How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

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– Good morning, beautiful people. How to make bulletproof coffee. Are you curious about
keto or ketogenic diet, which is a way of increasing your fats and reducing your carbs in your diet? I’m here to show you a really quick and easy way to make bulletproof coffee that doesn’t destroy your blender or make a huge mess in your kitchen. So, my name is Hadass Eviatar, and I’m here to show you how
to make bulletproof coffee. So, first thing you need
is coffee, obviously. Now the thing that makes it bulletproof is that we’re going to add some oil to it. So here I have some melted
ghee which is clarified butter and a brain octane oil which is medium chain triglyceride
oil from Bulletproof. Love these guys. Okay, so here’s the thing. How are we going to put
that oil in the coffee and not make it be horrible? Because you don’t want an oil slick on top of your coffee, right? So, here’s the genius trick which I learned from a guy
called Matthew van Erp. Thank you, Matthew. So, get a french press,
a cheap french press. Don’t use your fancy one that you got from your sister-in-law
like I did at first. Here is a nice french press,
a cheap one from Superstore. We put in the coffee. (liquid flowing) (loud clanging) And we put in the oil. (liquid flowing) Now, it doesn’t look
very appetising, does it? You do not want to drink this, but here’s where the beauty
of chemistry comes in. Okay, let’s put the top on the cafetiere, and let’s do some vigorous action here. Rum, rum, rum, rum. Make a nice, looks almost like a latte. Do it vigorously enough,
get lots of air in there, you get a lot of foam, if you like cappuccinos, especially, this is going to be fun. Okay, so now we have something
that looks a lot more appetising, it’s got foam on top, it’s like a latte. Pour it into your cup. (liquid pouring) Show you what it looks like. And enjoy, have a great day, bye.


  1. Oh I like that idea!!! I just restarted my Keto lifestyle this past November and I've lost almost 24 pounds!
    I would love for you to check out my channel. I'm subscribing to your channel because I like what I see. I hope you like what you see and will subscribe too!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this amazing tip!    I have made a huge mess on my kitchen counter, more than once!  And I just happen to have a "French Press" sitting up in the cupboard!   THANK YOU, Hadass, Energy Queens!!!

  3. I will have to try bulletproof coffee, heard about it a lot lately. Is it something you drink everyday?

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