How to Make Bacalao : Breaking Up Boiled Bacalao

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On behalf of Expert Village my name is Lizbeth
Muller and today I’m going to show you how
to make Spanish style bacalao. I have gone
ahead and broken up all the bacalao into little
pieces like this. You can break it up chunkier
like this, some bacalao are even fatter so
you would see slices of the pieces of the
chicken. I mean that is funny bacalao and
you would just take that apart and the fish
would just like fillet and you can do that.
You know you can use a bigger and fatter piece
of bacalao. So here go move it around like
that and wash out your hands really well so
you can go on to the next stage. You are going
to use the same pot that you used before to
go ahead and put your spices in there and
your onions and peppers.

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