How to cook the best restaurant style fried rice

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Hi I’m KP Kwan. Today I would like to show you how to cook fried rice. But you may
wonder why I’m going to make a video for
fried rice that is so simple. But there’s a catch.
In Chinese restaurant, they have high
power stove, and that is the key to produce
excellent quality fried rice in the
restaurant. But at home we only have a
small stove. So what can you do? In
this video I’m going to show you how to
produce restaurant quality fry rice in
your home without generating roaring
heat in your kitchen. To begin with, you need to put
some oil in a wok or saucepan and saute
the minced garlic, and from then on
please watch my video presentation.
So a lots of people they think wow, when
we do stir frying, we must use high heat.
Yes, it is but not always. At this moment
it is not yet I would say. So just saute
it slowly until it turns aromatic.
You can put in any ingredient that you
want. If you have seafood like prawns add in prawns, if you have crab meat add in
crab meat, but I will not recommend you to
use fish meat because fish meat can be
quite mushy, and if you stir-fry, you flip
over usually the fish meat will be
broken into small pieces, which is not
good. And if you want to use chicken or
any other meat, you can put in at this
moment to stir-fry it. Turn up the heat
a little bit because they are more stuff
inside now. Now my chicken has been
marinated with soy sauce and a little bit of cornstarch and a bit of oil for about
1 hour, so it is much more flavorful. So
you may even wonder why I do not put in
the rice first . Why I just want to stir-fry other stuffs first? It is because I
want to make sure that the boil is
fully imbued with the flavor of all
these ingredients.
I’m going to use the oil to cook
the fried rice afterwards, to make sure
that every grain of the r has the
flavor of the prawn and the chicken. That
is the whole reason I do this first.
Remove it from the store. I want all the oil
still be there. I’m not going to throw
away the oil. This is one of the secret
of good, nice , fragrant and nice
flavor of fried rice.
Time to put in the rice, and you may
wonder why I do not use high heat at this
moment. We are still using quite a low
heat, not to worry so much about that
This video tutorial is
meant to show you how to do a very very
nice fried rice t at home by using your
small gas stove or induction stovetop at
home, and we try to cook something that
is as good as you can get it from the
Chinese restaurant that use high power
gas stove and a big wok. But we do with a pan
home, so what can we do and this is exact
way that how can actually replicate it.
The goal is to get it fragrance. Cook
it in small batches. That is the maximum
amount, that I would suggest you to use.
If you want to cook more than this
quantity, try to cook in two different
It is time for us to add the egg. The heat
shouldn’t be too high at the moment. Put the egg inside, and mix together with
the rice. So you can see now it is wet.
But don’t worry about it. in a very very
short while the rice will become dry
when the egg is all cooked. So there are
different ways of adding the eggs to the rice, if you want to do a fried rice.
This method is what I normally do for
Chinese fried rice.
If you use an omelet,
say for example you cook an omelet and
chop the omelet into small pieces, and
then you mix with the rice, that is another
way. Another method is that you just cook an easily over egg and put it on top of
the fried rice. That’s how normally the
Thai people and the Indonesian people’s
are doing. But now we are doing a very
traditional Cantonese method. Look
at the rice now, it is yellowish, that’s what
we want. One of the thing that you
need to do is you observe what happened
to the rice. I try to keep quiet and
you try to hear the sound.
And you hear the plak, plak,plak
yeah that is what we want. if you do not
have sound of that it means that it is
not hot enough. So you can either turn up
the heat or if it is already maximum,
cook a smaller batch. Put back all the
ingredient. If you have any vegetable don’t
at this moment, and if you have any
seasoning. You notice that I haven’t put
any salt, any soy sauce and whatever
right. So that is the reason we can
always do that later.
Get the rice done nicely first, that’s
important. I just get some frozen beans,
frozen vegetable to mix together. You
can use any vegetable no problem.
But vegetable always add after the
rice is nicely cooked. So this is going
to be the final two steps. Now it is time
for us to add in the seasoning. The
seasoning is pretty simple. You can use different
ways, but my favorite method, simplest
method is to use a premium grade soy
sauce, only one item.
Premium grade soy sauce, add inside and mix
together. No salt required. Just add
together, and I use about 15 ml (1
tablespoon) of the premium grade soy sauce for
about 250 grams of rice, as what I’m
doing right now. Just put it together. Why I add the soy sauce last? that is a
reason. Because soy sauce is liquid,it is wet.
We do not want the rice to become
wet and become difficult to brown it. So
we want to brown the rice first, and
then only we want to add in the soy sauce
Last but not least before you serve or
remove it from the wok, just add in
a little bit of scallion and turn off the heat.
I hope you enjoy this video and don’t
forget to click the link below to read
my ten time-tested techniques to
alleviate your fried rice to the next
level, and turning into a culinary
wonders. I am KP Kwan. Thanks for
watching and see you again bye.


