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hey guys my name is Caitlin and welcome
back to Cait Straight Up today we are
going to walk through making perfect
hard-boiled eggs you’re going to start by
covering your eggs in some cold
water just until they are completely
covered after that you’re going to bring
them through a rolling boil stove top and
then remove the eat completely you’re
going to cover them up and let them
simmer for 14 minutes after those 14
minutes you are going to run those eggs
under some cold water and let them sit
for a moment or two before you try to
peel them and believe it or not that
is how you have the most perfect
moist not dried out hard-boiled egg
it’s great for when you’re dying those
Easter eggs or when you’re making deviled
eggs or any other time that you need
your eggs hard-boiled subscribe to cait
straight up for more fun recipes every Tuesday
if you have any questions or recipe
requests do that below this video and
other than that I’ll see you next time
bye bye!

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