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What’s going on guys Alex Oda here and today
I want to give you a tour of my kitchen.
So I’ve gotten this question a couple of times
on other social media accounts and that question
is what do I eat on a week to week basis and
what do I buy in a grocery store?
So today I want to just walk you guys through
what I normally buy when I’m at the store
and then later I’ll release some videos about
how I specifically meal prep my food and even
how I carry my food with me when I travel.
So I want to get rid of the illusion that
its time consuming and expensive to eat healthy
on a day-to-day basis especially if you have
a high-stress job.
Guys it really isn’t that difficult.
With a little bit of preparation at the beginning
of your work week, it’s a lot easier to get
through the week and still eat healthy.
So today like I said I just want to take you
guys through my day-to-day as to what I eat
and what I buy at a grocery store and eventually
I’ll put out a video that shows you how I
prep and how I carry my food with me when
I travel.
But let’s jump into this.
All right so the first thing we’re going to
start off with is actually water.
So this is a liter water bottle and I swear
this is almost like my right arm because I
had this thing everywhere with me.
On a day-to-day basis I’m drinking anywhere
from six to eight liters of water a day and
I will admit, I’m running to the restroom
pretty consistently but this is most apparent
right after I work out.
So afterwards your body gets used to the influx
of water and then your metabolism evens out
but the most important thing in this entire
kitchen is the water because I’m drinking
tons and tons of it every day.
All right so the first thing we’re going to
jump into is the protein and specifically
what I have here is all the protein on the
left side.
First of all I have a ton of eggs so I’m eating
six eggs a day and that’s going to be three
whole eggs and three egg whites.
And the way I prepare these is normally by
hard boiling them and I’ll put out a video
later that really details that.
Around ten or nine a.m., so maybe two or three
hours after I work out, I jump into my Greek
So I’ll have one of these every single day,
and I go for 0% non-fat yogurt and you know,
Chobani’s a great brand, like I said I have
one every single day.
When it comes to lunch normally I’ll prepare
either a ton of chicken breast or tilapia.
so bodybuilder’s standard – we’re always
eating chicken and tilapia, this is actually
really easy to cook and I have great preparation
methods where I’ll do all my preparation for
both of these things on Sunday.
The next thing we’ll dive into is what I would
eat for dinner so I’ll alternate between
either salmon, ground turkey, or lean ground
So recently I realize my body really responds
well to fish so I do focus on having salmon,
occasionally tuna, and I do have that ground
turkey and some red meat on occasion.
And last but not least I’ll have some tuna
packets and this is great because that travels
pretty easily and when I’m on the road these
are a huge lifesaver.
So I think it’s 16 grams of protein per packet
and when I’m at the office, I’ll tear one
open go into a bowl and have it as a snack
around two or three p.m.
So the next thing we’re going to jump into
is simple carbs and I really don’t have a
ton of sugar in my diet but when I do have
sugar, it’s either right before I work out
or right after I work out.
So right before I work out I’ll mix a cup
of orange juice with my pre-workout.
And in the future I’ll put out a video that
shows what my pre-workout blend is, because
I actually bulk order all of my ingredients
but so I’ll mix my pre-workout with my orange
juice and then get to the gym.
And if I’m feeling especially sluggish, I’ll
have a teaspoon of raw honey and it’s great
because it will spike your insulin and give
you that extra boost right before you work
Last but not least, I have a berry blend so
at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter
what kind of berries you use or the kind of
fruits, I just use this berry blend because
it’s convenient and because it freezes easily.
My apartment also has fruit flies so so that’s
an issue.
In any case I have this as my post-workout
smoothie and I’ll mix this in with my drink
and my protein powder right after I finished
working out.
So just to reiterate I’ll start with the orange
juice and maybe some honey right before I
lift and then right after I finished working
out I have my protein shake and I blend it
with the frozen berries.
So the first complex carb I want to point
