How to Make Bacalao : Separating Boiled Cod for Bacalao

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On behalf of Expert Village my name is Lizbeth
Muller and today I’m going to show you how
to make Spanish style bacalao. The bacalao
has been boiling now for 10 minutes and it
is soften it up. You would see that it has
been in here for a little bit. It boiled just
a little, not much. I’m going to go ahead
and turn off my stove now and I’m going to
proceed to go ahead and throw out the water.
It is kind of hot so be really really careful.
I’m just going to throw that out like that
and I’m going to go ahead and add some cool
water to it that I have put on the side. Then
I’m going to take it and move it around a
little bit and place it in here. So I would
not hurt myself. I’m going to proceed to go
ahead and separate the bacalao. If it is still
a little warm, you can go ahead and set it
aside, you know for a little while longer.
I usually just able to separate it like this
and it is cool enough for me.

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