1. @jdb3901 a vegan is someone who doesn't eat anything produced by an animal or the animal itself. Or pretty much abstaining the use of an animal……………… if someone doesn't eat meat, but eats seafood or fish, its a pescatarian (sorry bout the spelling)

  2. By going vegan you completely deny vitamin B12 from yourself since it's found only in animal produce. Sad thing is that it's a vital vitamin for your health.
    And many many studies have proved that fat – especially animal fats – are actually healthy.
    That's why I don't go vegan. 🙂

  3. Vitamin B12 is NOT bacteria, it's a vitamin. It's also water-soluble, meaning it disappears from the body within time due to sweating, urinating and breathing, meaning you need to consume it throughout your entire life. Even the Vegan Society recommends every vegan to take B12 supplements. Deficiency of vitamin B12 causes severe and irreversible damage to the body through time.
    Seriously, get your facts straight before you try to make an argument.

  4. I find getting enough protein to be the easiest thing its hard not to get protein unless you just eat junk food. beans rice eggs multi-grain bread cheese nuts tah-da! protein

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  11. vegetarians can eat fish it's up to the person..really hate when other plant eaters (I say that because we mostly eat plants,) put down vegetarians that eat fish.

  12. I decided to become a vegetarian because I saw a video of little baby chicks being put up to slaughter and just, how terribly they were treated.. I couldn't stomach meat anymore knowing how much pain they go through to be put in my food. I just… no 😢

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  16. I'm a biologist, who eats meat and occasionally dairy (meat and dairy should be taken in moderate amounts if you care about your health) and I'm not impressed by the nutritional advice given… I hear bad advice from vegans who simply want to reduce suffering yet cause more of it through bad advice, for example adopting a carnivorous pet and expecting it to survive on a vegan diet.

  17. Lmao @ the comments……"I'm a vegan!" …nice, I'm a molecular biologist….who eats relatively inferior animals.

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  19. In a book by Nancy Appleton, PhD, she states that "all protein – whether meat, wheat, or vegetable protein- has the same chemical configuration". All protein is the same. It's not about "animal protein" (animals need protein just as we, and they get it by eating plants, wink wink), but about vitamin B, that you don't get in plants. Fats in meat are not healthy, especially fried. No fiber also.
    Keep eating various foods and get you B's and you are good to go without meat.

  20. I asked myself questions about this video.
    How could she list grains before lentil?
    Do the ratios of energy to protein, is lentil not considerably better?
    Then why is a grain listed before something we clearly know has more protein it?
    Thank you, and think freely.

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