How to Have a Healthy Diet with a Busy Schedule : How to Develop a Healthy Eating Plan

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So the next step is to go ahead and come out
with a plan on how you’re going to eat healthy. You are a busy person in your school, you
have to plan how to get your homework done, you’re a busy mom, busy father you have to
plan on how to take care of your children. It’s the same as your diet, you have to put
a plan into place. So how you do that is you make these foods available for you. So let’s
say you had a consultation with your dietitian and your dietitian tells you that you need
to eat two fruits a day along with other variety of foods. But we’re going to go ahead to talk
about the fruit group right now so what you want to do when you go the grocery store is
go ahead and buy all the fruit that you need for that week. That way you can challenge
yourself and try to get all those pieces of fruit in everyday. These kinds of food, the
desserts and the salty they are great to have in your pantry but if you don’t have a plan
you might go ahead and resort to these quick convenience foods when you’re really hungry.
But if you come up with a plan and have something like this meal already in the refrigerator
maybe you prepared it the night before and went ahead and did some batch cooking, you
decided that you eat it again then you would have a nice healthy meal of the next day.
Water is another important thing that people just don’t think about so if you need eight
glasses of water a day keep a cup by your bathroom sink and in the morning drink one
glass before-when you wake up. Then before when you go to bed at night, drink another
glass and then during the day find a bottle like this which contains 6-8oz glasses of
water. If you drink this throughout the day then you have gotten your 8 glasses throughout
the day and that is the way you want to plan to be healthy.


  1. lol.. what about if your at skl
    how are yu saposed to take such a massive bottle of water
    && put it where exactly? lol
    maybe if i was sitting home all day i could do it exactly like that

    but thanks anyways ;D

  2. Also too much business traveling can prevent you from eating healthy

    Trust me 🙂 It sucks…especially the Jet lag, and the cup of coffee doesn't do the body justice either. Thank you for the info…I think everyone should strive and eat healthier.

  3. @tophitzdownload 8 cups??? hahaha
    I drink 2.5 gallons a day! No i'm NOT diabetic.. I have drank that amount for 10 years

  4. @MISSHERMAN2007 My dad doesn't work out at all. He lost A LOT of weight by just eating small portions every meal. It shocked me to think this skinny guy is my dad. O_O

  5. Holy fuck that's alot of water and why do healthy foods have to taste like suck compared to some chips. Damn

  6. Great information, thank you
    I normally have a glass of water first thing in the morning, then after shower, another glass on the way out to work. Already 3 glasses within 2 hours. Having enough water, can flush your toxin out of your body effectively. healthyallin

  7. it might work in USA where you guys eat shit all day. you have the most fat people of the world. Stop talking bullshit… EXERCISE and you can eat what you like

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