How to Make a Carrot Slinky and Cucumber Garnish

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How to Make a Carrot Slinky and Cucumber Garnish
Hi everyone, I am Davy Devaux and I’m going
to show you guys how to make a carrot slinky
and some cucumber garnish, and something to
do with some potatoes again, too.
There is two ways to do everything, there’s
an easy way and a hard way. Now I’m going
to show you how to make a carrot slinky the
easy way and the hard way, and the cucumber
garnish the easy way and the hard way. I’m
going to start with the hard way first.
The first thing you want to do is you just
cut a block of carrot like this, nice big
one and you dehydrate it inside some salt
for about a half an hour, 30 minutes. This
will cause the carrot cells to become nice
and soft and easy to cut, the only downside
is it does taste kind of salty so it’s only
good for decoration on sushi plates.
The key is you move the knife up and down
and you don’t press and it should just slice
through it like butter, and I’m not kidding,
it should feel like slicing through butter.
If it doesn’t then you must dehydrate your
carrot longer or sharpen your knife more.
Now what I’m using here is a Miyabi knife,
they are extremely sharp and great to use.
Now that you have your carrot sheets, for
no reason at all I’m going to switch to a
different type of knife and I’m just going
to make strips. What you do is you take these
strips and you curl them around a chopstick
and leave them there for about ten minutes,
just to adjust to their new shape. So just
twirl them around.
Once you have left them on the chopstick long
enough you just simply remove it and it should
retain its shape. It’s a beautiful decoration,
but this way you can’t actually eat it because
of the salt. But with the easy method, which
I will show you now after doing the cucumber
garnish, you can actually eat it because you
don’t require salt.
Alright so now for the cucumber garnish, you
simply want a block of cucumber like so, and
now you want to core it, you just take the
core out and now you have a piece of cucumber
with a hole through it. Take a paring knife
then you begin cutting in a circular fashion.
You use your thumb to feed the cucumber through,
so you have a lot of control like this because
your thumb shouldn’t go into the knife. Using
an extremely sharp knife like this small Miyabi
paring knife, and you just keep feeding it.
It’s very important to keep your concentration
because after a while it can get a bit of
mundane, this task and you can start to kind
of slip up, which is kind of annoying.
Okay, so once you’ve got enough, you just
cut it off and then you just pile it on plates
like so and it just looks interesting. Something
completely different and don’t really see
that very often.
That was the hard way to do things, now the
easy way. I know this is kind of cheating
but this device, it makes all the hard work
easy to do, now this is going to become a
bit like an infomercial, I’m sorry about that.
Alright so this thing is very simply to operate.
All you do is just pull out these slots and
for the cucumber you just use the flat one,
slide it in, move this back, pop this thing
in, pull it in with that, press here and just
Alright, there you go, just take this out
and Bam! Look at that, enough garnish for
two, three, four plates. That’s just awesome
and it does it just so much faster and so
much better. I mean, it’s a great tool.
Now you want to do something else, you want
to do some carrots, you just slide out the
carrot thing like that, and then you just
This makes the job so much more easy, now
if you’re in a restaurant it’s great to have
this thing, but at home you’re probably just
going to buy this and just leave it inside
a cupboard, so probably no point to buying
it. I mean it’s a cool device, don’t get me
wrong, $26. A link just appeared on the top
left corner and that will take you to my store
where you can get this.
So this is great, I mean it’s beautiful garnish
and you can use it on your sushi plates — awesome.
But are you going to spend $26 to buy this
machine just to decorate your plates? Probably
not, so another great thing you can do with
this, you can make curly fries. So you just
pop a potato through it and in no time at
all, look at that. Just amazing, and you just
put some nice paprika powder on this, a little
bit of salt, chuck it in a deep fryer and
you’ve got some amazing curly fries. I mean
that’s just — that’s awesome on its own.
I would just buy it for that. The curly fries
are great because you can make this everyday
to go with steak and lots of other meals.
The garnish is great but you’re only going
to use it once in a while, and otherwise if
you buy it just for garnish you are going
to have this thing on a shelf. So, it’s great
that you can do curly fries also, that’s awesome,
that makes it worth it I think.
For next week’s sushi roll video you have
two choices, either sushi letters or chicken
sushi. My recommendation is sushi letters,
but I’m going to leave it up to you guys so
leave your vote in the comment below and I’ll
tally them up and then we’ll see what I make.

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