How to Make Turkey Stroganoff ~ Easy Ground Turkey Beef Hamburger Stroganoff Recipe

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Hi everyone I’m Tess and welcome to my
kitchen. Tonight I’m making a quick, easy
delicious turkey stroganoff. Great for
those busy weeknights. Stay tuned. (intro music)
Some nights are really busy
and I like to make something that is
quick, easy few ingredients and ready in
about 30 minutes.
This turkey stroganoff recipe fits that
bill. These are some neat ribbon noodles
that I got at our local Aldi store. I’m
just cooking them according to the
package instructions. And by the way
you’ll be able to find this recipe, the
list of ingredients and much more in the
show more section below. In a pan on
medium-high heat I’m adding just a tad
of oil and a pound of ground turkey.
Yes, you can use ground beef for this recipe
but I like ground turkey for a change
every now and then and it is a healthier
choice. Just cooking, stirring and
chopping the ground turkey until no
longer pink and this is gonna take about
five minutes. Now I’m adding in some
diced onions, carrots and some mushrooms.
Cooking and stirring for another five
minutes or until the mushrooms release
their moisture and some of the liquid is
cooked off. I’m seasoning with some salt,
black pepper and minced garlic. Stirring
and cooking for another minute.
Next, I’m sprinkling some flour over the
top stirring and cooking for a couple
minutes and until you no longer see the
flour. This is going to help make a nice
In goes some beef broth and you can use
chicken turkey or vegetable broth.
I’m adding in some Worcestershire sauce,
stirring and making sure I get all those
tidbits off the bottom of the pan. As the
mixture comes up to a boil you will see
the sauce thicken. Turning my heat down
to a simmer and letting that cook for
about 15 minutes. Depending on the
consistency that you like you may want
to add more broth to thin it out.
That looks good there.
We’re almost done! Only about five more
minutes and we’ll be eating. At this time
I’m tasting for any seasonings. I’m
adding in a pinch of parsley and we
can’t forget about the peas and I’m also
adding in a little more black pepper.
Stirring and cooking for about five more
minutes. Now I’m turning off my heat and
adding in a cup of good scoops of sour
cream. Stirring in the sour cream and we
are done! The sour cream really brings
this dish together
and makes it nice and creamy with a tang.
Serving the turkey stroganoff over the
ribbon noodles and garnishing with a
pinch more parsley and some shaved
parmesan cheese. You can serve this
turkey stroganoff with any pasta or rice.
This stroganoff recipe is so easy and comforting.
The family will love it!
I hope you give this turkey stroganofft a
try and enjoy. If you like this ground
turkey stroganoff recipe please hit the
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Much Love!


  1. Tess, you rock! This looks so delicious, as do all your meals. Are you planning on any apple or pumpkin recipes? (hint, hint) Thank for another yummy dish. (:

  2. Hello Tess many thanks for your new delicious recipe here, best wishes from Tom
    I am back with new recipes and motivation .. Tom

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