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Okay guys, what makes the perfect rice? Well
look, we want our rice to be nutty and fluffy not sticky and not stuck together. So I’m
going to give you the ultimate recipe that’s going to look after you. Fail safe, beautiful
fluffy rice. It’s so simple. Just get yourself a mug, fill that with rice.
This recipe here applies to white basmati rice; we’re going to put one cup of basmati
rice to two mugs of water. Boiling or just regular cold water. This will serve 4 people.
Trust me; I know you don’t believe me. Four people no problemo.
Okay, we want a nice pinch of salt. The lid goes on and we’re going to put that on a high
beat, being it to the boil and just cook it hard for about 8-10 minutes. Now that’s had
about 9 minutes. You can see these little holes have formed here. That’s the steam escaping.
If I run my fork around her you can see how fluffy that is. This is your basic fluffy
rice. It’s so simple and sort of creamy and nutty and wonderful carrier of flavours.
Right I’m going to give you three flavours so you guys can have fun with it, make it
compliment your dishes. So again, one mug of our basmati rice, two mugs of water and
a good pinch of salt. Let’s kick it off. We’ve got things like saffron
here. That’s the stamen of the crocus flower, so a little pinch going into this rice. Look
at the flavour that’s going to come out here. And the colour as well. Lid goes on top. So
that’s Saffron scented rice. The next one, we’re going to flavour this
one with the beautiful salted lemon. You can get these in the supermarkets, they’re really
perfumed, and they’re really gorgeous. So just plop one of two of these lemons into
that batch of rice. And lid always on top as well.
Last one, I want to flavour this with Indian flavours this time. We’ve got cloves, cardamom
seeds; we’ve got some turmeric and some cinnamon. So you can take any combination of these.
I like to go generous on the cloves, so at ten cloves at least, it’s going to give it
an amazing flavour. A stick of cinnamon, half of that goes in and about a teaspoon of the
tumeric. Turmeric incredibly good for you. Again, just like all these others we’re going
to go on with a lid and just let it boil until it evaporates. And literally just after 8-10
minutes it’s perfect. Fork it up; it’s going to be perfection every
single time. So, we’ve got our salted lemon here, can you
see how this lemon has complete softened up so much. Gone almost jammified. Get all the
pips and then I’m just going to chop it up. You know you could take some herbs, mints,
parsley corianders. That’s the chance to add some freshness. When I fluff that up you can
get that flavour all the way through it, it starts to plump up and freshen up. It’s so
reliable this recipe SO salted lemon and mint. Wonderful with an infinite amount of dishes.
Spiced turmeric, Indian inspired rice. Beautiful and last but not least. This is your saffron
rice. Just a little pinch of something takes it a totally different direction. So saffron,
brilliant with meat or fish. Absolutely gorgeous, it’s edging Morocco, Spain, Persian flavours.
That’s just four beautiful recipes that you guys can use to get you excited about perfect
fluffy gorgeous rice. So guys if you want more inspiration about
recipes that compliment rice or go with the rice, then click on some of the boxes below.
They’ll be a whole load of other food tube recipes that will alp up a bit of gorgeous
fluffy rice. Take care guys, lots of love.



  2. I’ve tried this version of cooking Rice three times, every single time the water seeps out of the pan hardens on the side of the pot and makes a mess. Sorry not worth it.

  3. Classic peruvian rice is made with a previous fried garlic garnish, just before pouring rice. Time to try other flavors.

  4. Uncle Ben does basmati rice? Yuck!

    If you want fragrant amazing basmati rice, then stick to any good branded Pakistani basmati rice, you’ll notice the difference in texture and flavour right away.

  5. As a Chinese, this kind of rice is too raw to eat. If you use short-grained rice, this method surely fail lol. No Asian will enjoy such texture of rice. Also, it is a pain to see cooking rice without washing it. Too much starch isn't good either. I think Jamie and staff should try to learn how Asians cook rice in a proper way.

  6. all the essential parts on how to wash the rice to get rid of the excess starch are missing. also the parts of simmering with a closed lid and for what amount of time, even the fact that you need a couple of drops of lemon juice or oil in the water. If you just do exactly as shown here in the beginning, you get shitty, sticky or even burned rice. sorry. An also it's Uncle Ben's basmatti which is nice and all but it's the rice equivalent of the pizza at Pizza Hut: a tasty and different product but NOT THE product, it's made not to be sticky but in exchange for that you get a less superior tasting product. The taste is different, the consistency and body is different. Also it could be parboiled, hence the fact that it came out fluffy and non-stuck. The taste is just not the one the we all love for good quality, fluffy basmati rice, unfortunately.

  7. always rinse your rice until the powder is gone from it. That powder is talc and you can't mine talc without mining asbestos, their veins run together. Asbestos gives you cancer. So, rinse your rice clean.

  8. Forgets the black pepper… (We can't absorb turmeric's amazing health benefits well by itself) :c lol Thanks for the great video though

  9. How could Jamie just add that huge amount of saffron directly to the boiling rice!!!!!! I use that much saffron for 20 batches. That's a crime! You should ALWAYS grind the saffron first and extract the flavor and color by soaking it in the hot water. Will taste and smell better….

  10. If you're using Uncle Ben's then urghh, why? Cheap and nasty. Just go down to your local Asian shop and buy a giant bag of top quality rice. Much more cost effective and better quality.

  11. Good idea if you are trying to serve a fast dish but still not healthy
    You must wash the rice very well before cooking it
    Washing the starch from the rice will make it perfectly
    A litile bit of oil will so also

  12. I do not agree with cooking rice like this. Its better to wash several times and undercook and leave for 10/15mins. Rice is then excellent

  13. I cooked this .but you must bring almost to boil. And then turn down to lowest heat keep your eye on it for Ten mins.turn off heat place clean tea towel over top of pan..and leave to absorbe rest of liquid fluff with a fork.

  14. Jamie has some pretty fun and tasty recipe ideas but sometimes the execution is just ridiculous.

    Not washing basmati rice.
    Cooking on high heat is not a good way to prepare rice.
    I don't know if the spice is just for show but the amount of seasoning he used on some of those was ridiculous.

  15. Why not double the yield of food plants (e.g rice) by selective breeding. That would mean more bang for your buck if your poor. With an ever expanding global population imho selective breeding to double yields is perhaps a reasonable concept

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