you guys to is the oats and this is actually
the first complex carb I’ll have during
my day.
So with my post-workout shake, I’ll blend
the oats, almond milk then mix berries and
then my protein powder and that makes my shake.
Normally in the winter and the fall I have
my oats.
In the summer, if I’m trying to lean out,
I’ll avoid the oatmeal entirely.
Next up I want to point you guys to the brown
rice – so an awesome awesome staple complex
What I’ll do is I’ll throw this in the rice
cooker the night before, and in the morning
I’ll spoon it into my lunchbox and I bring
them with me to work for lunch.
So really easy to prepare guys, brown rice
is basically a complex carb staple.
Next up I want to point you guys to the last
three options, the healthy wraps over here,
the sweet potatoes and the whole-grain thin
So I’ll use any of these for dinner.
Normally, the sweet potatoes I would save
for the weekend because they take a little
longer to prep, but when it comes to spaghetti,
this stuff is ready in six minutes after you
boil water, so super, easy great complex carb
source and then these wraps, I’ll occasionally
mix them with the beans, so I’ll throw some
beans inside the wraps, add my protein in
and I throw some sauce on top and that’s essentially
my dinner.
I’ll pair that with a side salad or something.
So once again guys oats for breakfast, brown
rice for lunch and occasionally dinner and
then the rest of these guys for dinner.
Almond milk is with my morning shake.
So now we’re going to jump into some seasonings
and I didn’t forget about the vegetables so
those will come up afterwards but in terms
of spices and seasonings, I keep it pretty
First and foremost we’ll go with the pan
so try to avoid as much oil on my pans as
possible so I’ll just slightly spray this
one I’m cooking my food – and then the basics,
garlic powder, pepper, salts, pretty straight
When I do cook with oil I try to use olive
oil because it’s healthy and then to spice
things up a bit I will cook my food with some
apple cider vinegar.
Adds a little bit of flavor and when I’m making
my pasta sometimes I’ll throw in giardinera.
I’m from Chicago I love the stuff I like that
like the extra bite.
Last but not least I have the salsa that I
mentioned earlier, sometimes I’ll throw
that into my healthy wrap.
And then pesto, and also I have some tomato
sauce somewhere.
Ah, I have some tomato sauce right over here.
That I will add in with my spaghetti and that
is what I use for dinner.
Last but not least when I have my eggs in
the morning I use the sriracha and then I
eat herring now because it’s addictive and
I started doing it and I like it.
Alright guys finally we have the vegetables.
So I always try to get a serving of vegetables
in at least every day and what you can see
here is I have a pack of sort of mixed greens,
sometimes baby spinach, that I’ll do for a
side salad with dinner.
When it comes to lunch I will pour about half
these even steam and serve brussel sprouts
into my lunchbox so when I microwave everything
the Brussel sprouts are ready, the brown rice
is ready, and then my protein is ready to
go – so that’s super convenient.
And last but not least I try to add a little
variety with my dinner salad and I’ll get
either peppers, I think I have a thing of
tomatoes in the fridge but I’ll mix this in
with the greens and then that is my side salad.
Alright guys so that’s about it in terms of
what I get on a week to week basis.
Really really simple and the main things I
try to do are avoid processed foods, order
as many whole nutritious foods as I possibly
can and really prep my food on the weekends.
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And like I said I’ll be putting out additional
videos that show how I cook my food and how
I travel to with my food.
But if you guys have any tips with your food
prep and if you have trouble staying healthy
while you’re on the road or while you’re working
a high-stress job, go ahead and leave that
in the comment section below.
Definitely want to get your thoughts, and
I’ll jump into the discussion.
Alright guys I’ll see you next week!


  1. This Video is very useful, from now on I know how do I prepare my daily meal to gain my muscle, thanks your video again and your inspiring

  2. I live in Tokyo and taking public transport everywhere. I leave my house early for work and go straight to the gym from there and get home about 45 minutes after working out. Do you have recommendations for people who don’t have access to their kitchens throughout the day? Some things are easy to carry with you and others aren’t lol.

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