How to 15 kg weight loss in one month ? – Tamil Health Tips

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How to 15 kg loss in one month – Tamil Health Tips
Many people are suffering due to obesity in this generation.
Eventhough they follow many steps they are unable to reduce weight.
They big mistake they do is taking pills to reduce weight in a month.
You would have seen advertisement stating no exercise, crash diet but by taking this tablet you can lose weight in month.
Some of you would have taken these tablets too.
The choice of present day’s women to lose weight fast is “Diet pills”.
In this video let us see what is special about the pills, what happens in our body when we take these pills.
These diet pills are made with some chemicals and alkaloid type chemicals got from plants like caffeine and Ephedra.
As this pills cannot be taken without Doctor’s advice it is been sold as supplementary.
You can get these pills in supermarkets and online market in the form of pills, bread, milkshake.
Some people take it as a food also.
You make think then to whom doctor’s prescribe these pills.
These pills are recommended for people more than 100 kg weight who are prone to heart and lung diseases.
When you take diet pills continuously it will affect your hormones and lead to loss of appetite.
It affects metabolism, creates hormonal imbalances which lead to thyroid problem and diabetes.
Mostly teenagers take this pills and it may lead to infertility.
When people on 30-35 age group take this pills it may cause type-2 diabetes.
If we take this tablet we will not get energy for our body.
As the nutrients in the food reduce we may get protein, vitamin, calcium deficiency.
It affects the bones and functions of the body.
When we take these pills whether you lose your weight or not, your life span reduces.
The side effects of these pills may be shown after some months or years.


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