How to gain weight in a week in Tamil – Weight Gain Diet chart | Weight Gain Explanation in Tamil

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Definitely within a month more than 10kg can be possible is highly there… don’t ask me cone ice or cup ice or milk ice on a comment to me Watch the video without skipping the video Music… today what we gonna see means, how to gain weight within 7days. so, if you ask is it possible means, yes, it is possible… that you all try and comment me if you do this continuously means, definitely within month, you can gain 10kg of weight. Mainly… The main reason for less weight is… it might be hormone imbalance… or it might be for Sleepless days. or it might be for improper proteins, Vitamins, and fats… Now I’m gonna tell you a diet chart for you people… So, watch clearly… Follow with dedication and… Definitely, you will see within 7 days weight in getting increased at first, bring that confidence level. ok? watch this video without skipping this video. then only you can understand what I’m telling vegetarians non-vegetarians for both The separate diet I will tell you so, definitely, it will be useful for both sides of peoples. at first protein vitamin fat… these three in veg is Broccoli has Broccoli, Beans, Icecream. These three for vegetarian people, can be intake daily. for non-veg people, Fish can be taken, The chicken breast you know? It can be taken. Egg Full boiled egg can be taken These three for, Non-Veg People So, it is a common criterion that’s why I said this first. So, Daily you should intake more proteins at morning breakfast for eg: non-veg peoples, Morning you should wat 2boiled egg as breakfast for vegetarian people, Yogurt is there you know? eating curd rice in the morning is very best. Both Veg and Non-veg people must don’t skip breakfast first. Breakfast is compulsory to intake for both peoples Next tips are you should split your lunch into 5intervals or 4intervels a day that means you should eat 4times a day eat less quantity eat for hungry Same time proteins vitamins and fats are should be equal ok?


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