How To Make Turkish Tea & Breakfast | Everything You Need To Know

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Merhaba hi everyone this is Aysenur Altan
welcome to Turkish Food Recipes
In this episode we are making Turkish Tea
we love tea so much we can drink any time
of the day
but mostly it is must have for breakfast and
after the dinner time
It is easy to make but have some tips as any
ı will share everything you want to know
about it including making your own double
tea pot and choosing the right glass.
So lets get started.
The first thing you need to make a Turkish
tea is a tea pot.
wish is set of two
one is for the boiling water and second smaller
one is to making the tea.
As a second option if you have a tea kettle
like this, ı bought this years ago when i
was living in USA.
And if you have smaller pot like this that
fits to top, than you can go make your Turkish
tea with it.
My water is boiling right now
and the second ingredient is a good quality
Turkish black tea leaves.
Which is grown in the Eastern Black Sea region
of Turkey.
You can look for it on the internet or on
the Turkish market.
For two person one and a half full tablespoon
is enough.
Of course it also changes depends on how much
glass of Turkish tea you wana drink.
So this is important i turn of the heat and
wait for ten seconds before i pour the water
over the leaves.
because i don’t want to burn them.
So slowly i add the water.
It is about two and a half cups
I am not going to full the pot because i didn’t
add that much tea leaves.
After you pour the water put the lid on right
Add more water on the bigger pot.
Turn on the heat until the water is boiled
on high and then lower the heat until you
have stable simmering water.
And while your tea is brewing for 20 minutes
at least i have more than enough time to prepare
my breakfast.
I made an episode about Turkish breakfast
You can watch it from the links
But the presentations are endless so i want
to show you another idea here.
This is my cheese plate.
From left to right i have soft white cheese
and aged feta cheese.
String cheese which wee call “tel peyniri”
and kashar cheese.
Black olives are must have in our breakfast.
On the back i have “kaymak” it is fresh cream
that i got from the boiled and cooled fresh
And together with homemade strawberry jam.
“Tahin pekmez” mixture which is tahini and
some unsalted butter and some cucumber and
So lets get back to the tea.
TO serve our authentic Turkish tea you will
need a Turkish tea glass.
This is also important because you can see
the beautiful red color of your tea and decide
how dark and rich you want to have.
And it is more enjoyable to have your the
with these slim wasted and thin finished tea
glasses which we call “ince belli”
Sİnce these glasses don’t have a holder we
use these small tea plates.
There are many different patterns.
But my favorite one is this.
These traditional ones which you can see anywhere
in tea houses in Turkey.
While my tea is almost ready last minute preparations
i heated some borek which i had from over
And cooked simple fried egg in butter.
After about 25 minutes i am checking my tea.
The leaves should be sinked so it is done.
And now i can happily grab my borek
fried egg
and tea to have my breakfast
If you are a tea enthusiast your tea should
be very hot.
So in cold times i prefer to warm my glasses
before i pour my tea.
And here is the happy ending:
You can have your tea lighter or stronger
in taste and color by adding more or less
tea and more water.
If we want light one we call it “açık çay”
And for a stronger one we call it “demli çay”
In here the second one is a bit stronger then
the first one.
Many Turkish people prefers their tea with
But i suggest first try it a bit lighter maybe
but without sugar.
So you can get the taste better.
But of course if you drink your coffee with
sugar then no one can hold you.
I am very curious about if you ever tried
Turkish tea if you visit here Turkey or maybe
you tried yourself.
And how was your experience.
Lets talk more in the comment section.
You may want to watch my “Turkish Tea Preparations”
that i made for my guests.
I will also be sharing some links for the
recipes that will go well with Turkish tea.
Thanks for watching
don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet.
I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish
Food Recipes.
Afiyet olsun!

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