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>>Hilah: Hey dudes! I am Hilah. Welcome to Hilah Cooking. So you’ll know that I love tacos and Tex-Mex,
and Mexican food, but today I am gonna show you the mother of all Tex-Mex dishes and that
is the crispy beef taco, and I am super-excited about it. This is one of my favorite things in the world
to eat, and I’ve got a cool little trick to show you to make your own shells. Ca, ca, ca, crispy tacos, a crispy taco, the
crispy beef tacos! All right, the first step is we’re gonna
sautee our onions until they are translucent. All right, let’s give these about five minutes
or so. Okay, now it’s time to add my cumin seed
and I don’t know I just use this whole cumin because that’s what I always have on hand,
and I am too lazy to grind it up. So you can use ground, whatever, but I am
going to put these in the hot pan and kind of let them get a little bit toasty. It’s gonna really bring out their aromatic
oils, and then I’ve got my chili powder, and this is just like an ancho chili powder,
but whatever you got on hand. We’ll do just fine, and then got jalapeno
and garlic and three peppers, and I am gonna put in a little bit of crushed red chili flakes
too. You can leave that out if you want to keep
it a little milder, and you can also see the jalapenos if you want to keep it mild, if
you’re serving the little chilluns. Okay, now we put in the meat, and kind of
break it up a little bit, and now I am gonna show you the trick to get like super-fine
little ground beef crumbles like they have at Taco Bell which I use to love crispy Taco
Bell tacos when I was a kid. I have not had one in years, but I can make
them at home now. So, screw you Taco Bell. We’re just gonna add some water, maybe half
a cup. You could use beer also, or broth, but water
works just fine. So kind of get this all mixed up, and the
water is just gonna help it, help you be able to kind of like break it into smaller pieces
and it keeps it real moist, so even a lean, ground beef here, 90% lean, okay, see how
this is already starting to look a little bit like Taco Bell, okay, not really, right
now it looks a little bit gross I know, but just give it about five or ten minutes, and
I am gonna add some salt and I am gonna add some tomato paste, and actually if you wanted
to just use tomato sauce instead of the water, that would take the place for the tomato paste
and the water both. You want to give it a little nice color, a
little depth of flavor. Okay, cool, so I am just gonna let this simmer
for about ten minutes, keep an eye on it, stir it once in a while, keep it moving around
so it stays in little tiny pieces, and then we’re going to make some crispy tacos, crispy
tacos, I’ll stop singing that song. All right, so the meat is actually cooked
now. There’s still a lot of liquid left. Now I am gonna add the oregano, dry oregano. I just want to crumble it up when you throw
it in to bring out more of those flavors, and then we’re just going to let this cook
for maybe another five minutes until the water has evaporated out, and then we’re going
to make tacos. Okay, so I’ve got these shells here that
I baked, and all I did was sprinkle some corn tortillas with a little bit of water, stick
them in the microwave for like 30 seconds just to steam them and soften them up, and
then spray them down with some, you know, non-stick cooking spray or whatever, or you
could use a little basting brush with some oil on there, and then threw them in the oven,
laying it over the rack bars like that, and baked them for like nine minutes and then
pulled them off of the racks, put them on a cookie sheet, and then turned the oven off
and left them in there just while the oven cooled off, and that’s just to make sure
that they get extra crispy and kind of like, you know, crisp and not just like chewy and
weird. So, anyway you could totally buy shells, but
I don’t know. I thought this was a pretty cute little idea,
and they’re low fat too, so excellent. Okay, and then a little taco shell guy, get
a little bit of my taco meats. Yay! The fun thing is they are so messy, and then
you can put whatever you want, but I like cheese, and tomato, and I put the cheese down
first so it gets a little melty, and lettuce or in this case, I am actually using shredded
cabbage because that’s what I had on hand, and I like to put a little bit of my homemade
green salsa, and I’ll post a link for that too fi you want to make that. It’s delish. Okay, here I go. World’s messiest food is about to get all
over my dress I think, probably, hopefully not. [crunch] Mmmmmmmm! All right, well I hope you try this recipe. If you have any questions, leave them in the
comments below and I will get to them as soon as I can, and thanks so much for watching,
and I hope you enjoy these crispy beef tacos.

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