How To Lose Weight: Don’t eat a Healthy Breakfast

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Weight: Don’t eat a Healthy Breakfast Don’t Eat Breakfast if I want to know How
to Lose Weight? I thought breakfast was supposed to be the most important meal of the day.
It is supposed to be the meal that kick starts your body’s fat burning engine and gets you
ready for the day ahead. How to Lose Weight — Don’t Start With Breakfast Contrary to popular belief, eating in the
morning is the worst time to start shoveling down food. When you wake up, your body is
already in an intense detox mode, ridding itself of endotoxins and digestive waste from
the previous evening’s meal (gross, I know). But if you want to know why and how to lose
weight, read on. Around mid-morning, when digestion is fully
completed and your stomach is basically empty, the survival mechanism known as the fight-or-flight
reaction to stress is triggered. It is at this point that your body is maximizing its
capacity for generating energy, being alert, resisting fatigue and resisting stress. This survival mode is controlled by a part
of the nervous system known as the sympathetic nervous system. While your body is in this
gear, is is in its most energy-producing phase. And most of the energy comes from fat burning.
And guess when all that happens? Yep, when you do not eat the typical morning meal. If you are like most of us, you eat a breakfast
of a bagel, cereal, egg and bacon, just to name a few. This may taste good and stop you
stomach from growling, but you’ll most likely shut down this energy-producing system. You
may even feel sleepy, slow and less resistant to fatigue and stress. Sound familiar? Eating breakfast is inhibiting your body’s
idea of how to lose weight Instead of spending energy and burning fat,
your body will be more geared toward storing energy and gaining fat. Your body’s natural
detox will be inhibited, and the overall metabolic stress will increase. This causes the toxins
to accumulate in the liver, giving your body another substantial reason to gain fat. The effects of morning meals often lead to
energy crashes during the daytime hours, typically when you’re working, bringing frequent cravings
for substances like sweets, coffee and tobacco. Eating at the wrong time severely interrupts
the body’s ability to be in tune with the circadian clock. The human body has never
adapted to such interruptions. Any interruptions in the cycle may lead to
sleepiness during the day, followed by sleeping disorders at night. If you’re noticing signs
at either time, it may be time to check your morning meals. Morning meals must be carefully
designed not to suppress the SNS and its highly energetic state. Now, before there is a major uproar, you CAN
eat in the morning and it still can be beneficial in a strategy of How to Lose Weight. Limit
morning food to fruit, small amounts of light protein foods, such as poached or boiled egg,
plain yogurt (not the pre-mixed stuff, which is the equivalent of eating a donut) or white
cheese. How to Lose Weight if you’re an athlete Things are a little different if you an athlete.
If you are someone who exercises in the morning, breakfast becomes your post-exercise recovery
meal. For this, you should consume small amounts of carbs and protein. Try yogurt and a banana,
eggs plus a bowl of oatmeal. When finished working out, an insulin spike is necessary
to effectively finalize the anabolic actions of growth hormone and insulin like growth
factor 1 after exercise. For the meals following, minimizing carb intake
while applying small protein every couple of hours. This will assist with protein synthesis
in muscle tissue, promoting that lasting anabolic effect that we long for. And that is how to
lose weight when you’re exercising. Breakfast isn’t the most important meal of
the day if you’re an athlete. It’s your post exercise recovery meals and when you eat that
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  1. i agree on you man, good video! 🙂 i would eat a light breakfast but im eating alot of calories cause im in a calorie surplus, i used to to intermittent fasting that made me feel good through out the day cause of no breakfast

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