How To Make Tteokbokki + Rice Cake [Easy Recipe] Korean Food

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Guysss, this is my new channel. All of the new videos will be uploaded here every week. Please subscribe and support me. Catto, say hi to everyone. You guys can comment below his name, I don’t even know what to call him. He is sleeping. He doesn’t want to wake up Today I will guide you to make tokbokki from A-Z. Super fast, simple, but its sooo good XD om gosh, I have lot thing to show, but there is no where to put it. You guys see the cute bear kettle?? Lets do the rice cake. Pour 110g rice flour in a bowl. Right after that, pour 85ml boiling water. Use the spoon to mix for the flour to absorb the water. Each flour branch absorbs water slightly different. If its dry, add more water. If its wet, add more flour. Remember just add a little bit at a time, until it’s good. After that, knead the dough until it’s smooth (when using spoon is kinda dry, but when using hand to knead, you can feel the smooth wet flour) After the dough is smooth, roll it long. The length is around your middle finger. It will be cooked throughout the cake, neither too raw or mushy The weather these days are cold, so my hands look tanned like just got back from the beach XD Cut it as you want to eat. Another cute bear pot XDDDD Wait until it is boil hard, then pour the rice cake in. Let it boils around 10-15 minutes. Try if the rice cake is ripe throughout. I will pretend to clean up while waiting ~~ You guys see my pretty cuttie spice container :3 ? After the rice cake has cooked, pour them in a bowl of cold water. This recipe is simple and fast and still chewy, but not as good as the recipe that steam and beat it up. This video i prefer the simple way, so I chose this recipe Wait! My 3 catto bowl you just saw is so adorable. I bought almost the whole set :’3 Slice 50g onion (around half of the onion). I was just pretending to be professional :)) I don’t even know if this is the right way to hold a knife. Look at my plate! Didn’t mean to brag, just wanna show my super cute catto set :’3 Next is 40g fish cake. I used Korean fish cake, you can use sausage or other stuff instead. Almost forgot! there are also two cuttie sitting there ~~ Next, slice the boara onion. If you don’t have it, you can use regular green onion. When you watch the video and find the cutest thing, screenshot it and comment on my FB :)) I don’t know what you guys think, but I am the cutest thing in the video :))) Better take a proper screenshot of me. Look! another catto bowl :3 New gas stove ~ Isn’t it beautiful. It is from Japan. This recipe is super fast, because the rice cake is already boiled. You just need to add around 200ml water. Next is 15g brown sugar (for more savory taste). If you don’t have it, you can add yellow or white sugar instead. 40g Korean chili sauc… Oh wait! this small bowl is also from that catto set :’3 This set is pretty too. There are still some cute stuff down there. The flavor will be adjusted depend on your taste. I used only 5 ml soy sauce, around 1 tsp. Finally, also depends on the spiciness you wanna have to add Korean chili powder. I used 5g After adding all of the ingredients, mix well. When the mixture boils, add rice cake. Next is fish cake and onion ( because the rice cake is already cooked, so put all of them together will cook quickly) Mix slightly. Then turn the fire medium low around 5 minutes. Let everything cooked and absorbed One sec, my catto need to go potty :’D I will be back. Just kidding, he is just hungry. After 5 minutes, add boiled egg and onion. Let it cooks 2 more minutes, and then you have something to eat! XD The water is getting less, it is getting drained!!! Just kidding, I almost burn it while adjusting the camera. One-serving recipe doesn’t has much rice cake. I might need 1,5 – 2 times this recipe to get full :’D Less rice cake make the dish looks…sad. But still looks delicious!!! Right, guys?? Add a little bit of baby green onions, white sesame and cut half the egg to make it looks good~ Because I kept taking pictures so…the upper part looked dry :’D, but the bottom is still hotttt Listen to the sound already know the food is goooodd~ The sweetness and spiciness mixed together with chewy rice cake…om gosh it is sooo gooodddd The first time tasting Korean chili sauce is like the fish sauce, but the more you eat it, the more it is addicting :’D A little spicy…? ugh no it IS SPICY!!! But it is still sooo gooodd Don’t turn off the video because there is more :3 Don’t forget to screenshot the cutest thing you found in the video and comment on my FB I cannot resist even though it is spicy. You should do it, it is so good, simple and fast. It is as tasty almost as me 🙂 Since it is so spicy,…Let me show you guys my cute carafe Hi guysss, Bear Head is back with the new channel “Nino’s Home”. All the new videos will be uploaded in this channel. Please subscribe to watch all the new updates. Also, help me name my catto :’3 I don’t know what to call him. He likes lying on my keyboard ;; He looks fat, but actually its just his fur :’D My old-850k-subscribers channel is officially lost :((( If you still want to support, please subscribe to this channel. I am appreciate everyone a lotttt Look at his face, just wanna punch him :))) Look Please comment below how can I improve my videos and channel. Don’t forget to like and share video on your FB for everyone to know my new channel. The action seems small but will help me a lot. Thank you everyone sooo much. Next video will appear a new character! See you thennnn


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  2. Nino ơi, dạy tớ làm bánh kếp được không, nếu được thì thank kiu Nino nhìu. I love you❤❤❤

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