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(banging) – Hey peeps it’s Ronald, and
today we are back in ROBLOX. And today we are playing
escape the evil fat guy Obby. Let’s go! Corina is joining me, why. – [Corina] That sounds really weird. – Yeah. – [Corina] Escape the fat guy Obby. (both laugh) – Well we’re going to have
a challenge so it starts in, three, two, one. Go! (grunts) (grunts) – [Corina] I’m super bad at Obby. – No! – [Corina] Oy! I died too. – Yes, I am recording. You get a, oh. (grunts) Oh (grunts). – [Corina] I’m on the hot dogs now. – No! – [Corina] Sausages actually. – Come here. (grunts) – [Corina] Hey! – Ha ha! (laughs) – [Corina] I’m predicting
you’re gonna slip, and you’re gonna have to start again. – Well, your predicts are wrong. – [Corina] Ugh. – (grunts) Ah Okay. Is Corina close? Yep. She is close. You can literally walk across these. (grunt) No! (screams) No! – [Corina] Aww. – You died too I see. – [Corina] I didn’t make it. – (grunts) No! Why? Are you past where I died? – [Corina] Yeah. – There’s no time to look. There’s time to die. I am. – [Corina] How can you get across there? That’s so hard. – Jump. Okay You’ll see all my
parkour skills in ROBLOX. – [Corina] I thought you
only had parkour skills in Minecraft? – Nope, I didn’t even try that before. Yes! No! – [Corina] Oh, I made it. – Oh, you’re behind me, I see you! – [Corina] I can not mess up now. – The ladders so long. That’s one thing to tell you. I hope you don’t collect the check point. – [Corina] I collected it. Oreos! – Oh, I almost fell. – [Corina] Oh I fell! – You did? – [Corina] I did, right through the table. – (grunts) No! What? What? No, no, please fail, please fail. Fail! – [Corina] Just do it
nice and slow, one by one. – You actually. Oh no! Get her! – [Corina] Cereal? – Oh I’m probably going
to fail on this one. – [Corina] Like you know. – You died? – [Corina] I die, on cereal,
that’s kind of strange. – You can actually stand in the middle. Corina you can stand
in the middle of them. – [Corina] Ah that’s good. Please mess up. – It’s so easy. You could literally just hold space. – [Corina] I almost died because of that and I actually died. Ronald you’re so ahead of me I always knew I was bad at this stuff. – I see you. – [Corina] I just jumped
right into the milk. – Yeah guys just to let you
know Corina is bad at Obby’s – [Corina] Very bad. – That’s why I wanted
it to be a challenge. Jump! Yes! Oh over knives we go! (singing) – [Corina] Please mess up on that. – No, oh what’s this? Fries, it’s kind of hard. – [Corina] Ronald can
you please wait for me. – What? I died! – [Corina] Good. Stay, stay dead, stay in heaven! – No. I don’t even see you,
you’re still in the milk. – [Corina] I’m actually making it, so far. I can not mess up now,
if I do I’ll be so mad. – Come on. Yes! I’m at bacon. (shrieks)
(grunts) What stage are you on? – [Corina] I’m still on the milk. – What stage it says in the corner. – [Corina] Oh, I’m in the next one. I’m on stage four or five something. – No it says, it says in
the corner, what (mumbles). – [Corina] (screams) Okay,
I am now on stage five. – Oh I’m on stage eight. – [Corina] I’m jumping over knives. Oh, I died on the last one. – Where do I go after this? This way? (grunts) What? You don’t stand on that salad? Whatever it is. You don’t stand on the green stuff? Do you stand on the hammer? Nope. – [Corina] How do you do this? You jump on the french fries? – Yeah. – [Corina] Oh! – Why did I tell you? Well, you will never make it
through if I didn’t tell you. Mushroom! Yay, french fries. (grunts) – [Corina] How did I touch it? You evil, evil feet. – Oh this guy is trying to grab something. (grunts) I’m on stage eight. – [Corina] I’m so bad. You’re going to get
into his mouth and win. – Wait! This is the end? – [Corina] Yeah, I’m pretty sure. – The end, his mouth? – [Corina] I’m feeling so bad already. – It’s only up to stage 10? – [Corina] Oh maybe. – Cause I’m at stage nine. [Corina] I’m so bad I can’t
get through the (mumbles). – Oh I’m sliding! – [Corina] I’m going to skip a stage. – No, it costs Robux. – [Corina] How much Robux? – (screams) Is this the end? No, it isn’t Corina! – [Corina] I can’t take it anymore! – Touch this to do the
slide again for fun. – [Corina] French fries. I hate them, I’m never going
to touch french fry in my life. I didn’t even touch anything. – Corina, there’s a button
to touch it to do for fun, should I do it? Touch to slide again for fun. – [Corina] Okay, do it. – Okay, you know what I’m going to. (screams)
(laughs) Ow, my face, you still can not get to me. – [Corina] You can do it
