How to Hard Boil Eggs

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How to Hard Boil Eggs I’m in the kitchen at Colorado State University
and I’m going to show you how to hard boil eggs. To start determine how many eggs you’re
going to cook and you can do as few or as many as you want, but the pan size will determine
how many you can cook at one time. You do want to put them in the pan in a single layer
so we’ll do four eggs today, and you gently lay them in the pan at the bottom. Then you
take cool tap water and just pour that in. And you want to cover the eggs by one inch.
So I’ve got my water in. And then put a lid on that, it cooks faster and more efficiently.
Turn your burner on to about a medium high and we’re going to let that come to a boil. So the eggs have come to a boil now. I’m going to go ahead and turn the heat down to LOW. And we want to let this sit on the burner for another five minutes. When that time is up, then we’ll turn the oven off and we’ll actually remove the pan and let it sit off
the burner–fifteen minutes if you did large eggs and 20 minutes if you have extra-large eggs. So my eggs have been sitting for 15 minutes with the lid on, these were large
remember, so 15 works. I’m going to get rid of the hot water now to stop the cooking process, and I want to run them under some cold water. And I’m going to fill the pan a couple times to really pull that heat off of the eggs. And then, to peel the eggs, its super simple.
Crack that, then just pull that shell right away. If you want to do it with a little running
water, you can do that too. Because they’re hot, sometimes it’s a little bit harder
to peel it but you can use that right away for hot eggs. Then, the real key is when you’re
ready to store them in the refrigerator, don’t put them back in the dirty containers, put
them in a nice clean container since they’re cleaned now and cooked. Put a lid on it and
stick that in the refrigerator. Hard boiled eggs will keep up to a week in the refrigerator.
It’s as simple as that!

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