How to Cook Lobster, Crab, and Shrimp : Preparing Ingredients for Boiled Shrimp

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Hi! Today we are going to show you how to
do some boiled shrimp and I’ve got some 2125 fresh Gulf shrimp here and these are also
referred to as pink shrimp. One of the great things about boiled shrimp is you don’t have
to actually clean the shrimp until they are actually done and ready to eat. They are a
much better product if you leave the shell on. A lot of times you use shrimp shells to
actually make the seafood stock and things of that nature. So we are going to go ahead
and just leave the shells on and the legs and such. Once these are done, we will chill
them down and sprinkle them with some extra seasoning and once they chill down to a certain
point, they will be ready to eat and the guest can actually just take the shells off themselves.
But the shell has a really nice rich flavor to these. So I’ve got some cheese cloth here
and what I am going to do is make a little spice bag and there is a multitude of seasonings
in the grocery stores out on the market there but I tend to like to use these powder types
simply because we are going to fill this spice bag and tie it up and we are going to let
that sit in the water and seif and season that water as it goes before we actually throw
the shrimp in. We will show you that procedure. So first and foremost, I am going to go ahead
and cut this guy and we are not doing a big batch of shrimp so we really don’t need to
make a really huge spice bag by any means. So what I am going to do is take this like
that and just sprinkle this in the middle. That should be enough for our intents and
purposes and I am going to save some of this for when the shrimp is done. I am just going
to kind of pull up the edges here, the corners if you will and I don’t want to just pull
this tight. I want to actually leave some space between the top and where I am going
to tie it so that way water will be able to sief through here and this will actually sink
to the bottom. If you tie it too tight, it will just float on the top and it will never
really sink to the bottom and that is not what we want. We want this to be able to sink.
As the water that we cook our shrimp in begins to come to a simmer, these seasonings will
start to seep out and it makes a really nice product as far as that goes. So pull those
up, we are going to go ahead and tie that tight and make sure that we don’t have any
gaps that got away from us; we didn’t. I’m just going to tie that in a knot. I will trim
the ends off here. That was our spice bag for boiled shrimp. As you can see, some has
already come out and that is fine. That is what I want to happen actually. So we are
going to go ahead and get the stock pot ready and we will come back and show you how to
do that.


  1. whats that spice you placed in the cheesecloth and is it something i could purchase here in the uk..great videos,keep it up x

  2. those shrimp have a lot of black spot which means the shrimp were stressed which makes the meat tough. a lot of time sodium tripolyphoshate is used to try to counter act it.

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