as many times as you want. – But you’ll catch up. – [Corina] No. – Yeah. – [Corina] I’m so bad at this part. I just died and I’m not even touching it. I hate this game so much. – It’s up to like, 20 stages. – [Corina] And like, I’m only on stage six – I’m on stage 10. No. Ooh. No! – [Corina] What is my problem? – I just wish you could do that. Okay you know what, I’m
doing the slide again, you’re so slow. (screams) – [Corina] I’m not even
touching it and I’m dying! – Ah, oh. Boing! Take check point. – [Corina] I’m jumping
right into the mixture, why? – Corina you get, you
have to jump at the starts if you’re not, if you
just slide onto the start. You have to jump on the start. – [Corina] Yeah, I jumped. – The french fry is like, right on it. I died at the same parts. No! – [Corina] I’m not even touching the serum and I’m still dying. (grunts) – No! (snickers) No! Wow look at his face. His derpy face. Oh what is? – [Corina] I’m making it as far. This is the last bowl. If I mess up on this, I will scream. – Please don’t, please. – [Corina] (gasp) I made it! Oh, I’m now on bacon. Bacon’s going to be pretty tricky. – No, well it’s fatter. – [Corina] I do like bacon. – It’s fatter – [Corina] Oh it is fatter. This is so easy. – Well is there a check
point before the bacon? – [Corina] Yes there is. – Oh. – [Corina] What do you do on this one? The one after bacon. – I don’t know, wait why don’t? Go on the blue bars and go in his mouth. Go in his mouth. You can go on the blue bars. (sighs) I’m stuck on this one. You’re probably going to
be more stuck on this one. Okay this is part I hate. I made it. – [Corina] I’m stuck on
the part after the bacon. – You’re just falling off the world? – [Corina] Yeah. – It’s so easy that part. – [Corina] Really? – Yeah. I made it through once. – [Corina] I just jumped
right through it, Why? Right through the tomato holes. – (grunt) No! Why is this so hard man? Oh I’m going to check how much. – [Corina] Who made this game? – It was the sub zeros I believe. – [Corina] Sub zeros, why? Why so tricky? – No it wasn’t the sub zeros. (grunt) Okay (grunt) Okay. Yes! Yes! Yes! – [Corina] Can’t get through this tomato! Oh am I going down here? – [Corina] How am I supposed
to get through here? – Corina, oh you go through his throat. – [Corina] No, no the top toppings. I go on the mushroom, then the green lettuce, and the a tomato and then there’s a steak that I can’t go on. It’s just goes in– – Oh Corina go to the side
and then go forward and then you’ll find a french fries, you climb up. – [Corina] I still don’t
know, oh the other one, oh. – Yeah. – [Corina] I didn’t see it, thanks. – I just didn’t want
you to be stuck on it. – [Corina] Yeah, you’re so nice. – This way, I don’t want
to do the hard part again. (grunts) No! No! That part should be so easy. And I’m– – [Corina] I’m dying so
many times on this one. You figure out which vegetable to go on. – Corina the green, some of
the green you can’t go on So never go on the green. – [Corina] I know. – [Corina] Okay, after
this one is the tomato, and after this one is the steak, okay. – Okay. – [Corina] then tomatoes. – Last jump. Yes! Oh, now I’m going through lasers. – [Corina] Okay I’m on the french fries, – (laughs) Oh. – [Corina] Don’t mess up. – That was the last jump. – [Corina] I almost messed up. – You’re on the french fries? – [Corina] Yes. – It’s so easy on the french fries. – [Corina] Really? – Yeah. I literally got it at the first time. Or did I? I feel like I did. (grunts) Yes! – [Corina] What do you
do on the one after? – Oh! Guys, I have a tactic. Oh, nevermind. She knows it’s that one. It’s not that one. It’s this one. It’s this one. No (sighs) I didn’t even touch it! No! So you used your scream. – [Corina] How do you
do the one that’s after? How do you do it? – The french fry? – [Corina] After the french fry. – Oh, you go on the blue
bars and then you go through his throat. – [Corina] I am, oh finally I made it. – You could go on his tongue. – [Corina] I’m almost on the slide. – Oh, my goodness I’m so bad. Corina I’m going to tell
you, oh I’m actually not. Okay Corina. Since you’re so bad at this
Obby I’m going to tell you the rows on the like bad
thing where you have to choose which one is the good one,
so first it’s on the left then it’s on the right. Okay whatever. – [Corina] I don’t get what you’re saying I’m on a doughnut, now on a taco. Now on a cake. This kid eats so many things. – Ladder, a ladder. Is this the end? Is this really the end? – [Corina] Tell me if it’s the end. – What would you do if it is? I’m on stage 14. You’re in stage 10. – [Corina] Yeah, and I
didn’t mess up in stage 10. I’m so happy. What’s the stage after it? – Push her off. Push. Ha ha. Oh, I died too. – [Corina] Oh now you have
