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hello friends I’m Dr. Deepa Agarwal
Consultant nutritionist and
today I’m going to speak to you about
how diet is very important during
menstrual cycles especially in young
girls now we all know that menstrual
cycle one cycle is for 28 days the cycle
is divided into three phases basically
the first phase is called as early
follicular phase which is for the first
four days that is day one to day four
after the attain manual cycle day five
to days 15 is called as late follicular
phase and from 16 to 28 days it is
called as the luteal phase now generally
there are different hormones being
secreted at different phases which has
an influence on the type of food that
you get cravings for now in the early
follicular phase that is from day 1 to
day forth once you attain menstrual
cycle we generally see that you’ll have
a you know very good mood will be calm
and composed less anxious and you will
have a good appetite without having any
cravings for sweets and chocolates and
ice creams or fatty foods so what is
recommended during this phase it is
generally recommended that you eat well
eat a healthy well-balanced diet
emphasizing on all nutrients with good
proteins good proteins means if you are
non-vegetarian you can have egg whites 2
egg whites per day if you are not a
non-vegetarian you can have milk and
milk products like milk honey cheese you
can have little bit of butter you can
have you know some China kind of items
which is made up of milk and if you want
to take non-veg like chicken or fish you
can do that as well but do not fry them
in half we have mostly in the grill form
so that you get the best of all benefits
without taking in too much of oil in the
body this is mostly in the early phase
of you know the menstrual cycle during
the middle phase that is the late
Pollock love phase you start getting
some mood swings and you tend to you
know crave for certain food especially
you know fatty foods sometimes some
girls also have cravings for sugar
sweets it is recommended that you try to
control as much as you can but then if
you’re not able to you can opt for some
healthy choices of sweets like you can
have a peanut chikki because peanut
chikki is a very good source of iron as
well as magnesium because of jaggery and
peanut in it you can have some you know
some of the honey related options you
can add like honey clear shakes and half
you can have a fresh fruit juice without
adding too much of sugar to it and to
take care of junk that you crave for
like burgers and pizza rather than
having an unhealthy burger which is made
up of refined flour that is meta and now
deep fry patty you can offer a bun which
is made up of wheat or multigrain and go
for a table kind of a patty or you about
you know shallow made on a tawa and then
put it into the bucket and have all you
have a pizza which is made up of a wheat
base rather than having a you know
refined flour base with lot of you know
salad options on it so if you are able
to modify the form in which you eat then
definitely you’ll be able to overcome
your cravings during this phase now the
third phase especially the luteal phase
is a phase when there will be lot of
changes like mood swings irritability
lack of sleep and you know view you feel
very anxious throughout the space so it
is generally recommended again do
regular physical activity like going for
a walk every day or you join some gym
while you go for some swimming classes
some dance classes so that you are
physically active and your hormones
specially estrogen progesterone and
testosterone which gets imbalance during
these phases will be acting in a better
way and apart from that eat a healthy
well-balanced diet emphasizing on the
timings the bread first time the
lunchtime and the tea time there I mean
the dinner time as well and off for some
healthy choices in between breakfast and
lunch lunch and dinner and bedtime apart
from that also decrease your stress by
sleeping well 7 to 8 hours of good sleep
and going for some relaxation activities
like doing some yoga or meditation ok
this kind of activities will also calm
your body and
make you feel comfortable during this
phase now you might be wondering what to
eat especially during this space it is
recommended that you eat good proteins
again good proteins coming from milk and
milk products coming from eggs coming
from non-vegetarian sources some nuts
you can have legumes like channa chole
rajma you can have soil tofu
these all gives you good proteins you
can you have to also emphasize on good
fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6
during this phase so if you are
non-vegetarian you can have fish twice
in a week and if not you can go for
flaxseed specially for vegetarians will
be recommend you take 2 TSP of flax
seeds every day in the time apart from
that take up good fiber diet again too
much of fiber will need to bloating so
do not have a very high fiber type fiber
like emphasizing on 2 to 3 few options
of fruits every day two to three
servings of vegetables per day you don’t
get adequate fiber in a diet during this
phase and drink a lot of fluids fluids
which means lot of water juices
buttermilk coconut water soups all these
things comes under fluid so you can have
up to 2 liters per day and obviously a
very healthy well-balanced diet which
will give you all the nutrients during
this phase thank you for watching this
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