is the very reason people go straight to Youtube rather than Google because we the citizens have more sense than the government

  15. Interesting, but too much bother. The cooking time and total energy used are about the same on a kitchen range. You just can't get around the energy requirement to heat the bowl of water plus the eggs.

  16. worked great. Except I also added pinholes for insurance because I've already exploded eggs before and it sucked lol

  17. My mom told me not to use the stove but I'm not risking getting my ass whooped with an electric cord if the microwave somehow explodes so I a use the stove any way

  18. I've tested two eggs and failed… They were still raw and my stomach hurts… Hope this next one for 6 min will work.

  19. thank you so much because I did not know that u need to put in salt to avoid explosion. last time I cooked one, it blew up in my face and it hurt so bad because I was stairing through the screen close up. like I said, thank you for the advice

  20. Wow! It worked I was craving eggs this morning so I looked up how to make boiled eggs in a microwave and it worked so I’m eating it with toast right thanks bob🤗

  21. I’m scared of it exploding and waking up my family all I want to do is make breakfast for meh family ima just let them make there own eggs

  22. i currently don't have a working stove and while the first try didn't work (5 mins only), the second did perfectly (3 sets of 5 mins each)! thank you for saving my cravings!

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