How to make the BEST Chinese Breakfast Street Food – ShaoBing (燒餅)

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Welcome to souped up recipes. Today we are making Chinese flat bread. It’s called XiaoBing in Chinese
And it is a popular street food. It was my favorite breakfast when I was young. Can’t wait to show you how to make it! Let’s get ready to make the dough You need 300 grams of plain flour. Add 1/2 tsp of salt. Give it a mix. Add in the warm water Mix it and knead it it until all the flour come together became a
dough. Cover it and let it sit for 30 minutes. Now let’s make the filling. Marinate the ground beef
with 1 tbsp of Chinese cooking wine 1 tbsp of soy sauce 2 tsp of sesame oil 1 tsp of five spice 1 tsp of chicken powder and 1/4 tsp of salt Mix them until the beef absorbs the liquid And you can feel the texture is smooth. Combine it with the vegetables. Which are 1/3 cup of chopped onion A 1/4 cup of cilantro A 1/4 cup of scallion And 2 tsp of ground ginger. Set it aside for 30 minutes. We need to make a glaze for the shaobing which is the key to make the shaobing super crispy You will need 2 tbsp of diced spring onion 1 and a half tbsp of flour 2 tsp of Sichuan peppercorn powder and 2 tsp of white pepper. We are going to heat up some oil the hottest possible. And then pour the oil into the bowl immediately. Guys, attention, please I want you to hear the sound. That is amazing. Right? This helps to mix and release the flavors. I wish you could smell it. It is really nice. These tow types of pepper
are going to give so much different levels of spicy to the shaobing. Set it aside. We are going to use this later. By now, the dough should be ready. It is a little sticky but that is what we need. Roll it into a long even strip. Because the amount i gave is enough for 12 shao bing. So we are going to Cut it into 12 pieces. Each one should be about 35 grams. Brush some glaze onto the small dough. Take one dough. Roll it a little bit. Then flatten it by your hand. Using rolling pin roll it until you have a long thin piece like this. It is about 25 cm long and 13 cm wide. We gonna brush the glaze again on one side of the piece. Put some filling on it. I put a little bit more than a tbsp. Don’t put it all the way full. Because it is a really thin. It will have a higher chance of breaking If you fill it up all the way. Fold the edge of it. Just like this. Roll it from one side and then wrap the end of it to finish it. Then put it in this position and press it down gently. Eventually, you will end up with something like this. It should be about half inch thick and 10
cm long across. Put it into a bowl with a lot of sesame seeds I just coat one side because I think it looks prettier. Finish the rest and we can fry the shao bing. Put enough vegetable oil to cover the bottom
of the pan. Place your Shao bing in. sesame side up. And fry them on low heat for 5 minutes. Flip them over. Fry the other side for 3 minutes or until both sides turn golden brown. Look at that. Gorgeous Let me open one See the juicy fillings and the crispy skin I hope you’re not watching this on an empty stomach. It taste quite unique. A little salty. And has rich flavor. The onion gives a nice aroma and the peppercorngives you little spicy kick. Because the way how we folded it, it locks the juice in the middle This reminds me of the first time I had it. I was shocked because it was the best food I have ever had at that time. I ate it for breakfast more like 6 months
straight… I admit I was little crazy. But it is really delicious and I hope you give this a try soon.


  1. A couple from sanxi made these during bitter Jilin winters. The scent and taste perfect during Dongbei winter.

  2. Yep…. I was watching this on an empty stomach…..& now I'm hungry and craving this…..I wish the take out places here made something like this…..I'm going to have to try to make these this weekend!

  3. I have recently subscribed to your YT channel and am really enjoying your videos, miss (I would be less formal if you would share your first name with your fans). 🙂
    When I first looked at the Shao Bing recipe in the 'Show More' section I thought, "Wow, this looks quite complex and probably outside my comfort zone." But after watching your well-explained and well-photographed video I realized, "This is actually not so hard. I think I can manage it." I am going to attempt to attempt some Shao Bing very soon. Thank you!

  4. Excellent instructions! Because I am avoiding fried foods I will not make them. But if someone else made them, I would never be so rude as to refuse to eat one. Or two, or three. 😊

  5. Your ground beef looks really nice quality! What cut of beef did u use for this recipe bc it looks like you chopped it yourself

  6. I just made this following your recipe. DELICIOUS!!! mine didnt turn out as big as yours though and my dough wasnt as sticky. I should have added more water in my dough.

  7. I just made them, first time I used seszuanpepper, Quite an experience! They came out great. But the sesame seeds did not stick very well during frying… was my dough to dry? or is it something else? I understand it is great street food… one thing with a lot of taste, very handy.


    (I share ingredients and recommended products there)

  9. When I loved in Zhejiang, there was a guy outside my building who would make these with 梅干菜 and also with meat, but much thinner and in an oven – could I make it like this but thinner?

  10. Actually, I am on an empty stomach and have not eaten since morning and dinner is two hours late but thank you so much for teaching me another Chinese word.

  11. Watching a tv show and one Character said to another "who eats Chinese food for breakfast" the other replys smartly saying " Chinese people" this dumb funny line of Dialog from the TV show "the mantlest" sent me Google-ing what do Chinese people eat for breakfast what are some traditional meals.. i get stuck in dumb Google holes like this all the time but this is the first time its really really paid off!! This meal looks amazing and not only will i be cooking it tomorrow but the Technique itself the way you flatten and roll it has given me ideas for a deep fried groundbeef balls that i make stuffing them is a real pain the way i did it making a pancake shape than add 2 spoonfuls of groundbeef than mold around it they always break a little… so thank you very much for making this vid it is very good ill check out some others..

  12. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    Yummmmm, I love it, we've sometime similar in PAKISTAN too, I like it a lot….

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