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Word up Food Tubers, Mister Oliver here. Okay.
We’re making perfect porridge because we love
I want to give you a recipe that’s rock solid,
I want to kind of arc back to the more kind
of traditional porridge that I think is more
delicious than the rush jobs we can get these
days. And also I’m going to five you some
ideas of ways you can serve it so you don’t
get bored!
We want a high sided pot. We want it on a
medium heat. I’m going to use large builders
mug here. I’m going to use the course porridge
oats. This is really, really nice. Instead
of the kind of more commercialised ones that
cook quicker. Okay, I’m going to for these
because I think strongly that they taste better.
One builders mug is perfect for four people.
I’m going to follow that by three builders
mugs of water.
There’s one, two, three.
Get that onto a simmer. You want a nice pinch
of sea salt, very, very important. this is
the kind of classic Scottish way to do it.
Water, three parts to one part beautiful lovely
organise rolled porridge oats. Also, I’m using
the back end of a wooden spoon. But they would
have it almost slightly more ornate. Like
a drumstick. And embellishments at the end
they would hold, like that. Just stir it like
this. A little bit thicker than this and that
was called a spurtle okay? Right and I brought
that to boil okay, now let’s just have a look
at that.
Now let’s turn it right down. We don’t want
to rush it. I now want to cook that for 10
15 minutes. So it goes from being grains of
rolled oats to this beautiful homogeneous,
thick, non lumpy porridge.
A lot of people cook porridge with milk. Milk
or cream scalds of burns really easily. And
also if it boils over and goes on the cooking
range its really hard to clean and it stinks
the house out.
So look, it’s only been cooking for five minutes
at this stage but its already gone from being
flaky and just water to being gloopy and those
flakes are starting to break down.
Now let’s just have a look here, the reason
that parents have loved this for years. It’s
nutritiously great for you, it burns slowly,
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It’s had about 13 minutes. Nothings stuck
to the butter, which I don’t but some of the
old recipes do can.
if you want to add milk you can put a little
splash in now and just loosen it.
In my view it should be thick but still oozy.
Don’t overload it at this point. Feel free
to just add a little honey or a little sugar
just to kind of take that edge of savouriness
So that’s very, very nice. So that#’s our
basic porridge.
So let’s just portion that out. Nice and thick.
I want to show you how I would mix up that
What happens in the Oliver household is we
either have the brown sugar and if you put
the brown sugar and leave it for a minute,
it almost goes like a little kind of caramel
so leave it for a minute. This one here, the
traditional one is golden syrup. You can get
it in quite a few countries around the world.
Very very British.
Okay, then we’ve got really nice poppy seeds
like that. dessicated coconut, a little pinch
of cinnamon not too much and a banana just
mash up. Really, really nice. So mix that
up in there and we can just finish that up
with a few bananas and some honey.
Very nice. One of the things my wife does
is just a one minute stewed fruit. Just throw
a handful into a bowl. Just add a little bit
of sugar of the fruits really good and in
season you won’t really need it. If it’s a
little bit more sour add a little sugar. Just
mush up and squash it and the natural juices
will come out of this. Amazing. And this with
any fruit is amazing,
Make a little well in the pop the whole fruit
in there and look at that beautiful juice
that’s come out there.
We’ve got one more to go.
Hot chocolate, it’s not actually much chocolate
by weight I’m mixing it up into our bowl.
Chocolate porridge with a little spoonful
of sweet and bitter marmalade.
That my friends, is amazing! If you look at
the classic for a minute, my granddad used
to put a little gully in here like this and
then pour in Milk so it went all the way down.
And then at that point, he would tuck into
So guys, that is the tip of the iceberg okay?
Happy porridge cooking, now you might be thinking
that’s rubbish, my one’s better, everyone
should know about it, and we want to know
about it. So guys enjoy, lots of love, until
next time. Shamoan.

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