How to cook chocolate brownies on the Traeger Pro 22

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Hello everybody and welcome to The Barbecue
Shop here at Hayes Garden World in Ambleside.
Once again we’re joined by top BBQ chef Mr
Richard Holden.
And in this video, little bit indulgent, chocolate
brownies cooked on a Traeger Pro 22.
Right, so the first thing we need to do, we’ve
got our golden caster sugar, we’ve got our
eggs, so just going to crack these 3 eggs
in here.
You’ve got the electric whisk primed and ready
to go.
It’s important when you’re working with eggs
for baking, that your eggs are room temperature,
see one of our other videos to see which one
where we didn’t have them at room temperature.
Give these a good whisk together.
And what we’re looking for here is to incorporate
the sugar fully and also to whisk these a
little bit so that it lightens the mixture.
It’s going to be part of the raising agent,
it’s going to help these brownies stay nice
and light.
There we go, that’s looking good, and we’ll
just, one way to tell is just to turn the
beaters off and then just trail across the
top of your mixture, and if it holds the impression
of the trail on the top then you are good
to go.
Right, what I’m going to do next is, just
pop that to one side, sorry made a little
bit of a mess there.
What we’re going to do next, we’re going to
bring our molten chocolate and butter; now
some recipes will say that you have to put
the butter and the chocolate in a dish over
a pan of boiling water and use that as a bain
If you put the butter in the bottom of the
pan and the chocolate on top, then by the
time the chocolate actually comes into contact
with the gentle heat the butter will have
melted and it will have, it will protect the
chocolate from seizing.
If you’re melting chocolate on it’s own then
absolutely do it in a glass bowl over a pan
of gently simmering water.
So we just fold that through making sure that
we go all the way through to the other side;
it’ll go marbled to begin with then it will
turn a nice, going to use a Nigella word like
voluptuous, effect with the chocolate.
Then we go in with our plain flour and our
cocoa powder, pop that all in, and again just
fold that through.
Don’t want to overwork this, want to keep
these nice and light, the more we work, once
we’ve got the flour in here the more we work
the mixture we have the potential for the
gluten in the flour to develop and to go tough.
So you want to be firm with it, you want to
get it done as efficiently as possible but
you don’t want to overwork it.
I’m just making sure that we scrape down the
sides of the bowl.
And then just as it starts to come together,
we’re going to add in our chopped, extra chopped
pieces of the milk and white chocolate.
If you wanted to you could add some chopped
nuts into there, like pecans or hazelnuts,
or anything like that.
You could also add in some, maybe some cherries
for a little bit of Chrismassyness just to
ramp up that Christmas feeling with these
chocolate brownies.
That is our mixture ready to go, look at that,
that just looks good enough to eat really.
Glad we both agree on that one.
So we’ve got our lined 20cm tin here, and
people that think baking is hard, it’s really
not, it’s just a case of getting everything
in the bowl at the right sequence, in the
right quantities, popping the mixture into
your tray and then, just save that for off
camera maybe with a couple of spoons, not
And we’ll just smooth this one out in the
tray, get that all nicely levelled off.
These parchment sides are probably not helping
the camera guys, but just get that nicely
levelled out.
There we go, perfect.
So that is now ready to take to our barbecue.
Right, so we’ve got our Traeger set up for
190C, lift the lid, pop that in, get the lid
down as quick as we can, don’t want to lose
that built up heat in the BBQ, one big area
of indirect heat so that goes straight in
on the tray, on the shelf, in the tray on
the shelf, 25 – 30 minutes we’ll come back
and check that.
Should we have a look a the chocolate brownies?
There we go, I’m going to give you those,
if I lift this out.
just be very careful with this, just lift
it using the parchment.
If you could have a look at that, beautiful,
all the way round, when the brownie is baked
it will just pull back a little bit from the
edges, and also if you just test that with
a paring knife or a skewer it will come out
nice and cleanly.
So just going to slice through this.
So, little ooey, gooey bits of chocolate in
there as well.
Don’t know if we can get a close up on that
but I’m just going to cut a piece of this
for tasting.
And then what I will do as well while you’re
just talking is I will dress this with some
berries and a little bit of icing sugar.
Just from a height get a little bit of snow
on there, it’s almost like it’s festive.
Right, chocolate brownies just finished with
a little dredging, light dredging of snow
and some fresh fruit, there you go.
Do you want to tuck in?
I will do, don’t mind if I do.
So if you’d like to find out the recipe for
these chocolate brownies visit the website: or come in store see
the team here at The Barbecue Shop, see the
equipment we’ve used, find out a bit more,
they always like practicing the desserts.
If you do create this dish please post it
across social media, we’re across all the
platforms and all that’s really left for us
to say is Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
And we’ll see you again next time.

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