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hi everyone thank you for tuning into
this week’s episode of in the kitch
with Momma Cuisine this week I want to
share with you a special recipe it’s a
filipino style meatloaf called Embutido
it’s made a lot during special
occasions and the holidays and I want to
share how you can make this recipe at
home with just a few simple ingredients
so let’s get in the kitch and let’s
start cooking
so first we want to chop our vegetables
i love the crunch of bell pepper I
always have bell pepper as part of my
weekly grocery list the base of a lot of
really great recipes and it’s going to
add a nice crunch very nice flavor I
cheated a little bit because i bought
carrots that’s already shredded
for you you don’t have shredded carrots
you could dice them up very finely or
you know shred them yourself as well now
this is the Philippines style meatloaf
so what you might see in here is
definitely not typical of how you would
cook the American style meatloaf but I
kidd you not this is very very good
we are not going to precook any of these
things we’re just going to toss it in
with our ground pork
toss in hand full of raisins
that’s a nice addition you might think
oh my gosh meatloaf with raisins sounds
not so good but it is because the savory
in the sweetness i mean filipino food is
very rooted in Spanish cuisine also so a
lot of spanish food has you know raisins in it
so this probably comes from that and
then we’re going to add some of our some
of our zap dancing grains that we
process this is such a great bread
because it is healthy it is so much
better for you than typical bread and i
like this version that the Vietnam bread
that zaps has because it has an extra
edition of flavor that i think is going
to be really really good at our Embutido
it is going to add some texture
because there’s peanuts in it it’s just
going to really make things brighter and
I think so much also deeper and flavor
so we’re going to grind this up use it
as our breadcrumbs
and then we’re going to mix this all up
get it all incorporated the trick to any
kind of meatloaf or meatballs that
you’re making at home is to not overmix
I like using the cookie sheet because it
kind of gives you a nice guide could see
the specs of the zapp’s dancing grains on
this looks really good
but now we start to roll it so you take
the edge of your foil and you want to
lift it up and cover your eggs and your
chorizo or your sausage and roll it so
it’s a little bit scary at first
make it tight with your hands and that
way gets compacted it literally is like
you’re making a huge sushi roll with
meat and i use role that and then you
lift it up this is where we want to seal
it so that none of the meat comes out
you may need to get another piece of
foil just to seal it all back and then
what I would do what I would suggest is
put in the fridge for about 20 minutes
just so it all comes together
to avoid ground meat from sticking to
your hands
dip your fingers in cold water first
this Momma Cuisine Quick Tip is brought
to you by Mark Tan Trusted Wealth
Planning so now it took out our Embutido
out of the oven after it’s been
there for about an hour at 350 degrees
now the trick is I know that you’re so
hungry it’s been in there an hour you
want to just tear it up open it up and
eat it but you want to resist and let it
rest for at least 10 minutes that way all
the juices go back in and it’s nice and
juicy just like any meat that you put in
roast in the oven you know you want to
let it rest and after that I just put it
on a very simple bed of you know fresh
spinach and I have my side of banana
ketchup you cannot forget your filipino
style banana ketchup and I have my rice
cooking my rice cooker i’m about to
serve this up so if you want this recipe
make sure you check out Momma Cuisine dot com try
making it at home and let me know all
about it and i’ll see you next time in
the kitch
thanks guys bye


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