  1. I have found its best to scramble the egg separately in a non stick pan, (need virtually no oil)
    Then once the rice is ready throw in the egg….

    Otherwise you get egg sticking to the wok and then find yourself scratching bits of egg off the bottom….

  2. Very detailed explanation on the purpose of ingredients and how to prepare them. Iโ€™ve always wondered why Iโ€™ve never seen someone make Fish Fried Rice. Lol. Thank you so much for the video! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Ive been wondering what "oi" means, I was thinking it was a special chinese seasoning, later in the middle of the video I found out what he meant was "oil" .. ๐Ÿ˜”

  4. Thank you very much. I love eating Chinese fried rice. For over 20 yrs I asked my local Chinese restaurant how he got the rice to be so aromatic but did not get an answer and finally, you've explained to fry the meat in the oil first.

  5. I tried this and it came out quite good even though I don't have a wok. The secret really is in frying the rice and not just adding rice as I had done in the past. Thank you.

  6. My grandmother was cantonese and there are many variants to the fried rice even within the cantonese community,however the way you cooked it is one of the ways i cook it and im glad i came across this video,im.not 100 percent cantonese but i carry the culture in my blood and tend to be more on that side,i lived in Vancouver,Canada and i loved it,going to china town was always a pleasure,in fact the best supermarkets i have seen in America are chinese..T&T supermarkets are very well stocled with all kind of chinese goods.
    I always said since i was a child that i would love to live in China till my dying day comes,i can not understand why im so attached to my grandmother's culture,thank you so much for this video

  7. So you marinate the chicken in soy sauce, corn starch and oil for an hour? Sorry It's hard to understand what you say. I'm going to half to try this though๐Ÿ˜„

  8. As a wok cook at pf changs i can say we do it a little differently then you but yours looks very tasty. Only a few little things we do different but as you said fried rice can be made a few ways. Love the video though!

  9. terrible explanation, first what did you put with the oil, the rice should already be boiled, mention it or write it, i did no continue after 3minutes because of lack of explanation.

  10. only soy sauce ? that must be a little bit bland. some people prefer their fried rice have strong flavor.

  11. This looks great – my rice always turns out mushy so I am looking forward to trying your technique.

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  15. how i cook my egg do nt stick to my work becos i fry the egg first after adding the oil, do nt have to do what u are doing.

  16. The last time I made fried rice it was better than the time before and I used the same ingredients, chicken and shrimp. I even woke up in the middle of the night to sounds of my wife getting some more.๐Ÿ˜Š

  17. I always like to see Asian cookings in a big wok, not a flat frying pan. It's appetising to see food cooked this way.

  18. The rice were not evenly stir, he is scratching the wok. I wonder is it even edible lol.. cooking a superb fried rice the heat & fire should be high enough & toss fast. Soy sauce add last to prevent the rice becoming wet? LMAO!!! All i can see is like a kid playing with his toy wok. Those who were impressed by his video are those who do not even know how to cook fried rice at all lmao!

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