How To Cook Hard Boiled Eggs! PERFECTLY! (PALEO SNACK!)

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Hey, it’s Carissa here with Origin Weight
Loss. I am at my grandma’s house for Easter.
Carissa: Say hi!
Granny: Hi!
This is B. That’s my grandma,
she looks fabulous doesn’t she?
Alright! So for those of you
who celebrate today, I wanna wish you
happy holiday and I also want to show
you how to boil eggs perfectly.
There’s actually like a science behind this and
if you look at these hard boiled eggs,
see how nice they look?
There’s no green ring around them.
They look slightly almost undercooked in the middle. These are perfectly cooked eggs.
And I’m going to show you what you do
to get them perfect every single time.
There’s a lot of people just throw them in a pot of
boiling water and leave them there and
come back 20 minutes later.
You shouldn’t do that.
So what you’re going to do is you’re going to fill up
a pot of water and bring it to a full boil,
before putting the eggs in there.
Then you’ll gently lower them down
with a spoon like this so that they don’t crack.
And you’re going to reduce the heat to about medium,
so that they’re not boiling like crazy
and crack the shells open.
You’ll put a timer on for seven and a half minutes.
After seven and a half minutes, you just
take them out with that spoon, put them
in a bowl, leave them on the countertop.
Don’t just throw them in the fridge.
Leave them there and they’ll be perfect every time.
Perfectly hard-boiled eggs.
Chef Gui: So, why is this important?
This is important because it’s great for weight loss and
eggs are a great weight loss snack.
They have a decent amount of protein,
I think it’s about 7 grams per egg so it
makes a healthy snack.
Don’t worry about getting rid of the yolks.
Just eat the whole egg.
It’s meant to be eaten this way.
You know as long as you’re eating plenty of fiber and
vegetables then you don’t really have to
worry about the cholesterol in the eggs.
Chef Gui: So the hard-boiled egg is the
ultimate fat-burning paleo snack.
That’s my paleo snack, you got to get really
creative sometimes with your eggs and
you’re trying to lose weight, you know.
Omelets, the hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs.
So, this is how to boil them perfectly.
For Easter since we’re boiling a lots
of eggs. This is Brooke here, my daughter
who’s really excited and she’s been
asking me in every five minutes when is
the Easter egg hunt.
My grandmother looks young right?
Everybody thinks she’s my mom.
And then my own mother, she’s not in the
state right now. She’s lives in South Carolina.
And then our children Brooke,
Bradley over there playing video games
like always and then our little Scarlet.
She’s in the other room playing with a toys.
Enjoy your family guys. We’re gonna decorate these eggs and finally, we’re going on an Easter egg hunt.

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