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hey guys welcome to my channel for
another day of eating ketogenic diet
it’s 2 o’clock so I’m about to break my
fast and I’m gonna be making today some
egg breakfast burritos I’ll be making
two so I have 4x i will use splash of
milk in it just to make a nice tortilla
1 avocado
4 pieces of bacon didn’t i have 2 ounces
of this ground pork sausage some
shredded lettuce salt and pepper so
first I’m gonna start cooking the
I’m gonna add the better two tablespoons
of milk some salt some pepper
I will whisk it up and fry up two
well this is a little trick I’m using if
you’re afraid to flip your amulet
flourless egg breakfast burrito was
absolutely delicious this whole meal had
409 calories 27 grams of protein in 32
grams of fat
show me your shirt
for today’s snack now we’re gonna have
some hot and spicy chicken and I took
about one ounce which is hundreds 50
calories and 10 grams of fat good what
okay are you sick
excuse me it’s time for dinner
I’m gonna be making salmon on the grill
and some avocado bruschetta so I have
two tomatoes chopped quarter of a red
onion I’m gonna cubed about one small
I’m gonna add one tablespoon of
extra-virgin olive oil one tablespoon of
balsamic vinegar some salt pepper and
thread one glove of garlic mix it up now
I’m gonna pour the dressing over the
salad I’m gonna squeeze a little bit of
fresh lime in it so the avocado stays
fresher and greener longer and that’s it
avocado bruschetta I’m gonna set it in
the fridge for a little bit and prepare
the salmon and the asparagus I just wish
the salmon and dry it up with some paper
towels I’m gonna burst some olive oil
over it from both sides and I’m gonna
use some salt and pepper to season it
and that’s all I’m gonna do I’m just
gonna grill it for about eight minutes
for the asparagus I just took a piece of
olive oil
I’ll place it in there and put some
butter over there some salt and pepper
as well as some lemon
and here it is guys Spanish products
beautiful Salman with avocado bruschetta
and some asparagus ops having some
little sweet potato with it and they get
in yup that’s what I got left I was
amazing it was really good
bruschetta with it unbelievable great
combo I enjoyed it
well I don’t know if you can see it but
I’m dripping sweat it’s like really hot
and humid in Florida right now so I
think we’re gonna move the party inside
and enjoy the evening so I hope you
enjoy this full day of eating keto and
that you found out some good new recipes
ideas and inspiration that’s my goal and
if you did like this video please give
it a thumbs up and don’t forget to
subscribe and I’m gonna see you again
soon in another video bye


  1. Guys Hope you enjoyed this full day of eating and got some inspiration 😉Let me know what’s your go to meal to put on the grill?!xoxo Iva

  2. Ha! I love your husbands shirt. the keto egg breakfast burrito is so awesome! This may be one of your best recipes yet. I love how you give us the calory, fat, protein and carb content in your meals.

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