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Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah
Cooking, it’s not actually Hilah Cooking, it’s a learn to cook video, so these are a
series of just like real, real basic, quick techniques that people ask about or maybe
they don’t ask about and I just think that you ought to know. So today we are going to
talk about how to make hardboiled eggs, and I know that it seems like it should be easy,
and actually it is super-easy, but it’s also just as easy to like way overcook your eggs,
and that’s when you end up with that greenish tinge on the yolk, and that’s like not sexy.
So I am going to show you the way that I love to do it, and it results in perfect hardboiled
eggs every time. First we need to talk about the eggs themselves.
You may ask yourself, “Hilah, why are your eggs upside down? Are you stupid?” Well, yes
and no, so I’ve got eggs upside down because I want to help the yolks remain centered,
so you know, you have your eggs in your fridge like this for however long you have them in
there, and the yolks might get a little bit and then drown, so just flip them over like
that for overnight or an hour or something, and that just kind of helps recenter those
yolks which is especially helpful when you are doing something like deviled eggs which
I am going to do later in another video which brings me to my second point about the eggs. For hardboiled eggs especially when you are
doing something like deviled eggs where you really care what the egg looks like. I mean
if you’re just going to eat it for lunch or make egg salad, it doesn’t really matter,
but as the egg ages, these are aged eggs. These are about two weeks old. As they age,
the membrane that connects the egg material, the whites to the shell starts to break down,
and that makes it easier to peel later on, so without that membrane holding it tightly
to the egg, you are better able to just peel off the shell in large pieces without like
picking at it and making little pockmarks all over your boiled egg. That said, we are going to go ahead and put
our eggs in this pot, and these eggs, they really should have been at room temperature,
and I was a little late to the game, so they are still a little bit cool, but ideally you
start them at room temperature just so that they cook more evenly and in less time. Then
we’re just going to cover them with water, oh Jesus, getting water everywhere. Learn
to cook! [laughs] Okay. A little bit more. All right, now I am just going to put this
over high heat. There we go, put it over high heat, and bring the water to a boil. Once
it begins to boil, I am gonna turn the heat off, and just let the egg sit in that hot
water for 10 minutes if your eggs are room temperature, and also, this is all for a large
egg which is pretty standard, what you buy at the store.
I am gonna add an extra 30 second to mine since they weren’t quite room temperature,
but I will see you then. Hey! Look at that! It’s boiling. Turn that mother off, and set
my timer for 10 minutes. Okay, see you guys in 10 minutes. In that time go ahead and get
yourself a little water bath here. This is just a bunch of ice cubes and some water,
so we’re gonna use that later on. Okay, my timer just went off, so I am just gonna drain
these in the sink real quick. Then we’re gonna leave them in the pot and just shake the pot
around. Just jiggle your little eggles. Give them a little check. See I am getting the
shells kind of cracked and splintered all over the place.
Okay, then I am gonna put these hot eggs into my ice water bath for five minutes or until
they are cold enough for you to start messing with them. Eggs are cooled off. I am gonna
show you how to crack one. So I just want to make sure it’s kind of shattered around,
and then I think it’s kind of easier if you start at the fat end because there’s a little
air sack there, and it, so the shell is more loosely connected there, so then you can kind
of get in and get this off of here, and you’ll notice this little like the membrane stuff.
If you can get under that somehow, I don’t know if you can see that, that will make your
egg peel a little bit nicer. Okay, and then I just want to give it a little
rinsy poo back in this cold water just to get any leftover shell bits off, and then
I will cut it in half, and I will show you what you’re working with. There’s shells on
my hand, inappropriate. Okay. Here we go. Perfectly hardboiled egg. So we don’t have
any of that weird, green crap. The yolks are set, but they are still slightly moist. They
are not like super-dry and chalky. So that’s what we’re going for. These are gonna make
some awesome deviled eggs. So there you go. There’s how to boil eggs for everyone that
was asking. If you have any other like super-basic cooking questions that maybe you have been
embarrassed to ask other people before, don’t be embarrassed. I am just as dumb as you are.
Just kidding. That’s not a very good way to sell myself as a teacher. Don’t be embarrassed
though because everybody has got to start somewhere, and if you’re starting at boiling
eggs, then there’s no shame in that because at least you’re doing it. All right, there
you go, and check out deviled eggs recipe coming up soon, okay, bye, bye guys!


  1. You DO realize that the use of "mother" in the context you use it is actually short for a vulgar expression? But thanks for the video.

  2. Brilliant video thankyou – I’m a guy who has no interest in cooking but need to feed myself as I work opposite shifts to my wife. I really like your no-nonsense, friendly and funny approach – have you thought about a series that’s aimed at guys (or struggling single dads) who can’t cook for simple meals from things usually found around the kitchen for example?

  3. I had a real hard time convincing my house keeper to leave my eggs out and upside down. She was a germaphobe. Keep screaming that the eggs would spoil and get dirty. So after months of no HBE, in my tuna fish, and no eqg salad,I fired her.

  4. Just came across your videos and you lie! You even break it down to seconds but see I’m not very good at counting so when you say 30-40seconds it’s like a minute so l boiled the eggs step by step like you were doing and they came out runny! I wasted 6eggs and I’m still hungry!😡🖕🏻

  5. 1. Cold water in a pot
    2. High heat
    3. Bring water to a boil
    4. Add egg(s) to the pot
    5. Let egg(s) boil for 8-14 minutes (depends if you want soft boiled or hard boiled)
    6. Turn stove off. Rinse egg(s) with cold water
    7. Peel.

  6. Thank you so much! I brought my water to a boil, let it set for ten minutes, and then bathed em. It really did work! Love your video, and my eggs!!! ♥️😂😭

  7. Great video. Sorry for all the idiots in comment section who have low attention spans. People just need to chill. They are so focused on the rat race that they just blow off every aspect of life.

  8. Wow is this what people call being productive during the day? Teaching people how to cook hard boiled eggs? For fuck Sake haha at least make it simple don’t act like it’s a harder process then it actually is

  9. <——- Watch, "What's Wrong With Eggs? The Truth About The Egg Industry 🍳" by Erin Janus on youtube.

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