How To Make Chicken Cutlets Recipe (Easy) – Rahat’s Cooking Style

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Assalamualikum Today we will make delicious Chinese Cutlets. For this, we will need 4 potatoes, 2 eggs 1 cup chicken I have boiled and shredded it like this 1 cup peas 1 cup carrot I have
shredded it with this handy shredder 2 large green chilies thinly chopped 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon black pepper 2 1/2 tablespoon soya sauce, 2 1/2 tablespoon chili sauce. Now I am going to boil potatoes, eggs, and peas. But we don’t have to boil this(carrots because it’s already very thin. To boil this I am going to put these in the steamer. Now I have added water inside this. Then I have placed 2 eggs and potatoes. And added peas on top of that. I have turned this on for
25 minutes but I will take out the peas after 10 minutes because they don’t need that much time. It’s been 10 minutes now I am going to take out the peas. it’s been 25 minutes and the timer has also shutoff so I am going to take these out. Now I am going to take these out to cool down. When eggs and potatoes are cooled down I am going to peel them off. Made the eggs are also thin so now I am going to add everything and mix them together. Mix them with a very gentle hand so eggs, peas, etc don’t break and stay as they are. Now, this is mixed, Now let’s start making these into cutlets. Like this Here are some breadcrumbs We need 1 egg. let’s beat this up. Here we have coated these with egg and bread
crumbs now we are going to fry these. (Place the pan) On low flame. Now the oil is hot. Now slowly we are going to place these cutlets. Now, these are fried so we are going to take these out. Tasty Chinese Cutlets are ready. You guys make these as well and serve these with afternoon tea. Thank you! Allah Hafiz


  1. Wah! Ma'am, I really didn't know that there are Chinese cutluts.. But this is kinda cool!
    -Mishma Sohail

  2. I’m visiting your channel after I don’t know how long but I’ve seen you’ve grown a lot and I wish the best of luck for more success for your channel and everything in life
    -Hibba Sheraz (once was a student)

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