to avoid this green stuff. – Beat her, beat her, I want to beat her. (grunt) No. (screams) What stage are you on? 11 still. You’re in the mouth part? – [Corina] I’m on the green goopy things. – Oh. Oh inside him? – [Corina] Yeah, but now I’m just jumping all over doughnuts and stuff. – You’re right behind me I believe. – [Corina] Oh, I went the wrong way. – No you’re on stage 11. I’m on stage 16 now. Ow! Does the bones kill you? Hi Ronald, Hi. (grunts) Oh, Oh, ah. This part is so easy, I bet
you can make through it. No! – [Corina] Okay, okay. I’m not, I actually, it’s me Ronald OMG Fan, I forget how to spell yay. That’s so embarrassing. Yay. (grunts) – [Corina] I’m on the one after the bones. where you have to figure
out which one to choose. – Oh, Corina first it’s
left, then it’s right twice. – [Corina] I know, I already did that. – Oh how do you know? – [Corina] Because some
people already did it and they figured it out. Oh now I it’s, I have to jump on bones. Disgusting. Half these bones have
already been chewed on. – Oh I know what this
is, tactic is to jump. Over that Jump! Yes! – [Corina] No. – Stage 19. – [Corina] I’m on stage 16. – Stage 19 – [Corina] Aww you’re doing so well. – Stage 20. – [Corina] I keep on
touching these bones, Why? – Corina don’t jump over them, jump through, go through them. Oh. – [Corina] Why should I jump? I don’t get this game. I’m doing so bad. What did you do? – No, this was the wrong way. Oh I’m just going to kill myself. Oh my head goes through it. – [Corina] How do you do it? – I don’t know which one you’re on. – [Corina] The one with like the red. Where you have to jump over
bones or else you’ll die. It’s like poisoned the bones. – Jump over. – [Corina] Oh I’ve done it. I just touched it. When I was just finished it. Why? – Is this the toilet part or something? – [Corina] No I just stepped on that bone. – No! My body cracked into bones. – [Corina] What? – (laughs) Hello. – [Corina] (screams)
stop touching the bones. – Yes – [Corina] I am so bad. – Go, jump. Go. I’m on stage 21. – [Corina] I’m on the next stage. I’m on the stage 17. – No! – [Corina] You’re the highest. – I am? – [Corina] Yeah, with someone else. – Whoa. – [Corina] (mumbles) will be the highest. – No, no way. – [Corina] I’m catching up. – What stage are you on? – [Corina] 17. – Oh you’re kind of good four stages away it’s jut this one is
really hard. (screams) – [Corina] All right. I’m on stage 18. – Uh. No, I touched it, everyone saw that. My headaches are flowing away. Good bye. Okay tactic jump. – [Corina] I died, again. – Okay I don’t really like this tactic, but for the life of me. Oh my body parts are like
‘nope’ I’m going away. – [Corina] I keep on dying. – Ah, Jump. Everyone saw that. I died. Maybe I didn’t see that. Oh, I’m not first anymore someone’s at 22. – [Corina] Oh. – Well soon I will be first again. (grunt) yes! (grunt) yes! (grunt) yes! Yes, one more jump,
don’t fail, don’t fail. Yes! Is this the end? (screams) – [Corina] I’m on stage 18. – Boing. Is this the end? – [Corina] Aww there’s a speed one. – I think I made it to the end. – [Corina] You did? You won. – No. Because someone is on stage
22 and I’m on stage 21. Is this really the end? – [Corina] Wait there’s an un-spawn point. What do you do? – Take, I beated the game. – [Corina] You’re so good. I’m doing so bad, why? I can’t get through this one jump. – Ha ha, ha ha. Ha ha, ha ha. I got a fire path. (laughs) I’m going to basically spectate. – [Corina] I only wanted to skip a stage. So badly. – What do you do on it? – [Corina] You have to jump
over these brown things and you go a little speedy – (grunts). Nope. Yes I got a fire path
I could walk through, Ha ha ha. (singing) – [Corina] (mumbles) Do one under it. I’m at 19. – You’re at 19. Oh no! Hey, not me, no! No! Oh. You made it? – [Corina] No, so angry. – I see someone he was like “Hello”. Wait, aye, aye, no fair. Well guys Corina’s just gonna, oh I’m actually going to have fun. Oh there’s a big slide. Let’s go on the fire path. (screams) – [Corina] I keep on dying. – Ronald accept it. Oh, me Ronald and Corina, I’m a big fan of you guys. Thanks. – [Corina] I made it. I’m on stage 20. Don’t die on me. But this is a really easy one. – What do you do? I really forget. – [Corina] I just died
on the really easy one. – What do you do? – [Corina] you just
jump, that’s all you do. – But what do you jump on? – [Corina] You have to
jump over these lines – Come on, yes! I made it to the ladder. Oh I’m going to start the ride. Oh, can I go, can I go? Yes, yes, yes, yes! Ow.

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