How To… cook steak, with Jamie Oliver’s mate Pete

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I’m gonna show you how to cook a perfect
First of all get your steak out of the fridge 20 minutes, half an hour or so before you want to cook it
Give it a chance to come up to room temperature… it’ll cook much better that way
Next you put your steak on a plate
drizzle with a little bit of Olive Oil. Don’t need to use the expensive stuff
Just a good, cheap Olive Oil
Because you’re going to be cooking with it
Sprinkle salt… Sprinkle pepper
Right… turn the steak over
Same thing again
Now, this is where you rub and push that lovely seasoning into the meat
Make sure the whole surface is nicely coated
There you are, the steak is now ready to go in the pan
So when your pans hot… lift your steak up
I’m just going to lay it in the pan… like that.
don’t worry about putting extra oil in the pan because there’s already enough oil on the surface of the steak.
It’s not going to stick
It’s important that the pan you put it in is a nice heavy bottom pan
that means the steaks going to get really good heat off it
and it’s not going to cool the pan down as opposed to the other way round
Once your steak is in, take a nice pair of tongs
and make sure that the steaks in good contact with the pan
Like that… and basically now what you want to do…
Is turn it every couple of minutes
and cook it for, well it depends on how you like your steak cooked
if you want your steak medium, which for Stirloin I recommend you do
Probably about 8 minutes for a steak this thick… turning every minute
Should be taking on a little bit of colour on the bottom… yep
A few seconds longer then we’ll turn it
do the same thing again… press the steak down with your tongs
make sure it’s in good contact with the pan
Don’t be tempted to shake it about, just leave it bathed and it’ll start building that beautiful caramel up
On the surface of the meat. That What’s going to make it taste great.
I’m just going to lift it up now and sear it on the side, on the fat.
just to help get that fat a little bit crispy… then it’s much nicer to eat
See that fat coming out, it’s melting out. Melting out of the steak.
There we go. See the difference that made?
Give it another check
Another little sear on its skin
On it’s fat again.
That’s been about 6-7 minutes now.
One more minute and then I think it’ll be time for it to come out.
I know it’s cooking
when I press the meat I feel how firm it is and I know that it’s well on its way.
That’s the steak ready now
I’m going to lift it out and pop it on a plate to rest.
As the steaks resting, I’m just going to give it a little squeeze of lemon
and a drizzle of good Olive Oil
Give that a couple of minutes and it’ll be ready to eat

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