How to make Soft boiled egg♪(Onsen Tamago)

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Soft boiled egg♪(Onsen Tamago)
Ingredients(for 4 people)
4 eggs
some spring onion

2 tbsp of Mirin
1/2 tbsp of soy sauce
1/4 tsp of salt
100ml of Bonito and kombu dashi stock
Pour 1000ml of water into an earthenware pot and heat it.
You can use normal pot instead of an earthenware pot.
Once it boils, turn off the burner and add 200ml of water(about 20℃(68F))
Put 4 eggs.
You can use the eggs directly from the fridge.
Put the lid and leave it for 10 minutes.(If you use a normal pot, leave it for 12~13minutes.)
Make special Tare(sauce).
2tbsp of Mirin.
Heat it.
Add 100ml of Bonito and kombu dashi stock.
1/2 tbsp soy sauce, 1/4 tsp of salt.
Bring to a boil and then stop heating.
Cool down in cold water.
After 10 minutes.
Take them out in tray.
Let it stand for about 5 minutes.
Soak in cold water after 5 minutes.
When it is sufficiently cool, it’s done.
Pour the Tare.
Sprinkle some spring onion if you like.
It’s ready to eat♪
For Red Carbonara.
For Gyudon(Beef Bowl).
For Teriyaki Chicken Karaage-Don.
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  1. I first found your channel through your ramen videos featuring marinated soft boiled eggs. I am happy to see that you are doing another egg dish :).

  2. hey~  this time you can use "溫泉蛋"=  温泉玉子  We don't use "半熟的煮鸡蛋"
    the eggs look very nice and simple~

  3. 簡単と素晴らしいな卵作り方です
    卵がこんなにトロトロって たまらないわ>< 今すぐ作りたい!

  4. 温泉卵大好き!I love onsen tamago. I always eat it if I see it at restaurants. Now I can make it myself at home! Thank you.

  5. Love new music but for my opinion old model then you play music just for intro is better. Its ok for couple vids but if all vids with same music on whole length ist a little annoying.
    Btw thanks, good like always.

  6. 温玉って何かと色々使えますね!

  7. おかげで上手に温玉作れました♪

    今から楽しみだ~( ´艸`)

  8. 土鍋を使えば保温しながら調理ができるのか なるほど

  9. I would make that cold water very cold before soaking the eggs to ensure the whites separate from the shell. AND don’t leave them in the cold water for long, and just enough time to make sure the shell will let go of the whites.

  10. あたしは阪大で留学をしてるんだがこのチャネルのレシピをするのは大好きねんけど材料の値段は以上に高いんで

  11. Beautiful soft boiled egg there! Absolutely love it. May I know what is the weight of your eggs? I understand that bigger eggs will need longer and smaller eggs will cook faster… thank you!

  12. I am trying to perfect the onsen tamago egg. Can you tell me what size eggs you used for the video in grams, and how old they were? Right from the store, or sitting in your fridge for a while. The eggs look perfectly cooked, and your sauce is probably the best I've had so far. My eggs are hit or miss. Some have been perfect but many times they are still very runny. I have tried most of the recipes on the web. Thanks!

  13. 熱湯から出してなんで5分間常温放置するのかな。

  14. めっちゃ美味いのできた!!!!


  15. How did the eggs still become soft-boiled after 10 minutes? Mine are almost completely cooked at 6 minutes.

  16. 四年前の動画にツッコミ入れるのもなんだけど、
    1:53 温泉じゃなく「温度」になっちゃってる><;

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