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Today I am going to show you how to make MALPUA / MALPUWA
Today is Sithi Nakha in Nepal.
Out of all the dishes made by newari people today, Malpua is also one of the important sweet dish.
In the same way, Malpua is also made in Krishna Asthami.
Lets start with the ingredients first:
I have also put all the ingredients in the description box below:
To make Malpua, we need to prepare batter first.
Pour 200 gram all purpose flour in a bowl
To make crunchy Malpuas, add 100 gram Semolina
100 gram Sugar
1/4 table spoon black salt
1 table spoon fennel seeds
1/4 table spoon ginger powder.
1/4 table spoon cardamom powder
at last add 1/4 table spoon of baking powder and mix all ingredients together
After mixing everything together, add 500 ml milk and form a smoothy batter by mixing it well
The batter should look like this:
Neither too thick nor too watery
Now we will close the batter and let it rest for 30 minutes
After 30 minutes put some vegetable oil in a pan.
I am using Sunflower Oil.
Our batter is also ready to make Yummy Malpuas
The oil is also heated, I will start to make Malpuas
With the help of a spoon put some batter in the hot oil just like this
The bottom side turns golden brown in 2-3 minutes.
Now turn to another side
Now after 3 minutes in another side,
take it out in a paper towel.
In the same way, make Malpuas from all the remaning batter
After making all the Malpuas, seve it as you wish.
So, I am starting now. Try this recipe exactly like this and enjoy the goodness.
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