How to make homemade Lamb Gyros with Tzatziki sauce recipes

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– I’m Ashlee Marie and today I’m going to
teach you how I make my lamb gyros with tzatziki sauce. This is seriously one of
my favorite things to eat, it’s super easy to make, it tastes amazing. If you’re new here,
don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) The first thing that we’re gonna make is the tzatziki sauce, so
that can sit in the fridge. You can actually make that
a couple days ahead of time if you want and then
it’ll be all ready to go when our gyros are made. So, take a medium to large cucumber. We’re gonna peel it, cut off the ends, and scoop out the seeds on the inside. Next up, we’re going
to grate the cucumber. (food processor whirling) Take the grated cucumber and put it in the center of a tea towel. Gather up the ends and squeeze
all that extra juice out. So now it’s nicely dried out. Now, in a food processor,
we’re gonna put the yogurt. You wanna make sure
you’re using Greek yogurt. This is nice and thick. Now if all you can find is plan yogurt, then you can actually still use it, but you can’t use it the way it is. What you need to do is drain it. You want to put it in a tea towel, just like we did with the cucumbers. Hold it up. I tie it to a wooden spoon
and hang it over a bowl and let it just drip overnight. And then the next morning,
it’s nice and thick and it’s ready to use. Personally, it’s just
easier to buy Greek yogurt, but if you don’t have it,
there’s your trick you can use to create your own nice, thick yogurt. A pinch of some kosher salt. A tablespoon of olive oil. Some red wine vinegar. A couple cloves of garlic. I’m a little garlic-heavy,
so I use four cloves. Mint leaves, finely minced. And blend that together. (food processor whirling) Once that’s all blended,
we’re gonna add that cucumber. And now I’m gonna blend
it a little bit more. Now if you like your
tzatziki sauce chunkier, you can either just pulse a little bit, or you can actually
pour it all into a bowl and just stir that cucumber in. Personally, I like mine
a little bit smoother. (food processor whirling) As you can see, even
with the food processor, it’s actually still pretty chunky. Now, I could just keep processing this until it was perfectly smooth, but this is actually
what I think is perfect. Now I wanna refrigerate
this for a couple of hours, or overnight. And it will help all those flavors develop and it will taste so much better. You really don’t want
to eat this right away. It’s just gonna be super yogurt-y with little chunks of that
mint and that cucumber, but that sitting time, that
couple hours, that overnight, will just really develop this and it’ll be so delicious. Now we’re gonna start the gyro meat. First thing I’m gonna do is take an onion and process it in my food processor. (food processor whirling) I think I need some of those
onion goggles (chuckles). Oh, it just hit me. Oh, stings! Ahh it stings! Okay. And now, just like we
did with the cucumber, you’re going to pour
the onions into a towel. And just like before, you wanna squeeze all
the extra liquid out. We don’t want our gyro meatloaf basically, to be watery or liquid-y at all, so we really wanna dry these onions out. And take your dried out onions and put ’em back into the food processor. Now before I start this next part, I wanna give a word of warning. This is pretty much the
grossest thing I make that you will see. I almost didn’t make the video because this part is so disgusting. Basically, we’re making
a lamb meatloaf, right? And with normal meatloaf, you
just stir it all together. And that’s pretty gross on it’s own. But in this case, we’re actually going to process everything together. The spices and the meat and all of it. And it is pretty nasty. And then we’re gonna make
the meatloaf out of it. Now, the reason for that
versus a traditional just mixing it with your hands, is that we actually want to
get this pastier and finer and the meat tighter. That is what’s gonna get
that unique gyro texture. All right, some more garlic. Marjoram and rosemary. And some kosher salt. Some pepper. And finally, some oregano. (food processor whirling) That’s so nasty lookin’. But, it smells really good
and it’s gonna taste amazing. And now we’re gonna shape our loaf. We’re just shaping it into a rectangle. So we want it about an
inch and a half tall. And the next important step is, of course, adding your meat thermometer. Now this is key so you
don’t overcook your meat. I swear by meat thermometers. They are the best way
to get a good result. Guessing on your meat or
just going by the time is almost always gonna end up
with either raw or, usually, overcooked meat. So, get yourself one. They’re not that expensive. They’re totally worth it. I’m sticking my meat
thermometer in the middle. What you don’t want is
for your meat thermometer to touch the pan at all. You want to make sure it’s
completely surrounded by meat so it gets an accurate reading. – It looks gross, but it’s kind of yummy. – Just kind of yummy? – Ya! – And now, we’re gonna
bake it at 325 degrees, until it reaches the correct temperature. What were looking for is 155 to 160. It’s cooked, it smells amazing, and now we’re gonna let
it sit for 10 minutes. It’s been 10 minutes, and
now we’re gonna slice it. You wanna slice it pretty thin. And then we’re gonna take the slices, put them back on the pan, and then broil ’em for
two to three minutes. And that’s going to crust it over. So that double bake is
going to give us that more authentic, gyro texture and flavor. You can see, after that double baking, it’s a lot darker. It looks a lot more similar
to the rotisserie gyro, even though it’s still not quite right. But it’s the closest that I
have found I can get at home. All right, let’s put it all together! So look at the texture
of that tzatziki sauce. Now if you want, now
that it’s kind of set, you can run it through
your food processor again, if you really want this smooth. I’m, personally, gonna leave it like this. So take your pita bread, add a little bit of meat to it. We’re gonna top it with
some of that tzatziki sauce. We’re gonna add some tomatoes and some red onions. You can use regular onions, if you like. And of course, you can’t have
gyro without some feta cheese. My favorite. The best part about
making food for yourself is that you get to personalize it and add whatever you want. So, in the comment box
down below, let me know, “Do you love gyros?” “Do you love Greek food?” “Or is there any other food
that you’d like me to make from anywhere else in the world?” I love hearing what you
guys want me to make and I’m trying to get through all of it. So, now comes my favorite part. Where we get to eat! Mmmm. I do not make this enough. It is so good. I love food truck food. It’s totally one of my obsessions and this is one of the
very first food truck items that I ever ate. You can also check out my liege waffles. I got those from a food truck. And my fried sweets. Fried oreos, fried cookie dough balls. Those are also from a food truck. Clearly, I have a bit of an obsession. Let me know if there is a food truck item that you would like to see me make, that’s a favorite of yours. Mmmm. Excuse me while I pig out. You ready to try it? – Yeah. – Okay, big bite. What do ya think? – I love it. – Thumbs up? You love it? (laughing) – Don’t forget to ‘scribe
and thank you for watching. (robot sound) Bye! – Bye!

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