How to make Deviled Eggs with Bacon/ Simple Recipe

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Will: Today we’ve decided to make for you…
Kyler: Deviled eggs.
You’re gonna be doing good cook stuff.
Will: You know what it sounds like to me?
What does it sound like?
Kyler: It sounds like when you’re walking
on ice.
Will: Hey, that’s egg-cellent.
So then, very gingerly, I’m gonna start to
remove the shell.
So, cut in half.
I’ll let you try doing one of these too.
Kyler: There.
Will: Oh, look at you.
All right.
See that?
Keep going.
Now what I’m gonna do…
Kyler: Now what I’m gonna do is crush these
Will: That’s not bad.
I’m Christopher Walken, and this is my daughter.
A small spoonful.
Kyler: A spoon of mayonnaise.
Will: Try that.
We’ll start there.
Kyler: Dump the mayonnaise.
Will: We use the eye.
Now we’re also going to add…
Kyler: Mingle [inaudible 00:00:54].
Will: …just a small amount of Dijon.
You wanna do this part?
Go for it.
Like, a little bit.
Maybe half that.
Kyler: That?
Will: I love it.
Delicious, ice cold apple juice.
There you go.
Kyler: Not apple juice.
Thank you.
Will: Making sure that’s not wine.
Kyler: Tell me when to stop.
Will: No, just do a drop and then stop.
Pinch of chives.
Do it, I dare you.
Pinch, like a…what did we used to say?
Kyler: A soupçon.
Will: A pinch, or a soupçon.
Now you’re gonna have to use your spoon, and
you’re gonna fill the egg whites.
Put this away.
Bacon on half, chives on the other.
Well, that was quick and easy.
That was fun.
Kyler: Wait, it’s done already?
Will: Yeah.
Kyler: Wait, really?
Will: Yeah.
What’d you think we were gonna do, put it
in the oven or something?
Kyler: Yeah.
That’s good.
Will: Egg-cept I think next time we do it,
I would try something different, just to change
it up.
Be inspired.
Kyler: Get creative.
Together: And include the kids.
Kyler: Bye from Ky and Willie Bean.
Pigs and chicken are the best.
Will: Thank you chickens and thank you pig,
for sacrificing yourself for this delicious
Kyler: Here we go.
This is my hard boiled egg.
Here we go.
Will: Oh.
Kyler: Oh.

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