How to make soft and hard boiled eggs

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Hi Universe.
My name is Maria.
I am going to show you today
on this video
how to make
soft boiled eggs
and hard boiled eggs
at perfection.
Is simple like
one, two, three.
Just follow the procedure.
First I show you how the eggs
on the, how much water you need
to have the perfect boiled eggs.
The eggs have to be a little bit
Count two eggs for each person.
I turned the stove heat on high
and stand by until the eggs,
the water starts to boil.
And let boil
five minutes for hard boiled eggs
and three minutes
for soft boiled eggs.
So we have to wait now
after they start to boil
to wait three minutes for the
soft boiled egg
and five minutes
for the hard boiled egg.
It it starts to boil too hard
you can turn a little bit
the heat down.
You no have to cover
the pot when you boil
the eggs.
Now it is about three minutes
and I am going to get the
soft boiled egg out
real careful and
put in cold water
for ten minutes.
And the other egg
for hard boil
I am going to keep for
two more minutes.
Now I turn off the heat
and get the egg
off, get the egg out
and real careful put
the egg on the cold water
and keep for ten minutes.
Don’t bother the pot with the
hot water. Leave there because
you might get burned.
The reason I put the eggs
in cold water is
to stop the heat
otherwise all the eggs will be
hardboiled eggs.
Now I am going to show you
the hard boiled egg
and the soft boiled egg.
Because the eggs are very fresh
doesn’t peel very well.
Here we have
this is the soft egg.
Soft boiled egg.
And this is the hard boiled egg.

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