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Today on The Stay At Home Chef
I’m showing you how to make
Instant Pot Chili
Instant Pots are all the rage.
They cook your dinner really fast!
All they really are
are electric pressure cookers
I don’t know about you but using a standard
cooker on the stove, is a little bit intimidating
because it’s also a little bit dangerous.
Electric pressure cookers take all
the danger out of pressure cooking
and give you a simple tool to use in your
Today’s recipe comes from
my friend Barbara’s new cookbook.
Let’s take a look.
We’ll pull it from my shelf here
and take a look.
You can see it’s a book all about the electric
pressure cooker.
It’s full of amazing recipes that you can
right in your Instant Pot or your other brand
of electric pressure cooker.
I don’t know about you, but these are looking
pretty tasty.
You can buy the book on Amazon and I’ll give
a link in the video description.
Today we’re going to make her recipe for Chili
con Carne
Start by pressing the saute button on the
Instant Pot.
It could be called “browning” or “saute”
or a combination of both depending on
the brand of electric pressure cooker that
you’re using.
Give this a second to heat up and in the meantime
we’re going to take 2 pounds of beef chuck
that have been cut up into little 1 inch pieces
And we’ll season it with
1 teaspoon of salt
and 1 teaspoon of black pepper
and give that a toss
Then we’re going to take a little bit of vegetable
and pour a little in the bottom of the
electric pressure cooker and you can tell
that it is already hot.
Then we’re going to put a little bit of our
right in the bottom and saute.
We’re just looking to brown the meat.
Depending on the size of your pressure cooker
you may need to work in small batches
Once all the meat is browned
remove it and transfer it to a plate.
Set the meat aside and then add in a little
bit more of the vegetable oil
Then we’re going to toss in a diced onion
and saute that as well.
I actually think that it’s really cool that
you can saute
things right in the pressure cooker.
Give the onions about 3 minutes to cook
and then we’re going to add in
some minced garlic
Give that about a minute to saute right there
in the pot
Then we can start adding in all of the
rest of our ingredients
You’ll need a 14.5 ounce can of beef broth
a 14.5 ounce can of crushed tomatoes
two 15 ounce cans of kidney beans
and there are actually instructions in the
for using dried kidney beans as well.
Then you’ll need two 4.5 ounce cans of diced
green chiles
3 tablespoons of chile powder
1 teaspoon of ground cumin
and 2 tablespoons of tomato paste
Then we’ll add all of our beef back in
Slide all of the browned beef off the plate
and I like to give it a little bit of a stir
then we’re going to take our lid and slide
it on
Then we’re going to switch it to high pressure
for 25 minutes
Now when it comes to using an electric pressure
there’s a pressure release valve.
You’ll want to make sure that it is set in
the sealing position
You can see it’s really lose
for now
but you’ll want to make sure it is right on
the sealing side
It actually won’t be lose like that for very
as pressure builds up in the pressure cooker
Once your timer reaches 0
simply turn off your pressure cooker
Let your pressure cooker sit “as is”
This is called a natural release
and you’ll want to let it sit for 10 minutes
After 10 minutes switch the pressure release
to venting
The pressure release valve can be a little
scary to use at first, but it’s very unlikely
that you’ll inure yourself at all
It actually turns out to be a little bit fun
and it’s always my favorite part of using
the Instant Pot.
Then we’re going to take off the lid
and add in about
2/3rds of a cup of crushed tortilla chips
and give that a little stir
Let it sit like this, uncovered, for about
10 minutes
Those tortilla chips will help thicken up
our chili
and then you’re ready to eat
Serve this up hot with a little bit of shredded
cheddar cheese, maybe some sour cream,
and make it delicious.
You are going to love this chili and let me
tell you
you need to get yourself an electric pressure
because you’re going to love that too!
Thanks for watching!
You can find the full written recipe
in the video description.
Be sure to subscribe and check out
the rest of my videos where you can find
hundreds of restaurant quality recipes
you can easily make at home.
See you later!


  1. My friend gave me the 8 quart! I love it. I managed to adapt Pioneer Woman's white chicken chili. This recipe looks awesome!

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    U r just superb sweety….ur all reciepie is amazing
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