How To Make Burritos-Mexican Food Recipes-Beef,Beans,Cheese

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Hi friends my name is Mai
Today we are making three delicious
types of burritos, beans and cheese,
seasoned ground beef, the third type of burrito is combination
of beans and seasoned ground beef. For this delicious recipe
you will need, pinto beans, to season the pinto beans you will need,
you will need kosher salt,
and vegetable shortening, for the ground
we are using beef stew meat,
to season the meat, you will need taco seasoning.
lime juice, kosher salt,
crushed peppercorns, cilantro,
jalapeño,white onion,
and tomatoes. For the garnish
we are using diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce
lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese
Mexican four cheese blend, enchilada sauce,
and sour cream.
you will also need large flour tortillas.
First wash and rinse the pinto beans.

next in a large pot combine pinto beans
and water.
add water,
kosher salt and bring the pinto beans
to boil.
once the pinto beans begin to boil
reduce to low heat
and simmer for four hours.
next prepare the seasoning for the ground beef
in a food processor combine cilantro,
white onion, tomatoes,
and jalapeño.
add the lime juice, kosher salt,
crushed peppercorns and
taco seasoning, mix together.
now in a food processor make the ground beef.
now in a medium pan add a little oil
and sauté the ground beef.
now stir in the seasoning and simmer for two hours.
after about three hours
add vegetable shorting to the pinto
meat has finished cooking place in a medium bowl,
in a large skillet
warm the flour tortillas.
now less make burritos
first the beans and cheese,
pinto beans,
enchilada sauce,
chopped white onion,
and mexican four cheese blend,
now the beef burrito
and the combination
beans and beef burrito.
and here you have three types of burritos.
we hope you enjoyed watching our video,
if you would like this delicious recipe
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