How to Eat Soft Boiled Eggs!

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Hello, I’m Adrienne, and this is xoxo cooks, the weekly cooking show where we teach you recipes that make you feel great. Today I have a special guest–my brother! HI!!! Today is the one year anniversary of the start of this cooking show, so I’m very excited! And we’re just going to do a really simple recipe, involving these. Have you heard of this before? Eggs? Yes. Something that I’ve really gotten into lately are soft-boiled eggs, And it’s very simple, but it’s really delicious. Let’s do it. Okay. Boil some water in a pot. Okay! And it’s one per person, so we’re gonna make two right now. Set the timer for 6 minutes. My egg is broken. Is it? Oops. When your egg is broken, you take it out and put in a new one. Six minutes is up. We put them in our little egg cups. So now, we have to eat them. You can either use this tool, What is that tool called? This is called something really long in German. I’ll type it on the bottom of the screen. It’s very long. Got it. But, the other option is Germans just, like, go like this, CSHH! And they just do the whole top off. With a butter knife? Yeah, try it. You try it. I’ve never done it before and I think you’re stronger than me, though. I’m not going to do that. Ok, why don’t you try this way first. Can I see a video of that first before we do it? Of this? No, with the knife. The Kill Bill version. No, you try that thing. There you go. So now, take it off. And it makes a perfect perforation. A “perfectoration”. Oh, that’s not right. I’m going to do it with this instead. AAHH! So now it’s perfectly perforated. Now we’re talking. Another perfectoration. And you just, lift it off. It’s like brain surgery. And then you take the little pieces off. Is it supposed to be just the shell that comes off? You eat the shell? You don’t eat the shell. You scoop it out of there. Put a little salt and pepper on the top. Oops! You’re not going to eat it? I already ate mine. Wow, Aah, it’s burning me! Busted! It’s good. I like it, even though we just had a huge dinner, I’m going to eat it. She’s crazy! So that’s it. Soft-boiled eggs. Thanks to Andrew, my cute brother, for being my guest today. and thanks for watching. Please let us know if you’ve had eggs before. What? I actually had eggs once before this. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. and leave us a comment about soft-boiled eggs, if you’ve seen any little gadgets like this before. I have another gadget that cuts them, too. What’s your chosen method for opening up your eggs? Thanks for watching. There’s too much pressure. Do it. I told you it was going to happen.


  1. 1.) Who knew there was a little gadget specifically designed to open soft boiled eggs? Thanks for introducing me to that cool thing with a super long name.
    2.) Happy 1yr anniversary! Yay!!ย 

  2. Congrats on the show's 1 year anniversary! ย That's awesome!

    Also, really enjoyed the video and the juggle fail. ย Haha.

  3. I love soft boiled eggs, i use a knife normally to cut open the top. As a side with it, i usually make toast soldiers with butter and Vegemite to dip into the soft egg yolk.

  4. It's been Many years since I've had one and wanted to try again (the right way). ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks for the video! Clacker's awesome and soft boiled eggs are like fried eggs without grease. I raise my own eggs on layer feed and the egg was actually a little sweet without salt… AMAZING!!! Medium boiled eggs are a little thick and hard boiled are like a mouthful of peanut butter.. haha thanks again! Keep it up XOXO Cooks!

  5. love the swank love the style you can rest assured this catty lad will be seen eating egg in a cup at all the finest establishments and it's gonna be a hit

  6. You're doing it wrong! Where are the soldiers?

    Toast some bread, butter and cut into thin strips. These are known as soldiers (no idea why, they just are). Dip them in the yolk.

    Scooping with a spoon is only for what is left when you run out of yolk.

  7. Hmm. I wonder why Americans make such a song-and-dance about eating soft-boiled eggs! Did you really ask us if we'd had eggs before??? And your brother, a grown man, had only ever had them once before?

    You were handling these most common of breakfast food items as if they were some kind of newly discovered exotic item, the secrets of which Western Man might one day decipher. ๐Ÿ˜€

    A couple of points: 1) six minutes is way too long for soft-boiled eggs; and 2) you need to give the egg a much firmer whack than that with your knife! (It's a two-stage operation BTW: an initial whack to break the shell and then a smooth but firm slice through the top of the egg.)

  8. This is a ridiculous way to eat soft boiled eggs. I'd rather crack the egg open in half and scoop it into a small bowl to minimize the risk of getting shell in my mouth or poach them.

  9. Okay, I really need someone to answer me these couple of questions. I've always seen these egg cups and soft boiled eggs eating that way in television / Cooking Channel. I like soft boiled eggs, I've always peeled and cut 2-3 at a time. Then enjoy with toast.
    But I don't get about this method is…
    1. Is that seriously all anybody ever has? Food Channel, movies, the people in this video, only ever have one egg. How do you only eat one egg?! That is impossible to me, I have to have two-four.
    2. Isn't it wasteful? You're wasting so much with it being attached to the eggshell. Maybe I could see somebody only eating one if you peel it and cut it like a hard-boiled egg like I do, but the fact that someone only eats the yolk and nothing else because it's all shell is even more shocking that someone would only want one.
    Please help me. Because I legit dont understand this concept lol.

  10. Do people really make videos and then not review them to see if they need editing? Playing music at the same volume as one's voice seems to me to be the action of one who is not too bright. Which is the impression I get of these two birds anyhow.

  11. They were NOT soft boiled eggs. Also, you two people have NO personality for making videos. Watching you is like watching paint dry…..*yawn*

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