How to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs (No-Fail Stovetop Method)

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We’re Adam and Joanne from
and welcome to our kitchen. We’re showing you how we make perfect hard
boiled eggs. Add the eggs, in one layer, to the bottom
of a tall walled saucepan. Now cover them with water — you’re looking
to cover them by 1 1/2 inches or so. Heat over high heat until the water comes
to a rolling boil, cover the pan with a lid, cook for 30 seconds then remove completely
from the heat and let stand for about 12 minutes for large eggs. Just before your timer goes off prepare
a large bowl filled with ice and cold water. Transfer the hot eggs to the ice bath so they
stop cooking. Leave them there for about 5 minutes then
peel them. We’re using large eggs so the 12 minute
cook time is perfect. Since egg sizes can vary, you may need to add
or subtract a minute or two. Take a look at our blog post for more tips. The eggs should peel easily, but if one doesn’t
cooperate, place it back into the ice bath for 5 to 10 minutes. In that time, water will sneak underneath
the shell and make peeling easier. There we go. And that’s it! How to make perfect hard boiled eggs for snacks,
breakfast or to be used in your favorite recipes. Here’s us making our avocado egg salad — it’s
excellent and a fun twist of regular egg salad. We make it all the time. And here’s our potato salad — lots of
good reviews on that one. You can find both videos on our YouTube channel
or on the blog. Happy cooking! Thanks for watching. If y ou love this video we have lots more. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel
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  1. Excellent!!!!!! Ingenious idea of the ice water after boiling …I’ve been looking for a better way to get that shell off…
    thanks for sharing….

  2. Hi I'm from India I just prick on the top part of the egg with a needle or sharp pin n boil the eggs n then dip in cold water you get perfect hardboiled eggs

  3. You cook eggs more evenly by using less water and steaming them by using the lid as opposed to boiling them.

  4. After you take a boiled egg out of the ice bath, roll it around on your counter top to fracture the shell. The shell will then peel off easily, usually in one piece.

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