How To Make Turmeric Tea | Andrew Weil, M.D.

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okay so
our two cups of water is almost boiling
I’m gonna add a heaping half teaspoon
ground turmeric to that
and stir it around and
cover and reduce the heat to a simmer
and we’ll just let that simmer for 10
okay I like Turmeric Tea
plain unsweetened and I like it cold,
very refreshing in the summer
you can add ginger to it if you want, it’s fine adding other
spices to it but it’s got a pretty
distinctive taste, I like it as is
so I’m gonna turn off the heat and
it might be best to let this settle for
a bit
because you don’t want the residue but I’m gonna use the following
tea strainer here and I’m just gonna pour this
and if you find that the
strength of it is too strong for you, you can just dilute it with water
that’s good that’s filtering out
all the residue, let me get a spoon, and thats
turmeric tea

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