How to Lose Weight Fast by Eating Healthy Food

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Your state of health depands on what you eat.

Do you want to support healthy digestion?
Would you like to treat skin problems?
Do you need to provide more enegy?

No problem. How about paprikas?

So, Let’s start. Follow me.
Paprika Ham Sandwich

Cut off top of brown bread
Remove top and bottom of paprika
Cut up the paprika into evne slices
Put the lomain with cheeses on the cutting board
Roll the lomain like this~:)
Put the brown bread and slices of paprika on top
Put the slice ham and slices of paprika on top
Secret is Paprika
Paprika has vitamin B6, which provides more energy
Promote Healthy Digestion
Treats Skin Problems
Put slice ham again and lomain
Cut off end of lomain and put the bread on top
Wrap the sandwich with Glad Press Seal twice

Wrap tightly~:)
Slice center of the sandwich
Complete!! Look at the beautiful sandwich~:)
How much calories is it?
Two slices of bread are 160 kcal
Two slices of ham are 88 kcal
Paprikas and lomain are 44 kcal
Two slices of cheddar cheeses are 160 kcal
Total 422 kcal
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