How To Make Peking Roast Duck-Asian Food Recipes-Crispy Style

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Hi friends my name is Mai and today
we are making a delicious Roasted
Duck, for this delicious recipe
you will need a fresh or frozen duck,
to season the inside of the duck you will need
ginger powder, garlic powder
five spice powder,
kosher salt, hoisin
sauce, white pepper powder, sugar
star anise, green onion, small ginger root
and dried orange peel.
to season the outside of the duck and to make the skin
crispy you will need red distilled vinegar
star anise,
ginger root,
dried orange peel, maltos
and honey. You will also need
water and bam boo skewers
to tie the duck. First wash and rinse the duck,
now lets make the seasoning
for the inside of the duck. In a medium bowl combine
hoisin sauce.
white pepper powder, kosher
salt, ginger powder, five
spice powder, star anise,
garlic powder,sugar,
dried orange peel,
mix together.
quickly roast the green onion and ginger.
now place the seasoning
and the roasted ginger root and green onion
inside the duck.
close the head and tail section of that
now lets make
the seasoning for the outside of the duck
in a large pot combine water,
red distilled vinegar, star anise,
dried orange peel, roasted ginger root,
and melted maltose,
bring it to boil now bathe the duck
in the boiling seasoning,
now let the duck
rest for 24 hours,
ok friends we let our duck
rest for 24 hours, now wrap the wings and legs with foil
so they don’t burn while roasting. Now
lets roast our duck.
roast the duck at 350 degrees
for one hour and 30 minutes until the
until the skin is a dark golden color.
and here you have a delicious roasted
Duck. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching our video.
If you would like this delicious recipe
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